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A brand new podcast comin' straight outta the 313. We're gonna be vulgar, funny, AND intellectual. No topic is safe.

A brand new podcast comin' straight outta the 313. We're gonna be vulgar, funny, AND intellectual. No topic is safe.
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A brand new podcast comin' straight outta the 313. We're gonna be vulgar, funny, AND intellectual. No topic is safe.




Episode 150: Baby It's Cold Outside

Episode 150! We bring to you not one, but TWO, episodes! In this episode, we read some feedback, talk about Get Out and it's placement in the comedy category of the Golden Globes, the sexual assault allegations against Louis CK and how it's impacted Twitter, white people being interested in black Thanksgiving, and the rapey-est Christmas song of all-time! Enjoy!

Duration: 03:10:47

Episode 149: Stax Corleone

In our first of two episodes, we discuss a bit of the local election results here in Detroit, a question of how men interpret cheating vs women, the MCU (Marvel Cinematic Universe), read some feedback, and more. Enjoy, and make sure to rate us in iTunes and leave a comment!

Duration: 01:52:08

Episode 148: Soft-Boiled Clitoris

AAAAAAAAAAAY! We're back after a week off! This week, we read and respond to a ton of feedback, discuss some TV shows, talk about the bevy of sexual assault allegations against Hollywood personalities, New York's terrorist attack, Tyrese, and more! Enjoy!

Duration: 02:00:53

Episode 147: NBA Players Need To Kneel

What up tho! We're back after a week off and spend most of this episode talking about Colin Kaepernick and how NBA players should be kneeling. We also discuss the idea of a positive/joking nature of the podcast, as well as the state of the NFL and NBA as it pertains to race relations and activism. We're off next week, so enjoy this episode before another 2 week hiatus. Make sure to leave us reviews on iTunes and submit feedback!

Duration: 01:28:57

Episode 146: White People Need To Be Recalled

Well, it's not 3.5 hours, but it's still a long one. This week, we read and respond to a massive amount of feedback from last week's episode, we discuss the Vegas shooting, gun control, Puerto Rico, NBA players protesting, white people parenting, losing Facebook friends, and more! Enjoy!

Duration: 03:33:37

Episode 145: Ain't Nobody Fartin In My Mouth

Sorry folks, but this one is a doozy! It's a long one. We had a lot of guests in the building, and we had a lot of passionate dialogue. This week, Mike and Otis go back and forth with one of the guests, Les, regarding Hugh Hefner, Kaepernick, protests, frats, Trump, voting, and more! Enjoy!

Duration: 06:50:50

Episode 144: Kevin Hart Is Insecure

Wudupdoe! This week we talk about Kevin Hart cheating, Insecure and the commentary about Dro's appearance, the NFL, boycotting football, the Pistons new arena, The Deuce on HBO, and more. Enjoy!

Duration: 03:26:06

Episode 143: Ba Diddy Ba Bullshit

Wudupdoe! We're back after a week off, and we discuss Trump, Kid Rock, Jemele Hill, Insecure, read some feedback, and more. Enjoy!

Duration: 01:35:58

Episode 142: Jim Cronuts and Gentrified Rice

Wudupdoe! This week, we chat it up about the Mayweather/McGregor fight, Mike's trip to the African Lion Safari, the hurricane in Houston, Joel Osteen's reaction, the Game of Thrones season finale, read some feedback, and the Kid Rock restaurant opening in Little Caesars Arena! Enjoy! Don't forget to rate us in iTunes, send feedback, and tell your friends about our podcast, damn it! ... Oh! And Mike gets a little sentimental at the end...

Duration: 04:40:55

Episode 141: Baylor Doesn't Know TV

We came into this week with little to discuss, but ended up with a lengthy discussion regarding 90's black sitcoms and movies. We also discuss how BTG has poor taste, read/listen to some feedback, discuss the solar eclipse, and that's about it. :) But it was a good convo. Enjoy!

Duration: 02:43:53

Episode 140: Trump

We finally made it to episode 140, and a lot happened during our brief hiatus. We're back with an extended episode because, well, Trump. We read some feedback, but we largely discuss the climate in America. It's sad and scary. Listen, but try not to be as mad as Mike. Enjoy!

Duration: 04:46:24

Episode 138: Proud Members of the #LawrenceHive

We're back! We return this week with (a little) talk about Mike's camping trip - including his hatred of local radio (yes, the topics are related), Game Of Thrones, Insecure, Trump banning transgenders from the military, and we read some listener feedback. Enjoy!

Duration: 02:13:17

Episode 137: Apes In A Blue Vest

Wudupdoe! This week, we discuss Deray vs Whoopi, Peyton Manning vs Kevin Durant, Calvin Johnson, Donald Trump, strippers, pornstars, Jesse Williams, and read a ton of feedback - including some from a long-lost listener. Enjoy!

Duration: 03:04:08

Episode 136: Mr Marcus And His Timbo Print

Wudupdoe! We're back after a brief one-week hiatus. This week, we catch up on feedback from several loyal listeners, discuss the NBA free agent contracts, the new Jay-Z album, Mike's trip to TN for Con of Thrones, strippers, porn, and more. Enjoy!

Duration: 01:28:37

Episode 135: Ohio Is Like The Walking Dead

Wudupdoe! Fairly short episode (by our usual standards) this week. We read/discuss some listener feedback, talk about Mike's trip to Ohio and meeting @WAxelFoley, the NBA and the draft, and how nobody in Detroit seems to have a job. Enjoy!

Duration: 03:11:15

Episode 134: Bill Maher's A House Nigga

WUDUPDOE! This week we read a little feedback, discuss the NBA Finals, Kevin Durant, LeBron vs Jordan, a bit more of Bill Maher, Mayweather vs McGregor, and the GOP baseball practice shooting. Enjoy!

Duration: 03:35:32

Episode 132: Lil Yachty At Panera Bread

We're back after a short break. This week, we read some more listener feedback, discuss masculinity, the bombing at the Ariana Grande concert, Kathy Griffin, disc golf, and more. Enjoy!

Duration: 03:18:48

Episode 131: Romphims and Manpons

We return one day early with a feedback-heavy episode. We play/read/discuss TWO HOURS of feedback (don't worry, it's engaging), why Mike hates Feminista Jones, manpons, romphims, fashion, Trump, and more. Don't forget to rate us in iTunes and send us more feedback. We loved it!

Duration: 02:12:25

Episode 126: Hitler Took The Jews To The Holocaust Center

Wudupdoe! This week Mike and Otis discuss the Trump administration and Sean Spicer's comments on Syria, Russell Westbrook, United Airlines, Pepsi, Kendall Jenner, and play and respond to listener feedback. Enjoy!

Duration: 03:38:15

Episode 125: Drink Pepsi And End Racism

Wudupdoe! We're back this week talking a (very) little about Donald Trump missile attacks on Syria, Kendall Jenner and her Pepsi ad, street harassment, the end of Joe Louis Arena and The Palace of Auburn Hills, Colin Kaepernick, and read listener feedback. Enjoy!

Duration: 03:12:47

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