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YogaHacks - Using Yoga to Make Your Real Life More Awesome

YogaHacks - Using Yoga to Make Your Real Life More Awesome
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YogaHacks - Using Yoga to Make Your Real Life More Awesome




How to Make Alternative Remedies *Actually Work*

Natural, alternative and homeopathic remedies (like herbs, teas, tinctures) NEVER actually worked well for me until I made this one change! Listen to learn more! Links Mentioned ♥ UPLIFTED Membership: ♥ Natural Remedies for Feminine Health Video ♥ My Prenatal Classes: ♥ Join Brett for Yoga Teacher Training ♥ Help Me Out w/ an iTunes Review...

Duration: 00:21:14

Hurt by PreNatal Yoga | Tips on Personalizing Your Practice and Staying Safe in Pregnancy

Just because you're pregnant, doesn't mean "prenatal yoga" will be perfectly appropriate for your pregnancy and body type. In this podcast, I share my frustration on how many of the prenatal yoga classes I tried, left me feeling worse - and how YOU can avoid these pitfalls by tuning into your body. I share how I changed up the rules of a stereotypical prenatal yoga to create a practice to better worked for me personally with the hope of empowering you to do the same. Make sure you listen...

Duration: 00:15:36

Why Is Chaturanga So Hard? And Should I Do It?!

How to do Chaturanga! Why is this pose so hard? Does it benefit us? What are the alternatives? In this episode, I explain the anatomy of why this pose is so challenging AND give tips on how you might want to modify. I also share the history behind chaturanga, why it's maybe not best for everyone, and how to know if that's you. Links Mentioned ♥ UPLIFTED Membership: ♥ Uplifted Member Chaturanga Workshops:...

Duration: 00:24:43

Baby Gender Reveal - Was My Intuition Right?

In this podcast, I reveal the gender of my baby and talk about why I wanted to know the sex in advance. I try to make this a larger conversation about intuition and trusting yourself, so this podcast is hopefully interesting to you, regardless of whether you are pregnant or not. Thanks for being with me on this journey! Please like and subscribe if aspects of my story resonated with you, Links Mentioned ♥ UPLIFTED Self Massage Month: ♥ Pregnancy...

Duration: 00:18:29

Make Your Massage $$$ Go Farther (+ Hacks for Self Massage)

Massages are expensive! Make your dollars go farther by listening to this episode with *all my tips* on how to get the most out of your body work session. We cover how to pick the best practitioner, why massages on vacation are a no-no, why you want to massage YOURSELF before going to your appointment, and the #1 thing you can do on the table to double the healing effects of your session. I also cover how you can self-massage at home if you can't afford to see a therapist, and how you can...

Duration: 00:34:38

How to Set an Intention When Coming to Your Mat

Often teachers ask us to ""set an intention"" when coming to our yoga mat -- but what does that actually mean? And how do we do this? What if having to set an agenda for our practice triggers us our feels like extra work? In this episode, I cover 3 key methods of ""intention setting,"" how you can use intentions to get key questions about your life answered, and even how to heal yourself (and loved ones) with the power of your practice. ♥ JOIN UPLIFTED:

Duration: 00:21:08

Kick Judgement Out of Your Life

Radically change your mindset (and your life) once you eliminate judgemental thoughts from your brain. It's easier said than done, but in this episode I share the step-by-step metholodogy I used to rid judgement from my life over the course of 4 months so you can do the same. If you feel people are judging YOU, this podcast will also be insanely helpful, as judging and feeling judged are interrelated! ♥ JOIN UPLIFTED: ♥ Join Brett for Yoga Teacher...

Duration: 00:32:48

How to Differentiate between Your Thinking Mind and Your Intuition

Is it your intuition that's telling you yes or no? Or your own doubts and fears? Learn how to differentiate between your thinking mind and your intuition in this new podcast. I share 3 easy tips! ♥ JOIN UPLIFTED: ♥ Join Brett for Yoga Teacher Training ♥ Help Me Out w/ an iTunes Review

Duration: 00:21:09

Reflections on 100K Subscribers

Do metrics matter from a yogic perspective? Is it UN-yogic to be motivated by financial or metric oriented goals? Or is this something that when channeled correctly can drive you? Find out in this episode of the Yoga Hacks podcast. ♥ JOIN UPLIFTED: ♥ Join Brett for Yoga Teacher Training ♥ Help Me Out w/ an iTunes Review

Duration: 00:33:39

Suprise Pregnancy: How I found out!

We each of us who has been pregnant has as story to tell about how they find out they were expecting. In this podcast, I share with you how I found out, all the signs I had leading up to taking the test, and my reaction. I will also share what to expect with the youtube channel! Enjoy this very special episode! JOIN UPLIFTED: ♥ Join Brett for Yoga Teacher Training ♥ Help Me Out w/ an iTunes Review...

Duration: 00:32:21

Stop Teaching Yoga and Become a Vessel

Desire to teach but feel afraid, not good enough, judged? Considering Yoga Teacher Training, but not sure if you're truly ready? Listen to this podcast for a dose of inspiration, encouragement, as well as practical tips. You'll never think about teaching yoga the same way again! JOIN UPLIFTED: ♥ Join Brett for Yoga Teacher Training ♥ Help Me Out w/ an iTunes Review...

Duration: 00:23:01

Master Both Structure and Freedom (Sutra 2.46)

How do you know when to rest and when to push yourself? On the mat, and in life?In this episode, we explore this idea through looking at Sutra 2.46 "STHIRA SUKHAM ASANAM." Learn new Sanskrit words, a fresh perspective on your personal practice, and tips on how to achieve balance in your own practice (and life!) Enjoy this special episode! ♥ JOIN UPLIFTED: ♥ Join Brett for Yoga Teacher Training ♥ Help Me Out w/ an iTunes...

Duration: 00:25:55

Balance Your Chakras with the Power of Aromatherapy

Finally! Everything you ever wanted to know about the chakras + essential oils. In this conversation with aromatherapist Ellen Brenner, we discuss *exactly* what oils to use to balance specific chakras. We cover how to use your intuition to work with the oils that are going to be the most healing for you, essential oil safety, and SO MUCH MORE. Resources Mentioned: List of oils at Books mentioned by Ellen Aromatherapy and Subtle Energy Techniques by Joni...

Duration: 00:22:27

Energy Medicine and Chakra Healing 101

Ready for a refresher on the chakras and how to balance them? Join me in this conversation with Ellen Brenner, Certified Aromatherapist and practitioner of energy medicine. We review the chakra system and simple techniques to balance these energy centers at home. This episode is perfect for people wanting to familiarize themselves (or get a refresher) on the basics of the chakra system. Books Mention in this Episode: A Practical Guide to Vibrational Medicine Eastern...

Duration: 00:12:59

Designing Your Personal Ritual That's 30-Minutes or Less

Think you need two hours every morning to create a profound shift in your energy? NOT TRUE! In this podcast, we talk about the common pitfalls people encounter when trying to develop a daily self care routine. I give you all my tips on how you can use a combination of yoga, meditation and journaling to shift your energy and FEEL the way you want to feel each day. This is actually about creating more freedom and ease in your Ritual. Not about being more strict! Podcasts Mention in this...

Duration: 00:21:17

How to Get Your Friends and Family Into Yoga

We love yoga! Naturally, we want the people in our lives to experience its benefits too. In this podcast, I give 3 tips on how you can entice friends and family members into a yogic practice AND share some pitfalls that we must watch out for ourselves when wanting to change other people. Enjoy, and let me know your thoughts and comments below! ♥ JOIN UPLIFTED: ♥ Join Brett for Yoga Teacher Training ♥ Help Me Out w/ an...

Duration: 00:15:09

Guide to the Chakras with Erica Jago

Deepen your knowledge of the chakras! Today we're joined by yoga teacher, designer and author Erica Jago as she guides us deeper into the seven chakras. We talk about sound, vibration and mantras. Erica guides us beautifully into the chakras as a way to transform our lives. Also learn about her brand new chakra workbook, Angelus! ♥ FUND ANGELUS ON KICKSTARTER: ♥ JOIN UPLIFTED: ♥ ONLINE YOGA TEACHER TRAINING:...

Duration: 00:31:59

Can Kundalini Yoga Make You Crazy?

Let's talk Kundalini Yoga. What is it? Where did it come from? What are the benefits? Why is it so powerful? And can it make you crazy!? In addition to sharing dozens of tips everyone must know before embarking on their first Kundalini yoga class, I also share my *personal first experience* with this practice (and it's not pretty!). This is Part I of my podcast exploration on Kundalini. Uplifted members, make sure to listen to Part II. Mwah! ♥ JOIN UPLIFTED:...

Duration: 00:27:06

Eat Right for Your Mind-Body Type - Interview with Saraha Rose

Get ready for some crazy, awesome ayurvedic nutrition tips from our guest Saraha Rose. Saraha has written the Idiots Guide to Ayurveda and Eat Right for Your Mind Body Type. Learn how to discover your dosha, eat optimally and what ayurveda actually IS. Understand the difference between your Prakriti (Doshic constitution you were born with) and Vikruti (Doshic constitution you have today). Sahara also teaches us how she balances both a vegan and ayurvedic lifestyle. We want your comments on...

Duration: 00:25:22

Ultimate Affirmation Hack for Rapid Change | How to Discover Your Personal Affirmations

Think affirmations are ""woo woo""? Not sure how to incorporte them into your daily live? Confused about the difference between a mantra and and affirmation? This podcast has all the answers! In addition, I share my personal affirmation technique and how by writing and listening to these, I've reprogrammed many of my own thoughts. I teach you how you can do this too through the step-by-step process of discovering your own affirmations, and then creating your own personal affirmation tape....

Duration: 00:18:09

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