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76 - Agency-Brand Breakups | Best of SXSW

Why do creative powerhouse relationships go sour? Have we reached Peak Meal Kit? What was actually worth seeing at SXSW? These and more questions—including "How can rapping about Sprite get me a job?"—will be answered in this week's episode of the Adweek podcast. Timestamps: 01:30: Has the meal-kit market gotten saturated? | 10:00: Harvey Nichols has dumped longtime agency adam&eveDDB. | 22:00: How a copywriter's Sprite rap got him a job at Wieden + Kennedy | 26:30: From sleeping on stage...


75 - Diving Into SXSW

Before plunging into the chaotic marketing playground of SXSW Interactive, our team reflects on the festival's evolving nature and often-debated value. We also talk about how billboards are having a Hollywood-fueled moment and Apple's absolute stunner of a new ad featuring FKA twigs. Sponsor: This week's episode is brought to you by Accenture Interactive. Greater experiences start with reimagined consumer experiences. Visit to learn more.


74 - The Lessons of HQ

Like Scott Rogowsky's suit, we've got you covered in style with this week's episode about quiz sensation HQ and the lessons it can teach marketers about appointment entertainment and scarcity. We also talk about ecommerce's new obsession with brick-and-mortar and Nike's 2-minute spin on a disaster movie. Timestamps: 01:00: Ecommerce brands are getting physical | 08:20: How P&G cut spending $200 million but increased its reach | 14:20: Ad Worth Watching: Nike stops the world from turning |...


73 - NRA Brand Backlash | The Genius Behind FX

As several brands drop their partnerships with the NRA, some are holding firm (or simply staying quiet). We look at the backlash and what these rapid responses say about how today's brands weigh their stances. On a lighter note, we look at the career and creativity of John Landgraf, CEO of FX Networks and the mastermind behind many of the best shows in television history.


72 - The Best (and Future) of Media Strategy

Once a realm of spreadsheets and swag, the media agency world has had to get truly creative in recent years as the nature of advertising evolved rapidly. This week, we honor today's best in Adweek's Media Agencies of the Year roundup. We also talk about Subway's attempt to re-energize with a new ad and Diesel's insanely smart popup stunt. Sponsor: This week's episode is brought to you by Facebook, the place to build your brand in a mobile-first world. Learn more at...


71 - Brilliant Ad Hacks

Can the limitations of ads also be opportunities? This week, we look at how some of today's most clever advertisers turn skippable ads, silent autoplay and more into creative new ways of telling a story. Sponsor: This week's episode is brought to you by Accenture Interactive. See how they're creating greater experiences at Timestamps: 1:30: The Lady Doritos dust-up | 10:00: Tesla's free (or $90M) trip into space | 15:45: Ads Worth Watching - Old Spice gets...


70 - Best of the Super Bowl: Tide, Australia and More

Like a surprisingly inescapable David Harbour, Adweek's writers and editors are back to weigh in on the best, worst and weirdest ads of this year's Super Bowl. Join us as we talk Tide ads, the Crocodile Dundee reboot that wasn't, Ram's MLK controversy and lots more. Sponsor: Adweek Ignite is the ultimate event for brand marketing decision makers to find their next solution providers. Don't miss it March 19-21, 2018, in Las Vegas. Learn more at


Bonus - Gerry Graf Talks Super Bowl Ads

Few advertising creatives know the game of Super Bowl advertising better than Gerry Graf. The founder and chief creative officer of Barton F. Graf has made more than 10 spots for the Big Game over the years. Ahead of Sunday's Super Bowl LII, Adweek's Tim Nudd sat down with Gerry to hear some of his war stories, tips for making a great spot, and some of his favorite Super Bowl ads ever.


69 - Super Bowl Ad Preview 2018

If you only watch the Super Bowl for the ads, we've got the podcast for you. Our panel of writers and editors prepares you for this year's most notable spots (that we know of). Sponsor: Adweek Ignite is the ultimate event for brand marketing decision makers to find their next solution providers. Don't miss it March 19-21, 2018, in Las Vegas. Learn more at Timestamps: 02:25: The XFL is coming back, more than 17 years after its bungled debut. | 10:20: Burger King's...


68 - Storytelling, Super Bowl and Dilly Dilly

Stop digging through historical records for portraits of the immortal Keanu Reeves, because we've got tons of Super Bowl ad updates and our annual storytelling honors, the Arc Awards. We also (finally) weigh in on Bud Light's new viral mantra, "Dilly Dilly." Sponsor: This week's episode is brought to you by Accenture Interactive. See how they're creating greater experiences at Timestamps: 2:00: All the Super Bowl ad updates you need to know (and several you...


67 - Influencer Woes | Newsfeed Nightmares | Peevertising

Take a break from peeing on Ikea ads and join us for a discussion of Facebook's big newsfeed changes, this year's Super Bowl and the good, bad and apology-worthy of video influencers like Logan Paul. Timestamps: 02:00: Facebook's newest newsfeed shift | 14:05: The state of Super Bowl ads | 18:50: Ikea's ad to pee on | 24:15: Are influencers a good investment for marketers? This week's panel: David Griner, host Tim Nudd, Creative Editor Sami Main, Social Editor Tim Carmody, Senior...


66 - Predicting 2018 Tech and Redefining DTF

Adweek's writers and editors are DTFreely discuss what we expect from CES and how we feel about OkCupid's new "DTF" ad campaign. We also talk about the resolution of an anti-gay discrimination case in the agency world and former Adweek editor Michael Wolff's high-profile new book about the Trump campaign. Timestamps: 1:15: Omnicom settles anti-gay discrimination lawsuit | 11:00: Michael Wolff's marketing masterstroke with Fire and Fury | 18:25: OkCupid gets DTF in new campaign from W+K...


65 - Trends That Shaped 2017

It's been a looong year, and this week we're looking back on the trends, events and work that defined 2017 in the worlds of marketing and technology. Sponsor: This week's episode is brought to you by Accenture Interactive. Visit to learn more. Timestamps: 1:30: The $4 billion U.S. Army review has been "irreparably compromised," according to concerned DoD employees | 7:05: Disney is acquiring 21st Century Fox | 14:30: The year's best outdoor ads | 24:00: The...


64 - Best Ads of the Year

There's a lot to unpack this week, first in the news of a major agency creative chief's firing due to sexual assault allegations, then in the newly announced Golden Globe nominations and finally in our annual round of the 10 Best Ads of the Year. Timestamps: 01:15: Martin Agency's CCO is out after multiple harassment allegations | 16:25: Golden Globe nominations | 22:10 The 10 Best Ads of the Year


63 - Our Agencies of the Year

Who were the year's top agencies in the U.S. and around the world? This week, we reveal the honorees in Adweek's annual selection of the year's most iconic ad firms. We also talk about the week's news and ads you won't want to miss. Timestamps: 1:10 - Will high-profile harassers drive even more viewers away from TV news? | 8:40: CES takes heat for its all-male keynote lineup | 15:00: CVS looks to buy Aetna | 17:25: Spotify is back with more clever data hilarity | 26:10: A post-apocalyptic...


62 - Star Wars Storytelling | Challenger Brands

Got Star Wars fatigue? We did, too, until a great EA ad this week. We discuss that, as well as other fun new ads, including Volvo and the Spanish Lottery. We also look at digital media's difficult week, and run down our new digital feature package on challenger brands. Sponsor: This week's episode is brought to you by Accenture Interactive. Learn more at Timestamps: 1:55: A tough week for digital media. | 6:25: Cards Against Humanity's latest holiday stunt. |...


61 - KFC Conspiracy Theories | L.A. Brand Stars

Follow the money, herbs and spices as we connect the threads behind KFC's recent Twitter stunt, which seems to have fired up the conspiracy theorist corners of the internet. We'll also look at the week's best ads and Adweek's new list of Los Angeles Brand Stars honorees. Sponsor: This week's episode is brought to you by Accenture Interactive. Learn more at Timestamps: 3:15: Delving deep into KFC conspiracy theories. | 15:35: Adweek's Los Angeles Brand Stars |...


60 - Tim and Angela's Favorite Ads of the Week

With David and Kristina away, Tim goes rogue and ditches our usual format to spend the hour chatting with Angela about the best (and worst) ads of the week, from Ikea's great preroll ads to the virtues (or not) of "friendly" cease-and-desist letters. Timestamps: 2:17: Ikea's preroll ads | 10:30: Alo House's short film | 20:52: Hornbach's DIY anthem for women | 26:30: Friendly cease-and-desists letters | 34:14: Little Rock says no to Amazon HQ2.


59 - All Things Are Stranger Things | The Year's Top Publishers

In this week's spoiler-free episode, we're talking about the marketing blitz behind Stranger Things, Season 2, along with our annual Publishing Hot List tallying the year's top sites and magazines. Timestamps: 1:00: McDonald's massive media account is up for grabs | 8:00: Stranger Things stunts, Snapchat lenses and other partnerships | 18:25: Burger King broils Ronald McDonald again | 20:45: Under Armour's surprising new star athlete | 27:40: Haunted masks and other Halloween ads | 31:25:...


58 - Secrets of Modern Storytelling

Long form? Short form? Molly Wilkof and Zoe Kessler are two of today's best at both, creating the ultra-brief "Yes Good" tagline for Emerald Nuts and a compelling new narrative campaign for dating app Hinge. This week, the creative duo from agency Barton F. Graf joins the Adweek team to talk about the challenges and rewards of modern storytelling in marketing. And, of course, we'll catch you up on the week's news and ads worth watching. Timestamps: 2:05: JWT's ex-CEO reappears in a new role...


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