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'Someone's a Car Con ***hole' - Talking punk rock with Daryl Wilson (Bollweevils) and Denis Buckley (88 Fingers Louie)

It's a Chicago punk rock summit as I'm joined by returning guests Daryl Wilson (The Bollweevils) and Denis Buckley (88 Fingers Louie) at Dante's Pizza. Here's what we talk about this week: Is Denis now tied for most-frequently appearing guest on the show? "I have no agenda." Why in the hell did I say Blaze Pizza? It's DANTE'S. And Dante's is sooo much better. I got the lion's share of grease. That's what you get for grabbing from the bottom of the bag. Daryl thinks the grease will be...


CoC 363

18 Mar 18 By the time you hear this, change will have occurred. (Contest of Challengers) But, what? What is changing? Fine, we’ll tell you. We’re making some pretty big layout changes, while not moving any of the furniture. We’re about to turn 10 (but please don’t congratulate us until it happens)! We get pretty detailed as to how these changes were made, all the math behind the scenes. We voted early! We hope you’re going to vote, too (if you live somewhere where voting will occur). There...


Corned Beef and Cabbage (The Daily Life Of Frank)

The Daily Life of Frank is presented by Geena Doherty’s “Dessert First.” This week Frank talks about St. Patrick’s Day, the Southside Irish Parade, and the forgotten St. Joseph's Day. He talks about J.B. Pritzker and how he could possibly be his Dad and recaps the This Is Us Finale. He talks Weird News, What’s Trending and a new Car segment. He talks about the Bears, and March Madness. He also used the word titillate incorrectly and why vasectomies are big during March Madness. He also...


Krash Karma: Live performance and interview over Chicago deep dish pizza

This week, it's an in-car performance and interview with Krash Karma (Ralf Dietel-singer/guitarist, Niki Skistimas-drums/vocals)! In this Boost Mobile-sponsored episode, we find ourselves at local favorite The Art of Pizza (3033 N Ashland Ave, Chicago, IL 60657). Heard on this show: The band plays their new song, "Stranded," in the car. They also explain what it's about. I lured them into the car with candy. Ralf is a German with a sense of humor ("They kicked me out"). I thoughtfully rock...


Getting the Led out: Led Zeppelin 2 at Nighthawk

Bruce and Paul (Plant and Page), of world-class Led Zeppelin tribute band Led Zeppelin 2, join me for a special show recorded inside Nighthawk Coffee Bar and Tavern (4744 N. Kimball). Food this week is from the excellent Hot Dog Station (4742 N. Kimball), whose Chicago dogs and mushroom/swiss burger capped the recording off perfectly. On this week's show (brought to you by Boost Mobile), we discuss: How Led Zeppelin 2 started How Paul and Bruce became the thing they hate "Black Stabbath,"...


We’ll pay you $4/month to NOT shop here (Contest of Challengers)

No, not YOU; someone else. But we’d do it if we could. Fridays, amirite?? We start off the episode with a quick reminder of how subscriptions work, because some people still don’t get it. You’re not an @$$hole for asking questions. The 2018 Sale shirts are in! Why don’t we order ALL our graphic novels from Diamond? Also, HOW we order our graphic novels from Diamond. More observations about selling C2E2 tickets. We think DC’s Black Label imprint will live up to its name. If Toys-R-Us stores...


Doctor Visits (The Daily Life of Frank)

Episode #24 is on the air! The Daily Life of Frank is presented by Geena Doherty’s “Dessert First.” This week Frank recaps his birthday weekend and his recent doctor visits which includes a no birthday cake diagnosis, syrup hands, pee in a cup, and an ultrasound. Frank also talks about the two times in his childhood that he heard his mom drop the f bomb. He also talks about The Oscars, American Idol, and The Loop. Frank gets a couple neighborhood grievances off his chest, shares what’s...


Indie-pop Chicago band Like Language does amazing in-car performance, eats tacos

Indie-pop Chicago band Like Language (Matthew Murray & Kristen Donnelly) joins me for tacos from the always-excellent Pueblo Nuevo in Portage Park (4342 N Central Ave, Chicago, IL 60634). The episode starts with a killer acoustic performance of the new song "Like a Drug," which is easily one of the best you'll hear on this podcast. "Like a Drug": Where did the song come from? Don't worry about the performance: "I'll clean it up in 'post.'" Kristen was brilliant for ordering a chile relleno...


From living out of a Jeep to a role on Showtime's 'The Chi': Actor Mickey O'Sullivan

Chicago actor Mickey O'Sullivan jumps in the car for diner food from his favorite place, The Golden Apple (2971 N. Lincoln). I was lucky to steal time with Mickey, he's super busy these days playing "Chef Dan" on "The Chi" on Showtime. Related: GREAT SHOW. Watch it here! In this Boost Mobile-sponsored episode, we talk about: Mutual friend Anthony from Black Bear Rodeo, a fabulous Oak Lawn-based band (Spartans represent!) The important role Golden Apple's played in Mickey's life. Mickey...


May is going to be a killer month for comics! (Contest of Challengers)

We’re not in Portland. Or ARE we? It’s the Comics PRO Annual Meeting this weekend. Any news? Diamond Comics’ new PreviewsWorld Pullbox has a lot of people talking. Is it just an updated version of ComiXology’s old subscription service? Speaking of Previews, DC Comics is leaving Diamond’s Previews catalog and starting their own. The Image Expo was also this week, so here’s a quick rundown. Marvel is promoting A Fresh Start for their publishing line, but is it really a fresh start?


Baconfest: Saluting '10 years of the greatest pork geniuses in Chicago' with Paulie Gee's

Baconfest is celebrating its 10th anniversary this year, and co-founder Seth Zurer jumps in the Mazda 3 to talk about this year's even. Joining us is Derrick Tung, owner of Paulie Gee's (https://pauliegee.com/logan-square/) in Logan Square. Paulie Gee's pizzas are amazing. Go there soon. Tell 'em Car Con Carne sent you. In this week's episode, presented by Boost Mobile: The Boost Mobile Mazda 3 getting spotted in the wild Paulie Gee's pizzas. We try the "Big Bad Wolf," which includes three...


Fat Man Problems (The Daily Life of Frank)

Welcome, welcome, welcome it’s Episode #23 of The Daily Life of Frank presented by Geena Doherty’s “Dessert First.” This week, Frank shares his continued obsession with NBC’s This Is Us and he talks about how NBC might be trying to pull in the male audience with all the Olympic wardrobe malfunctions. Speaking of Ice Skating, Frank shares a story about ice skating in High School which resulted with him being single. He also talks about his upcoming birthday, weird news and why it's...


What do U.S. presidents, Jerry Seinfeld and Car Con Carne have in common? Manny's Deli in Chicago.

Manny's Deli (1141 S. Jefferson) is on a short list of legit, honest-to-goodness, Chicago food institutions. A classic deli operation that's been running since the end of World War II, Manny's remains a go-to for all three meals and a destination for local and national politicians. Co-owner Dan Raskin joins me to talk about Manny's this week. Discussed on this episode: My history with Manny's, from trips with my grandparents to taking my own kids the restaurant. Manny's history in Chicago....


Chicago band Innocent X visits JBTV

Chicago's Innocent X hangs out in the JBTV studio!


This Is Me (The Daily Life of Frank)

Get the hell out of my way, there is a left over gyro in his fridge, and please don’t tell my doctor. It’s Episode #22 of The Daily Life of Frank presented by “Geena Doherty’s Dessert First!” This week I recap the huge snowstorm, falling icicles, and Valentine’s Day. I also share why I am not happy with NBC’s coverage of The Olympics but I am happy with their show This Is Us. Thank You Roman from Stylz and Roman on US99 for getting me addicted. I also talk about growing up during the Lent...


Women’s Comics Night (Contest of Challengers)

After years of thinking Challengers didn’t need a women-specific comic-themed meet-up, Samantha Challenger proves us so very wrong. The ‘hows’ and ‘whys’ of this type of event. The short-term and long-term goals of the night. Plans for the next meet-up. And, Samantha lists her current favorite Manga graphic novels, pro wrestlers and current comic series, and we completely missed the chance to have her mention her favorite drag queens!


Chicago band Turnspit on JBTV

Up and coming Chicago band Turnspit visits the JBTV studio!


Holy Snowballs! (TDLOF)

This week on Episode #21 of The Daily Life of Frank. Frank he talks about the major snowstorm that is set to rock the Chicagoland. Frank talks about his trip to the doctors, and 22 gifts for Valentine’s Day for your weirdo lover. He also recaps the Super Bowl, why he hates certains Emojis, Quincy Jones, toddlers, and a whole bunch more!


We do great with all-ages comics, but what about the Young Adult market? (Contest of Challengers)

Patrick is worried about the snow affecting business during the yearly sale. Dal is not. DC Comics has to new younger reader graphic novel imprints. This episode has very little editing to show you what these conversations really sound like. We think there are too many Infinity Countdown-related books in Marvel’s immediate future. DC wisely doesn’t try to tie their current comics into their current movie properties. So many movie and TV show trailers were released this week. January sales...


Tacos in a Bag eaten by creator of death metal's most evil album covers: Dinner with Matt 'Putrid' Carr

Illustrator and artist of countless death metal album covers, Matt "Putrid" Carr, joins me for Taco in a Bag (4603 N. Lincoln Avenue). Special thanks to Taco in a Bag owner Patrick Bertoletti for the hospitality and amazing food! And thanks to Car Con Carne's official sponsor, Boost Mobile, for making this episode possible. Matt likes horror and comic books: "How are we not already best friends?" The relative weight of Taco in a Bag: "I want to roll this down a lane and knock pins down...


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