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Learning to face our fears and live our intention with an open heart. This podcast explores finding balance as a woman and mother and unlocking our inner strength and our inner power! We explore not playing small, finding the beauty in everything, and embracing the now.

Learning to face our fears and live our intention with an open heart. This podcast explores finding balance as a woman and mother and unlocking our inner strength and our inner power! We explore not playing small, finding the beauty in everything, and embracing the now.
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Learning to face our fears and live our intention with an open heart. This podcast explores finding balance as a woman and mother and unlocking our inner strength and our inner power! We explore not playing small, finding the beauty in everything, and embracing the now.






Yirah Episode 28: Finding Peace in the Chaos

Hello and welcome to Episode 28! We hope everyone had a wonderful Thanksgiving holiday as you now push that turkey aside and deck the halls for the upcoming holiday season. Isn't that the way it goes? I'll admit, I'm as excited as everyone else for Christmas. How can we enter this season with peace, presence, and intentional calm? There are SO MANY synonyms for the word "chaos"--- disorder, disarray, disorganization, confusion, mayhem, bedlam, pandemonium, havoc, turmoil, tumult,...

Duration: 01:03:30

Yirah Episode 27: Interview with Allen Levine

This week we are joined by local Lawrence, KS author, runner, reader, blogger, and adventure traveller Allen Levine. His latest novel, "Run," is available HERE! It's a pleasure to sit down with Allen and learn more about his life, his writing, and his running! As Allen says "I'm an optimistic pessimist. I hope for the best, but don't expect it. I run a lot. It has consistently been the best thing in my life (and I don't say that to disparage family or friends). Running is simply that. It...

Duration: 00:57:11

Yirah Episode 26: One Day

Isn't it interesting how ONE DAY can change the entire course of our path, history, feelings, and mindset? Amy and I recorded this podcast - early evening of election day...before any polls closed, and before any of the results were in. I've processed the entire past 24 hours in the same way one might process grief and death. I am a woman, I am a wife, I am a mother. My kids watched every debate with us. While my husband and I did not sink into political hate throwing, my own 8 and 9 year...

Duration: 00:55:12

Yirah Episode 25: Interview with Angie Viets

Welcome to Episode 25! What a monumental number! We have a very special guest on the show with us today. Amy and I get the chance to interview our dear friend, author, and Clinical Psychotherapist and Eating Disorder Specialist Angie Viets. In addition to her professional accomplishments, Angie is a wife and mother of three children. As you will hear in our interview, Angie is a beautiful soul. Her inspiration and true dedication to helping others through her own story will truly captivate...

Duration: 00:35:32

Yirah Episode 24: Choose Your Own Adventure

Welcome to Episode 24 everyone! This week we dive into everything and more. We talk marriage and parenting, books we are currently reading, and yoga mindfulness. When you have a feeling, do you allow yourself to recognize it, and sit in stillness with the discomfort or pain? Or, do you push it away to instead feel what you believe you "should" feel? How are are hobbies, habits, and addictions used as a hiding place to numb feelings? Even healthy habits like running and exercise, when used...

Duration: 00:51:12

Yirah Episode 23: Interview with Terry Manies

Welcome to Episode 23 everyone! This week, we interview Terry Manies- candidate for Kansas State Representative, District 45. We first connected with Terry at The Lawrence Women's Network meeting. This is one strong women who has experienced so much YIRAH throughout her lifetime. We'll dive in and hear the story of her life, what she's overcome, and what inspired (or pushed) her to face her fear and run for office in the Kansas House. Get ready to be inspired, entertained, and...

Duration: 00:41:18

Yirah Episode 22: Rock Your Raft

Welcome to Episode 22. Get ready to rock your raft. This week, we talk about our favorite books, vulnerability, asking for help, parenting triumphs and mishaps, and finding that quiet, connection, and simplicity in this busy world. We dip our toes into politics, then run away screaming. Kendra scares introverts, and Amy creates more fantastic irreverent cross stitch art. Join us for another week of our random, intentional conversation. Stay tuned! We have several special podcast guests...

Duration: 00:50:22

Yirah Episode 21: Molly Krause on Creativity and Curiosity

Episode 21! This week we interview local Lawrence, KS author, Molly Krause. Her debut novel "Joy Again" is truly an intriguing read! We get the chance to learn about Molly's creative process, making space for creativity, and how she worked within this space of creativity to also discipline herself to write every day while drafting "Joy Again." We'll dive into themes of otherness, identity, family, motherhood, finding your edge, and letting go. We are incredibly thankful that Molly joined...

Duration: 00:46:24

Yirah Episode 20: Expectations

Welcome to Episode 20! This week, we talk about adventures, connections, masks we wear, and social experiments that will change the way you think about dinner parties, and impromptu gatherings. We work on visualization as a way to ensure successful outcomes, and getting out of your comfort zone in order to grow creatively. We hope you enjoy another week of our random, intentional conversations. Living in the space of the questions, we seek to connect with our soul's wisdom. SHOW...

Duration: 00:44:55

Yirah Episode 19: Swim Naked

Did we get your attention? You don't want to miss this episode! This week, we talk about magical vs rational reasons for decisions, the rules "they" make (whoever "THEY" are...), kindness, transcendence, wonder, excitement, balance. Truly, a little bit of magic wonder sauce throughout this entire episode. How do our kids help us to be brave sometimes? Maybe life is really all about just stopping, noticing, and making powerful requests from ourselves and others. It's also about just...

Duration: 00:50:22

Write Your Own Story

Episode 18! This week we talk about the secrets of adulthood (that we wish we knew), and discovering that in order to BECOME we must first UN-BECOME and create our own definitions and stories. What does it mean to us personally to be a good mom, a good friend, a good spouse? How do we define our lives instead of living from the blueprints that were handed to us from the world? Let's look at some real life truth telling this week. When we have lost ourselves in our jobs, or as mothers, or...

Duration: 00:46:18

Yirah Episode 17: Lost and Found

Welcome to Episode 17 after our week off! This week we talk about slowing down, following our intuition, and finding the difference between emotion and intuition. How do we know what voice we are hearing, that of emotion or intuition? This requires us to slow down, listen, and disconnect. We talk about Kendra's recent trip to Switzerland, traveling, noticing, appreciating, and making time for things that matter most... like coffee dates with friends! The value of seeing and connecting...

Duration: 00:42:52

Yirah Episode 16: Powerful People Make Powerful Requests

Welcome to Sweet 16! This week, we talk about vulnerability, resilience, finding growth opportunities through life's struggles, being courageous, raw truth, and wrapping all of this into telling your story! Join us as we attempt to move, step by step, into our own vulnerability and discovering who we are, in our forest, and in peaceful alone time. It's another week of our random, intentional conversation! Enjoy! We welcome feedback, questions, and comments! We'd also love to hear YOUR...

Duration: 00:50:58

Yirah Episode 15: Your Authentic Self

This week we talk about transitions, finding balance inside yourself, and expressing your true, authentic self to the world. How do we navigate through life's transitions? How do we dig in and find our authentic self and our unique gifts and then express these? Nature, or nurture? Which one really wins? How do you get "unstuck" in your life? Let's explore finding peace within the questions and letting our authentic self emerge. Enjoy another week of our random, intentional...

Duration: 00:51:15

Yirah Episode 14: From Acorn to Oak

This week we talk about being grateful and thanking people. I love the quote I heard this week, "Say what you mean, mean what you say, but don't say it mean..." How do you access the beautiful strength inside yourself? As an acorn can grow into a mighty oak tree, everything you need is inside of you! Your soul is your soil. It's time for you to take root and grow your strong branches. We discuss being moms, finding our support tribe, organizational challenges (ongoing battle!), planning...

Duration: 00:45:53

Yirah Episode 13: The Happiness Institution

It's Episode 13! We did an impromptu late night podcasting session this week. There was some BIG news that we needed to discuss along with a recap of the Bachelorette season finale. (very important) Join us as we discuss Glennon Doyle Melton's new book coming out in September: Love Warrior. We are planning on a listener book club so pre-order your copy today. How can we live our truth in an unfiltered way and take off the capes and masks we hide behind? Does your life look like the...

Duration: 00:45:52

Yirah Episode 12: Leaving the Cow Path

This week we talk about finding our personal altars in the world. How do you disconnect and recharge your soul and energy? What is that special place to you that is both sacred and energizing? What does true reverence mean? We need to stop, pay attention, find quiet, and be within the space of deep reverence. Here is where we can pass from fear into awe. Here is where we can identify our truth and listen to that sacred voice in our soul. Sacred truth can be found by identifying your core...

Duration: 00:52:21

Yirah Episode 11: How’s Your Emotional IQ?

This week we talk about a very important type of intelligence: Emotional Intelligence! Different from your IQ, your EI helps you navigate social situations and relationships. This starts with being able to tap into your own emotions. Within 30-60 seconds you have the power to set the emotional tone of an entire room! How will you be seen? Positive and confident? Relaxed? Or stressed? Being socially aware and in-tune with your own emotions is so powerful! We'll look at finding our shared...

Duration: 00:30:32

Yirah Episode 10: Clarify Your Why

This week we talk about our intentions for our podcast and why we continue to do the work on ourselves to clarify our own personal truth. How do you stand in your truth? What does it mean to accept and even grow from receiving negative feedback? How can you respond constructively to feedback? We talk about learning to play big and stand tall in our confidence as women. How do we grow and thrive in this world as women/mothers? How do we face our personal insecurities and negative self-talk...

Duration: 00:31:01

Yirah Episode 9: Truth Seekers

How do you define your truth? How do you tune in to that inner voice inside your soul? This week we discuss living your truth, trusting your instincts, and following the flow of that path even when it's uncomfortable and challenging. We also take a look at feminine and masculine energies and how these interact and mingle within everyone. We'll also throw in some mindfulness, our favorite books, and some challenges we have with finding that sacred balance in our own lives. Let's dig in and...

Duration: 00:47:34

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