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Travis and Pierre grew up in suburban Miami, FL in the 80s. We like to talk about stuff we remember. Things we loved and still love today. Shit we wish we could forget. Oh yea, there are obscenities in these podcasts, so hide grandma and the kids.




Force Awakens flash reactions: **SHIT TONS OF SPOILERS....DUH**

Welp, we saw it. about 24 hours before most everyone else. Why it "officially" opens tomorrow while it was all over town tonight.. I dunno. But here you go. Firsties. Did we like it? Hate it? Do we miss George Lucas? Was a Steamboat Willie cameo really necessary? Gonna have to listen. Oh yea.. spoilers.. obviously.

Duration: 00:41:27

Star Wars: The Force Awakens new trailer flash reactions

Dana and I (Pierre was busy at his improv class) decided to give some quick reactions to the new SWTFA trailer shown at halftime of last night's Monday Night Football game on . This was convenient for Dana, who's a huge football fan and was pleasantly surprised when his halftime of insightful player profiles and Sunday game highlights were interrupted with a new 2 minute nerdgasm that should satiate us another 2 months until the film's release. We planned to just chat for about 15 minutes,...

Duration: 01:05:54

Die Hard movie commentary

Rachel joins us for this one, and it was actually her idea to do this movie. Not that Pierre or I objected. We love it. We all agree it's one of those movies where if you're just flipping the channels, come across Die Hard at any point in the film, and you're locked in until the end. Can't say the same for any of the sequels though. Anyway, start this commentary track as soon as the 20th Century Fox logo fades out. Also, there are lots of technical difficulties and crap but our banter is...

Duration: 02:38:12

James Kahn

Not to be mistakenfor other Khans (Or Caans)... we are super jazzed to have the writer of the movie novelizations of Return of the Jedi, Indiana Jones and the Temple of Doom, The Goonies, and Poltergeist I and II. In addition he writes his own original novels, records music, has written for and produced big time TV such as Star Trek: Voyager, Melrose Place, Xena: Warrior Princess, and all kinds of other stuff. Did I mention he's also an Medical Doctor and is making his own movie? Wait.....

Duration: 02:29:00

I'm in the video game! movies... The Last Starfighter and Tron

Every kid's dream (well ok.. maybe just hardcore nerds like Pierre and I) wasthat the video games they were playing might become real life. So naturally, as kids we loved movies where this happened. First we reexamine The Last Starfighter, where an ambitious kid from a dead-end small town gets a chance to be a space fighter hero. Perfect 80s sci-fi fodder. Next we delve into the original Tron. Where a young Jeffrey Lebowski takes a turn as a computer hacker and embarks on an awesome cyber...

Duration: 00:43:34

A Nightmare on Elm Street movie commentary

Here we go again, with another one of these totally original, unique movie commentary deals that no one else on the internet ever does... ahem.. You remember this one right? Something about juggling and a guy with bad skin and a fedora? Well, with the recent pasing of the great Wes Craven, Pierre and I delve into the start of arguably the top horror movie franchise of all time. True, Freddy came around after Jason Voorhees and Michael Myers, but his one-liners were much more well thought...

Duration: 01:30:10

They Live and Rowdy Roddy Piper (R.I.P.)

If you wanted to make a profound social statement in the 80s, you knew what to do. Unite the forces of John Carpenter and Roddy Piper, of course. These two 80's icons produced the cult classic Pierre and I dicuss today, after Pierre's long hiatus on the run from vengeful Quakers. (and month-long vacation in Miami) Before we weigh in on Mr. Piper's Opus, we talk about his wrestling days, and how he was possibly the greatest professional wrestling heel ever. Also we plug our new...

Duration: 00:58:10

Letterman and Late Night with Will Presti

So... Letterman retired? Oh, they did not tell me. Comedy Writer and host of The Midweek Minute Will Presti joins us as we talk Dave, late night, TV comedy in general and where it's headed, and some 90s Sega Genesis for good measure. Will actually wrote some of Dave's last jokes to air, so yea, this was kind of a big pull. Go us. Also, ignore Travis's 4th of Julyhangover (see, he's patriotic) and the Skype audio issues because your complaints will only be met with laughter or indifference....

Duration: 01:04:23

Reboots, Remakes, and Regurgitations with Jerrod Kingery

Dear god when will it stop? Jerrod from joins us to tackle that existential question and break down which reboots are worthwhile, which are pointless, and the upcoming ones that make us cringe. Then we play producer and pick our own old movies we'd like to se rebooted, because there's no doubt that Hollywood listens to this podcast religiously. As usual, we meander way off course and talk some MST3K and Tommy Wiseau and whatnot, but you'll listen regardless because you need it...

Duration: 01:14:35

Superhero Movies

Remember when Metropolis and Smallville got completely destoryed while Superman was off being angsty? No? Oh.. yea, I guess movies are different now. How about when Batman didn't care about Gotham and just wanted to kick Superman's ass. And he was played by Ben Affleck. Good god.. what kind of world is this for our kids? Anyway, yea, we go back to a time where Superhero movies were fun and inspiring. Not so much emo and brutal. How quaint we were. Music: "Superman Theme" by John Williams,...

Duration: 04:10:52

Soul Man Movie Commentary

So, Pierre and I decide to get topical. When this movie came out in 1986, even the trailer made us /facepalm as 10 year olds. But recently, unless you've been avoiding all news and social media, you may have noticed recently life has kinda imitated "art." Could it be the head of the Spokane NAACP was inspired this awful movie? Ok, probably not, but we decide to make the commentary a little more serious, as only American middle class white guys can when spouting off opinions about the...

Duration: 01:57:45

Stephen King Movies & Jay W Friedman

This week we are delighted to have fellow native Floridian Jay W Friedman, host of "I Don't Even Own a Television" with us to talk about the best (and not so best) novels turned into major motion pictures. Since we're all big King fans, we pretty much stick with those. Also, Travis fucks up and forgets that King actually did write "The Mist," the movie ending of which was so fucked up even Kingdidn't imagineit. Listen to I Don't Even Own a Television:

Duration: 03:24:49

Star Freakin' Wars

Well, after nearly 6 months on the air we finally tackled the holy mother of retro podcast fodder... the Rubik's cube. Oh, and we also get a bit into Star Wars. Ok yea, it's all about Star Wars. And oh boy, is this one a clusterfuck. Guests coming and going, dropped Skype connections, you name it, we bring the amateur hour swag, and you love it. Carl pops in as our 1st ever repeat guest, and Bulent Hasan from the Generation-X Wing podcast joins in as we bounce around mindlesslyfrom the...

Duration: 04:08:39

Midnight Madness Movie Commentary

Well.. I can't imagine who we got this idea from.. *cough.. puke* Anyway, to sync up our enthralling commentary with the movie, hit play as soon as you see the Movie title with the red font come up.. err.. this: You can stream the movie via Amazon movies, Google movies.. whatever. You know how to internet. Enjoy!

Duration: 02:07:17

MST3K talk with Josh aka "The Wizard"

Josh from joins us from the sweltering wasteland that is Milwaukee while Pierre takes a break from his JadeHelm15 doomsday prep to gab about our favorite of all favorites, MST3K. Trav does his usual name-dropping of a cast member he knows and Josh reveals he's more up on his MST trivia than the hosts. Josh also gives some cool behind the scenes info on RLM shows Best of the Worst and Wheel of the Worst, while Josh and Pierre lament how useless their years of college...

Duration: 03:55:16

Supermodels in the movies

Supermodels were a really big deal in the 90s. So big they couldn't be contained on the runways or magazine covers. Why not the movies too? Well, we'll tell you why not.. Pierre and I wax nostalgic about the SI Swimsuit Editions and lament a few awful movies, while trying in vain to understand the plot of Cindy Crawford's only major motion picture before losing our minds completely and prattling incoherent nonsense. Or, maybe we were just summarizing the plot of Fair Game. Either way, can...

Duration: 01:06:26

Ahhhhhhhhnold: The Running Man and Total Recall

A staple of growing up in the 80s was undoubtedly Arnold Shwarzanegger movies. Long before he was cheating on Maria Shriver and being the Governator, he was making movies. (Well I guess he still kinda is, but they aren't watchable) These are 2 of our favorites, and as we discovered, may be our favoites because they are the least typical Arnold movies of the time. Pierre and I re-cap these 2 great flicks and also discuss why this is the greatest avatar of all time: Music: "The Arnold...

Duration: 03:20:26

Friday The 13th Saga

You remember these films.. right? We kinda did. I invite my old friend and bandmate Carl to talk about this innocent slice of our childhood (pun sorta intended) and Pierre, Carl, and Imanage to recap every friggin movie...sorta. As you might expect, near the end we completely lose our minds and start blathering nonsense. Of course, that could be said about the entirety of every show to date.. so enjoy! Music: "Friday the 13th theme" from the movie, "Man Behind the Mask" by Alice Cooper,...

Duration: 01:13:52

Star Trek/RIP Nimoy Pt. 2

Finally.. geez, took you idiots long enough to get part 2 out. Yea, sorry.. whatever. So Pierre, David, and I drone on and on about Star Trek. Including looking back at all the original cast movies and talking about what we anticipate the next "new" movie installment will look like sans JJ Abrams. Apparently it's being directed by the Fast and Furious guy.. so.. .. ok. There are some audio issues with this one thanks to Skype, so blame them. Musical Interludes: "Theme from Star Trek the...

Duration: 01:00:54

Star Trek/RIP Nimoy Pt. 1

Another 2-parter. What is this.. an episode where Picard gets abducted by the Cardassians or the Borg? (that was a Star Trek joke) No.. but seriously.. we get long winded (again) talking about Nimoy, Spock, and the Star Trek franchise in general. We're joined byPierre's brother-in-lawDavid Valadez who swears he's not a Trekkie, he just happens to know more Star Trek trivia than We focus on Nimoy's influence on the franchise in Pt 1, Pt. 2 will focus on the movies...

Duration: 00:36:02

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