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YarraBUG radio show is an initiative of the YarraBUG (Bicycle User Group)that explores all the best things about being on a bike!

YarraBUG radio show is an initiative of the YarraBUG (Bicycle User Group)that explores all the best things about being on a bike!
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Melbourne, VIC


YarraBUG radio show is an initiative of the YarraBUG (Bicycle User Group)that explores all the best things about being on a bike!






PO Box 1277 Collingwood Melbourne VIC AUSTRALIA 3066 +61 3 9419 8377


Extend the Upfield Bike Path campaign

Its a stunning autumn morning as the show kicks off. Val and Faith are joined in the studio by John Englart and we all share our bike moments. We cover some local and international news including the riders heading off to to make their own adventures on the Indian Pacific Wheel Race route, the Freestyle Cyclists's Stop Fining Healthy Transport rides held this past weekend and more. Talk turns to John's campaign, Extend the Upfield Bike Path to Upfield, which he launched after discovering...


Australia's Mandatory Helmet Laws + Stop Fining Healthy Transport Protest Ride

On this weeks program, Chris, with a rare public holiday appearance from Steve, kick off the show with chat about Moomba, Eight Hour Day and the Lost Trades Fair.Therase Fitzgerald Weeks from Freestyle Cyclists discusses Australia's mandatory helmet laws in relation to perceived safety, preventive health, what happens elsewhere overseas and the Stop Fining Healthy Transport Ride on Saturday 17th March 2018 with similar rides organised for Brisbane and New Zealand.For more Melbourne bicycle...


The Handmade Bicycle Show is back!

Val and Faith are joined in the studio by Michael Hands of Corporate Cycling and Ben Schultz of Bastion Cycles, to talk about the renaissence of the Handmade Bicycle Show in 2018. We share our bike moments, which range from cargo bike discoveries to the satisfaction of riding with customers on the bikes you built for them, before briefly touching on local news. Talk turns to the Handmade Bicycle Show 2018 coming up in April at the Meat Market in North Melbourne after a hiatus of a few...

Get On Board with new Sustainable Cities campaign

On this weeks show: Chris interviews Rachel Lynskey from #GetOnBoard the Community Powered Transport Plan, Melbourne Friends of the Earths new Sustainable Cities campaign.Topics include lack of political willpower and initiatives surrounding contentious transport issues in Melbourne, with cycling bearing the brunt of being continually ignored, misreported or completely misunderstood by decision makers. Rachel discusses the crossroads that our cities face with growing populations and public...


Post-Indian Pacific Wheelrace: Melburn Durt still going for a ride

On this weeks program, Chris catches up with Melburn Durt, the all-women IPWR relay team who are still going for a long ride from Fremantle to Sydney on 17 March 2018.Kate, Liz, Elise and Tess (Stef was busy) chat about their reactions, then response to the 2018 Indian Pacific Wheelrace cancellation, their training thus far, ancedotes, dotwatching and fundraising activities.Local cycling-related news includes: your feedback required on St Georges Road works aka Northern Pipe Trail and...


Getting women + children riding & Active transport challenges

On this weeks program, Chris presents two more segments from Radio Adelaide Step Away From The Car series recorded at 2017 Australian Cycling and Walking Conference, which will be hosted in Bendigo later in 2018.Women and Children Step Away from the Car: Why is it so hard for women and children to get out of the car and onto bikes… scooters and their own two feet … in today’s episode of Step Away From the Car you’ll hear from Jan Garrard and Hulya Gilbert … two researchers with a few...


Step away from the car: Auckland and Sydney

Happy new year! This week Chris starts off with a critique/grumble about the almost imperceptible "soft launch" of the Victorian Cycling Strategy 2018-28 and yet more unhelpful media against bicycle riders in Queensland. Continuing on from last fortnights program, here's more three segments from Radio Adelaide series Step Away From The Car, produced by Nicky Page and recorded with people involved with 2017 Australian Walking and Cycling ConferenceAuckland Steps Away from the Car: Hong Kong...


Step away from the car: using active transport choices

We're off having a short break over the new year, but here's three segments from Radio Adelaide series Step Away From The Car, produced by Nicky Page and recorded with people involved with 2017 Australian Walking and Cycling Conference.Port Adelaide Bicycle User Group: Heavy industry, heavy vehicles, cyclists and pedestrians are a pretty uncomfortable combination in Port Adelaide. The grassroots Bicycle User Group there has been working for 35 years to “increase the margins of safety” for...


Making your commute more fun: Sarah Imm shares her bike skills

On this weeks program Chris chats regular Sydney guest, Sarah Imm, from Velo-a-porter and Bicycle Mayor of Sydney, about making everyday commuting more fun and enjoyable after applying different skills and tips she picked up from cargobikes, e-bikes, road, cyclocross and MTB.News includes dealing with this weeks hot weather, Dan O'Connell Hotel installing a "pit stop" @ Canning Street, Carlton North for thirsy riders, Elon Musks latest amusing edict about public transport and his petulant...


Melbourne Metro and the impact on your bike commute

Faith and Val are joined in the studio this morning by Jonathan Nolan of Melbourne BUG and Revitalise Sydney Road. We kick off the show by sharing our respective bicycle moments before taking a look at local news, including the sad news of another cyclist death at Macedon on the weekend. Conflicted cyclists across Australia woke to the news that the Australian Magpie has been named The Guardian's Bird of the Year, and transport drove Australia's greenhouse gas emissions to their highest...


Talking to Melburn Durt: all women Indy Pac relay team

Up first on the show, Chris reflects upon the strangeness of recent weather, especially over the weekend, with roads and trails affected by heavy rain and local flooding.This weeks interview is with Kate, Elizabeth, Elise and Stefania about Melburn Durt, their all-women Indy Pac team, who are participating in the new relay option for next years race from Fremantle, Western Australia to Sydney Opera House, NSW. They discuss how they choose to ride the IndyPac, individual stories,...


Salary packaging and your new ebike!

Val and Faith kick off the show sharing their bike moments and introducing this week's studio guest, Thijs van der Heijden of e-astralian. In today's news we focus on the recent memorial held for the late Paul Farren, the intersections of the worlds in which he shined and the incredible impact he had on so many people over the years. You can watch a Livestream of the memorial service at the Botanic Gardens here. We move onto the topic of today's show, salary packaging of ebikes in...


Merie Polkamp talks about her Melbourne cycling experiences

Chris talks to Merie Polkamp about her Melbourne cycling experiences and what led to her writing the article: Male cyclists, what the hell is your problem? We discuss gendered perceptions about cycling, social media reactions, criticisms to her article, barriers to cycling accessibility, lack of suitable infrastructure, and differences between Melbourne and overseas cycling conditions.Local news includes Paul Farren memorial get together, 2017 Sydney-Melbourne Alpine 1200 dotwatching,...

The Dead Mans Creek

Some bike news with a focus on Yarra City Council's Your Say Yarra. A Local Area Place Making Study is being rolled out in three precincts of Yarra in 2017/18.The survey is your chance to have a say in your local traffic and safety on your streets: www.yoursayyarra.com.au/improving-richmondCycling poems read on the show include Mulga Bill and The Man with Rubber Pedals as well.

Roxanne DeBeaux from Cambridge Cycling Campaign + call for Coburg hitrun information + Give the Space to Bike Riders launch

On this weeks program Chris interviews Roxanne DeBeaux in depth about her cycling journey, how she got started cycling in Melbourne, moving overseas and being employed by Cambridge Cycling Campaign in the UK.Roxanne shares her observations and insights on campaigning, funding, working through dockless bikeshare issues in Cambridge and what's possibly required next for Melbourne to step up with cycling participation and advocacy.Local news includes a call for witnesses and further...


Misogyny in the bike lane, building for all riders and share bikes

Val and Faith are joined by Nik Dow, of Melbourne BUG and Freestyle Cyclists, this morning in the studio. We share our bike moments including Nik'sexperience riding share bikes in China before moving onto news.We discuss Merie Polkamp's account of gendered abuse from male cyclists in Melbourne and the well documented Australian gender divide in cycling. The misogyny experienced by women cycling in Australia adds an extra dimension to their experience of shared spaces. We discuss how this...


Amy's Bike Skills in Yarra + Pushbiking for mental health - Perth to Sydney 2017

On this weeks program Chris chats to Amy-Nicole Peters and Tina McCarthy. Amy-Nicole is riding from Perth to Sydney by bike and estimating to cover over 6,000km, her motivation is to show that anyone can take on a great challenge and make a difference in the lives of others living with mental illness."I have personally experienced mental illness and I want to be open about my experience. I believe mental illness isn’t something to be hidden or considered a taboo topic. It can affect anyone...


Bike bags - the myriad ways to carry things on your bike!

Val and Faith are joined in the studio on a stunning spring morning by Evan Howard of Terra Rosa Gear. We share our respective bike moments and then run through some local news including; Neometro development to close the Upfield shared path for two years, the results from the 2017 Melbourne to Warnambool and an opportunity to say goodbye to Paul Farren. Discussion turns to bikepacking and the amazing array nof bags people use to make trips on their bikes. Evan talks us through a...


Vale Paul Farren, Big Bike Film Night + Justice system fails cyclists again

On this weeks show Chris talks to Jenica Brook from Melbourne Commuter about recent appalling incidents in Airport West and Northcote, major deficiencies in Victoria Police's interpretation of road laws, her experiences with reporting inappropriate motorist behaviour and what you can do to defuse and record potential altercations.Second interview: Brett Cotter chats about creating and curating The Big Bike Film Night and Cycle Chic Film Tour, which commences touring in Australia and New...


Cycling the Peru Divide with Pepper Cook

Val and Faith welcome guest Pepper Cook to the 3CR studio and we kick off the program by sharing our bike moments. We run through some local news including; Marianne Vos to visit Melbourne for the Giro Della Donna and Dirty Deeds CX and over forty oBikes retrieved from the Yarra in Melbourne. We turn to Peru and Pepper's spontaneous decision to take up the opportunity to spend five weeks riding the Peru Divide with Tumbleweed Bikes. Pepper talks about the challenges of bikepacking at...


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