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Ep. 12 - Germey

Our boys are a bit beat down with different ailments and conditions but they will prevail over one sickness - Love Sickness... In this episode, Rob and Tyler discuss a monster that plagues all children before they develop oily faces, cracking voices, and WeIrD feelings. Suggested Talking Points: Daddy Brought The Sickness, Cootie Catchers, A Journey to the Center of the Rob, Cootie Cuties


Ep. 11 - Swamp Cabbage Man

In this episode, our good ol' boys take a trip down to the swamps of Myakka City, Florida. They also thought they were going to do more of a mash-up with their original test episode. However, Rob and Tyler's recording ran long as it is, so the rest of it will remain at large, much like the subject of said test episode. Suggested Talking Points: Our Auditory Nightmare of a Beginning, Skunk Ape Le Pew, Don't Over Bait ;), Military Accents, Skunk Ape!?, A Night With Sasquatch Skunk Ape!? Movie...


Ep. 10 - Yokai Watch

This week Tyler dons the host kimono and thank god for that because some dingus forgot to check his mic settings for the first half of this episode. This week we talk about 3 yokai from Japanese folklore and probably say everything wrong - But no one wants to talk to us on social media anyway, so there's no one to correct us. YAY! Suggested Talking Points: Tub Lappa, Little Foot, and Ace Ventura


Ep. 9 - Gremlins and the Chocolate Factory

Hi-de-ho! What's buzzin', cousin? Listen up you jive bombers, because this one gives us the heebie jeebies! This week Rob and Tyler explore the history of Britain's greatest frenemy - Gremlins. Suggested Talking Points: Gremlin investigations, Gremlins won WWII, Gift of the Mogwai, Cosmopolitan Now and Then, Ebaumsworld Check-in


Ep. 8 - Grampus

We know that this episode came out after the holidays, but Grampus is always watching! Thomas is a busy busy boy during this holiday season so we have our producer Tyler "Wolfman" Church filling in for him and he brought an old friend of his. 2017 has been a year of some naughty people – this week we learn all about who is going to punish them. We play a game of Naughty or Nice and hear a shocking tail. wink Suggested Talking Points: Grampus. Rob did a bad job/Tyler get's fired. Krampus,...


Holiday Bonus - Today's Special Pilot

Thomas is a busy busy boy during this holiday season, but we still wanted to give you, our lovely listeners, a holiday bonus episode. This is a pilot episode for another comedy podcast we hope to launch called "Today's Special". On each episode of Today's Special we will present a podcast that you've never heard. (Because here's a secret - they don't exist.) This episode of Today's Special is presenting a bonkers idea for a show called "Movie Mashups" where a couple of guys get together...


Ep. 7 - Greg

Make a wish! Was it for a new episode of You Monster about Genies? No? Well, you should have been a little more clear then. This week are visited by an internet Genie! No, not like a big nerd - That comes later. We make a few wishes, create a podcast that already exists, and here the tale of Greg's terrible day. Suggested Talking Points: Genie or Spam?, Thomas Cons a Genie, Rebecca Black the Djinn, Wolfman's Dark Side, We're Sorry Dragon Ballerz, Good Audio Content, Greg...


Ep. 6 - Titanic Truthers

In this episode, Thomas faces his second biggest fear, Sea Monsters. These Late boys crack open the dusty tome of the IMDB Audiobook, re-sink the Titanic, and give some hot tips on an 8-year-old video game. Rob says a reeeaaalllly "funny" word, Thomas exposes the absolute worst ASMR trigger, and Will Turner finds his lucky Charms Suggested Talking Points: Will Turner's Lucky Charms, Shitty Fish, Around the World in Bad Bad Accents, Scott Adams' Fat Gilbert, Block Headz


Ep. 4 - P-p-p-please, Sir

Knock Knock Knock! Who's at the door? It's the You Monster! cast guiding you through one of history's greatest cons, trick or treating. In this episode, Rob explains the history of this SpOoOoKy pastime and Thomas warns us about a few of his fears on the spookiest night of the year. Suggested Talking Points: Hatfield-Luna Feud, The Con Is On, Shakespear's The Nightmare Before Hallowmas, Boys Don't Beg, Black Eyed Kids, The Come In House, and Safety Tips


Graveyard Smashed 1 - Thombarq's UTO

These buzzed boys are wishing you a happy Halloween in our first bonus episode! This week our "experts" share a few beers with some guests, including a real extraterrestrial. Rob asks about UFOs, our alien guest samples his home language, and Thomas weaves his UFO tale. Suggested Talking Points: The Radio Invasion, Thombarq's Native Tongue, Billie Joe's Flying Saucer, Boo Balls Staring Harrison Ford, Disposable Companions, A Horse named Microphone, and Thomas' Tale Special Guest: Tyler...


Ep. 3 - Stranger Things than a Demogorgon

Hop on the hype train express for season 2 of Stranger Things as we discuss the many incarnations of the monster of season 1 - The Demogorgon. In this episode the boys discuss the monarchy of hell, Rob can't portmanteau and Thomas performs a thrilling new song that was DEFINITELY 100% his own original work that TOTALLY sounds like nothing you've ever heard... Suggested Talking Points: The Fonz in my Wall, Hell's Royal Flush, Gary Gygax Awakening, Boo Balls!, and Demogorgons for Equality