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X Class 7: Care & Feeding of X Class Batteries

You have a miniquad, so you know all about batteries, right? If you're heading into the world of X Class, you may want to rethink that. Bigger batteries mean you have to pay more attention to battery care. Kevin Sellers talks how to make your X Class–sized batteries last longer and safer.

Duration: 00:41:39

X Class 6: A Build for All Budgets

Want to build a 800-1200mm drone but don't have cash? Want to build a top-of-the-line racer but don't know where to start? Kevin Sellers talks best builds for the bank, from entry-level trainer to gold-standard racer.

Duration: 00:44:44

X Class 5: Tuning your Rig

Tuning an X Class rig is VERY different than tuning a miniquad. This week we talk about what you need to consider and how to get your craft running efficiently and safely.

Duration: 00:43:41

X Class Podcast 4: Choosing a Flight Controller

Choosing a flight controller for your X Class build isn't hard, but there's a lot of factors you should to keep in mind. Kevin Sellers outlines what you should keep in mind before you buy.

Duration: 00:39:13

X Class Podcast: What's in Your Drive Train

A key component of drones of any type is the drive train. Motors, ESCs, props, batteries; it's not just plug and play when it comes to X Class drone building. Expert builder Kevin Sellers discusses what you need to keep in mind when building your X Class rig, what's on the market, and what you should (and shouldn't) do to keep your X Class build fast and cheap(er).

Duration: 00:44:20

X Class Podcast Episode 2: All About Frames

The foundation, quite literally, of an X Class racing drone is the frame. Edie and Kevin Sellers talk composition, configurations, and frame designs.

Duration: 00:39:49

X Class Podcast 1: May 17, 2017

We kick off this podcast with the show's hosts, Edie Sellers and Kevin Sellers of X Class Drone Racing. We talk building big drones, how to build them, and how to fly them.

Duration: 00:15:00