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YarraBUG radio show is an initiative of the YarraBUG (Bicycle User Group)that explores all the best things about being on a bike!






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Winter's dying days - O bikes and more

Its a cold and drizzly morning as Faith and Val take to the airwaves for this episode of the Yarra BUG Radio Show. We share our bike moments, including memories of the late Matt McCullough, before moving on to local news. The OBike system presents several different topics for discussion, the system makes bike sharing easier for some, but gets a mixed reception on Melbourne streets and from different groups, cycling and otherwise, in Melbourne. Discussion also turns to an interesting recent...

Duration: 00:30:20

Brisbane & Sydney: a tale of two cities

Two interviews on this weeks program, first up Chris talks to Cr Jonathon Sri, Gabba Ward councillor for Brisbane City Council about the recent Victoria Bridge protest, (SBS: Brisbane cyclists stage bridge 'die-in') Brisbane cycling issues and challenging barriers & politics in a very different council structure to what us in the southern states are used to.Second interview is with Cr Nicholas Frances Gilley, who chairs the City of Melbourne Transport portfolio, discussing transport...

Duration: 00:31:33

Talking about Freewheeler, an sustainable transport app

On this weeks program, Chris chats to Alex Fletcher from Perth about Freewheeler, an sustainable transport app that tracks trips, different transport modes and helps to earn points & rewards for walking, cycling & public transport. Freewheeler was recently a joint winner of the 2017 Resilient Melbourne Citymart Challenge.Local news includes another unpleasant incident of oil dumping on lower Moonee Ponds Creek Trail, dotwatching the Transcontinent race #TCRNO5, quote from This is not a...

Duration: 00:28:06

Burn Calories not Coal

A brief homage to Russell Mockridge on his 1955 ride in the Tour de France and a wrap on the prostate pounding pedalling pelaton now parked in Paris.The ongoing saga of pollution and it's effects on bike riders, ongoing study highlighted by the NYT. We chat to Lenka about the bike ride as protest, with Burn Calories not Coal's ride on the 29th July 2017.

Cycling in Melbourne's South Eastern Suburbs

This week Chris chats about bicycle stuff out in South East Melbourne with David Blom from Whitehorse Cyclists and Robert Jamieson from CycleCasey.David talks about updates to Box Hill Ringwood Rail Trail, Gardiners Creek Trail, Sydnal to Heatherdale Pipeline Trail, Bushy Creek Trail/Koonung Creek Trail, Pipeline Trail, Daniel Robertson Brickworks, (where the Obikes have been stored) and Healesville Freeway reserve Robert discusses the idea behind creating Cycle Casey to improve riding for...

Duration: 00:32:59

India to Europe

The Treadly Two , Tim and Het , chat on their slow ride from India to London . The increase in fines for touching your phone while astride your velocipede , our new freedom to enjoy the air quality in Melbourne's bus lanes and OBikes , a new kind of litter on the footpaths. For more information, check out their blog at https://treadlytwo.wordpress.com/

Duration: 00:30:19

Bike Fit and feeling good on the bike

Val and Faith kick off the show on a glorious winter's morning with studio guest Kat Carter of Rehub Studios. We share our respective bike moments before moving on to some local news including; City of Melbourne to name and shame vehicles parked in bike lanes (and a handy link for reporting them yourself), VicRoads campaign of awareness about laws affecting cyclists use of the roads and Bicycle Network's support for 30kph speed limits.We move onto bike fit and Kate takes us through the...

Duration: 00:30:19

One hour radiothon show with the lot!

On this special one-hour Radiothon edition it's a full studio with Faith, Steve, Val, Chris and guest Randall Stephens, discussing virtually everything from local news, world affairs, volcanoes, climate change, limericks and of, course, bicycles!We chat about a edge of the couch finish to the Critérium du Dauphiné, two hundred years of the bicycle, Yarra Councils 30 km/h speed limit trial in Collingwood and Fitzroy, upcoming Melburn Roobaix, Swift Campout Melbourne and of course, lots of...

Duration: 00:58:20

How the Dutch got their cycling infrastructure + Vision Zero principles

On this weeks show, Chris tackles diverse topics such as dot watching, Mike Halls last ride from Harrogate to Wales, 2017 Trans Am Bike Race and all-important brick safety.If you think road rage is an entirely modern concept, listen to Goofy transform from Mr Walker to Mr Wheeler from 1950! This weeks two features are courtesy of the Dutch Cycling Embassy with How the Dutch got their cycle paths (2011) and Systematic Safety: The Principles Behind Vision Zero (2017). Read here for Dutch...

Duration: 00:30:47

Warm Showers - cyclists and the sharing economy

Its a fine late autumn morning as Val and Faith are joined in the studio by Rowan Faltyn and Val's particularly persistent head cold. We kick off the show sharing our bike moments and some news including the upcoming 3CR Radiothon, the end of Bicycle Network's Ride On Magazine and Tom Doumoulin's win in the 2017 Giro D'Italia. Talk turns to the community of cyclists using Warm Showers a site based on reciprocal hospitality for cycling tourists. Rowan has both hosted cyclists and been a...

Duration: 00:29:53

Challenging anti-cyclist attitudes

On this weeks show, Chris starts with broad overview of the last fornight, from Yarra Councils special meeting on 2017-18 budget, the minimum passing bill being defeated in Victorian Parliament and ongoing issues where overdue bicycle infrastructure encounters both a complete lack of awareness and real funding from governments and bureaucrats.This weeks interview: Nat Bromhead from Bicycling Australia magazine discusses his article Threats, Claims Of Violence On Australian Anti-Cyclist...

Duration: 00:31:02

Elliot Fishman and the way politicians are talking about cyclists

Val and Faith are joined in the studio on this foggy autumn morning by Elliot Fishman, Director of the Institute for Sensible Transport. We kick off the show by sharing our respective bike moments before taling a look at some news including; the failure of #ametrematters legislation to get through the Victorian Parliament, another stupid and avoidable crash with a moto in professional racing, this time in the Giro D'Italia and a submission by the City of Sydney to have a cycling course...

Duration: 00:28:20

Ride and Rally to Parliament and Melbourne Bicycle Diaries

Ride and Rally to Parliament and Melbourne Bicycle Diaries: first up, Chris chats with Greens MLC Samantha Dunn about Ride + Rally to Parliament (8.15am, Wednesday 10 May) about the rather underwhelming Victorian state budget for active transport and how you can support #ametrematters minimum passing laws. Local news includes how you can make submissions supporting increasing bicycle infrastructure funding to Your Say Yarra by Thursday 11 May. This weeks second interview is with Rosie from...

Duration: 00:30:56

May Day special: Food Delivery Workers, shearers bikes & remembering MacRobertsons cycling history in Fitzroy

This weeks program is a May Day Special with a repeat of the Asher Wolf interview about her article Meet The Food Delivery Workers In The Decentralised Dickensian Online Gig Economy and what needs to happen to protect vulnerable workers in this deregulated service industry. Also included is Australias riding to work history with observations about shearers bikes from The Argus Weekend Magazine (Sep 1945) & remembering MacRobertsons cycling history in Fitzroy.

Duration: 00:30:56

Talking with Sarah Imm, the new Bicycle Mayor of Sydney

On this weeks program Chris ca

Duration: 00:31:52

YarraBUG Burnley Park

This weel Val chats with guest and fellow Burnley Park resident Don Ash and their topic is how Council Planning may affect and impact local wildlife and the health and wellness of local residents. Yarra City Council is consdering a permit for a 108 seat restaurant to be established in the heart of pristine Burnely Park. Melbourne cyclists would know Burnley Park as the one adjacent to Yarra Boulevard and a place where community can rest and relax in a commercial free environment....

Duration: 00:30:16

Food delivery riders getting raw deal from "gig economy"

This week Chris talks to Asher Wolf about her article Meet The Food Delivery Workers In The Decentralised Dickensian Online Gig Economy and what needs to happen to protect vulnerable workers in this deregulated service industry. Other news includes staying up far too late to watch Greg Van Avermaet win a particularly fast & very dusty Paris Roubaix, your input is needed to Help shape Yarra's future, especially in regards to cycling infrastructure funding and Wallan to Heathcote Rail Trail...

Duration: 00:28:46

Vale Jim Freeman and Mike Hall

After several recent 3CR programs dedicated to the Indian Pacific Wheelrace, Val and Chris attempt to process Fridays unbearably tragic news of Mike Halls death on the Monaro highway outside of Canberra. Mike was one of the worlds greatest ultra endurance cyclists and an event founder, going back to the Tour Divide. As a mark of respect, cyclists all over the world quickly organised tribute rides to Mike, with thousands turning out in Melbourne, Sydney, Adelaide and Brisbane on Sunday 2nd...

Duration: 00:27:35

Senator Janet Rice talks bicycle funding & riding in Melbourne's west

On this week program, Steve talked with Jesse Carlsson at the Indian Pacific Wheelrace launch at Curve Cycling about a fortnight ago - and today is day 10 when the race leaders finally hit Melbourne!Chris talks to Senator Janet Rice about bicycle funding and riding in Melbourne's west in the wake of Arzu Baglars death in Yarraville a fortnight ago. Janet also speaks about recent motion she introduced in the Australian senate calling for federal investment in cycling and simple steps how...

Duration: 00:30:14

Indian Pacific Wheel Race 2017 - the first few days

Val and Faith are joined in the studio on this miserable autumn morning by Will Hartnett. We briefly chat about the tragic death of Azura B in Yarraville recently, trolls abusing Janet Rice for commenting on the gender split on much of Melbourne's cycling routes and the nexus between these two. We then turn to the inaugral Indian Pacific Wheel Race, now underway after setting out from Fremantle on Saurday at 6am. Will is updating the #IPWR blog and fills us in on the leaders, their efforts...

Duration: 00:28:20

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