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To Shake or not to Shake: An Interview with Mark Addison, Author of Cocktail Chameleon

Do you have your 2018 Oscar party cocktail planned yet? Do you shake your cocktails or do you stir? What cocktail gadgets need to be part of your bar? Don’t know? No worries! Kate and Rick’s guest has you covered! Mark Addison, author of Cocktail Chameleon, discusses his new book in which he dresses up twelve classic cocktails in twelve unique variations for 144 signature cocktails. Mark also shares his thoughts about staying healthy in a tasty (and cocktail-y) world, as well as the fact...


Gourmet Cruising: On Board the Hotel Barge Luciole

In Part Two of their trip to France, Kate and Rick take you along on their journey to Burgundy, France, on board the Hotel Barge Luciole. As they cruise the Canal du Nivernais, they treat you to interviews with passengers about what they ate and how they stay healthy in a tasty world. From sitting underneath the stars recalling their dinner to interviews with the crew about how they stay healthy in a tasty French world, this is a longer episode then normal with lots of extra content....


Welcome 2018: We’re Baaaack!!!

Kate and Rick begin the 3 season of the podcast with an update on how they did with their holiday eating goals. In their attempt to maintain a modicum of health over the holidays, did Rick actually work out and did Kate avoid the drive-by snacking? In following up about their recent cleanses, they discuss the role rules play in their attempt to stay healthy in a tasty world, and ruminate on finding rules that can be followed but are not too restrictive. They also re-visit 5 essential rules...


Food Addiction Part 1: Gonna Have to Face it…

Yep, food can be addictive. Join us as we discuss elements of food that make it addictive, the way the brain responds to food addiction, and the unholy trinity of sugar, salt, and fat.


Inflammation And Superfoods: I Yam What I Yam

What exactly is inflammation? What causes it, and what can we do to make it better? And remember how Popeye's body changed when he ate his spinach? That's a superfood, and Rick and Kate also talk about the role those play in the body.


Love, Kindness, and Compassion: Toward Yourself and Others

What does kindness and compassion mean on a daily basis? How do you treat guests when they enter your home? How can you treat yourself kindly? What does service mean to you? How can doing your job well be an act of kindness? One of the themes Rick and Kate explore on the YWBWIALN podcast is love, kindness, and compassion towards ourselves and others. In this episode, they use the great advice from this season’s guests as a jumping off point to discuss what it means to them. Why self-love...


The Most Wonderful Time of the Year: 2017 Holiday Eating Survival Guide

What’s that you say? There’s s a lot to be done around the holiday season? No worries! Kate and Rick are here with helpful hints and fun facts to get you through the holiday gauntlet. How fast can a stressed-out turkey run? How far will the average person travel to spend time with their loved ones? Ever wonder what company gets the most calls over Thanksgiving weekend? Kate and Rick have the answers. Kristi Churchvara and Vicki Shanta Retelny, experts from the YWBWIALN family, weigh in...


What We Ate in Paris: There Might Have Been Some Cheese

From a delightful breakfast to perhaps the best cheese plate in the world, Kate and Rick share their culinary experiences from their brief time in Paris this fall. A tasty “salad” comprised primarily of potatoes, a chèvre salad with an unexpected topping, and a museum cafe visit are some of the highlights. You might notice this episode has a few technical difficulties, which may or may not relate to their sobriety. Caution, this episode includes a suggestion for a drinking game.


We've Got the Spirit: Liquor Tasting at Round Barn Winery and Distillery

How do they actually make the different kinds of liquor? The fab folks at Round Barn winery and distillery take us through the creation process -- and best of all, tastings! -- for vodka, run, gin, agave, and whisky, bourbon and their walnut creme liquor. Why do they call their gin 269 Gin? Why is the walnut creme liquor technically a wine? Why do they call their spirit agave (even tough it tastes like tequila? Do you really know the difference between whisky and bourbon?


Passion and Spice: An Interview with May Fridel

How do Indian spices affect our health? What is the right amount of spice to use? What are the spices that are specifically helpful for diabetes? Why do spices have a prominent presence in India and other countries but not the United States? May Fridel is here to help Kate and Rick understand the role Indian spices play in relationship to our health. If you cook Indian food already we have a lot of great tips for you. If you’ve never cooked Indian food before, we have a simple recipe to...


Hold My Beer: Beer tasting at Round Barn Winery, Distillery, and Brewery

In part two of their three part series from Round Barn Winery, Distillery, and Brewery, Kate and Rick taste beer! The team at Round Barn take us through the process of making beer and the best way to drink it. Is there a tasting protocol for beer? What’s the difference between a lager and an ale? Find out what hops is, exactly how much bitterness Kate can handle in her beer, and why Rick insists on finishing all the samples.


Your Daily Vitamix: An Interview with Lenny and Shalva Gale

Rick and Kate interview the founders of the popular blog Life Is No Yoke about smoothies, salads, vegan queso, and tons of other ways to use that expensive machine sitting on your counter. Did you know you can chop salad in the Vitamix?! Even if you don’t own a Vitamix, they teach you how you can use a regular blender to power your health. How about cashews and red pepper turning into something cheesy? Shalva and Lenny share their story about making the choice to pursue a life they love....


Come Wine Tasting With Us: Kate and Rick Visit Michigan’s Famed Round Barn Winery

Kate and Rick take their podcast on the road to Round Barn Winery in Michigan to sample some tasty, tasty wines! What defines a type of wine? What makes a grape special? What is the proper protocol for wine tasting? They are taking one for the team by tasting a bunch of yummy wine in this, the first in a three-part series from Round Barn Winery (spirits and beer will follow). Rick and Kate cover everything from pairing wines with food to the proper temperature for storing wine to the role...


Nutritional Supplements: An Interview with Ryan Kneessi

Is it possible to get all of our nutrients from food and not have to take supplements? If we need supplements, which ones do we take? Kate and Rick interview Dr. Ryan Kneessi, a Naturopath focusing on using a holistic, scientific approach to achieving optimal health through exercise and nutrition. Find out the ingredients in supplements we should be avoiding, and what allows a supplement to actually be absorbed by the body. Bye-bye bedpan bullets! (We explain that too).


Making Sh*t Up: Being Brave and Passionate About Cooking and Life

What are you passionate about in life? What does bravery mean to you? Rick and Kate process their interview about recipe creation with trained chef Penny Liley who incorporates courage and joy in her cooking. An opportunity to contemplate how being fearless about your choices and loving what you eat leads to compassion for yourself and others.


Recipe Creation: An Interview with Penny Liley

What makes a good recipe? What are the traditional ingredient pairings one can rely on? How do you just make stuff up? Penny Liley is here to answer our questions. Le Cordon Bleu trained, Penny has cooked for the drivers of France’s famed Grand Prix as well as schoolmasters at London’s Eaton College before shifting to hospitality. From her hotel barge in Burgundy, France, Penny offers her advice on recipe creation using local, whole foods, and her opinion on the difference between European...


Labels That Serve: On Food and In Life

What is a label? Do your labels serve your intention? Kate and Rick are inspired by their conversation about food labels with Integrative Nutrition Health & Lifestyle Coach Kristi Churchvara to consider the pros cons of labels both on food and in life. Also, what are the questions you should be asking your grocery store or butcher about the labels on your meat?


Negotiating Food Labels: An Interview with Kristi Churchvara

Organic, All Natural, Free Range - what do labels actually mean? Well, Kate and Rick have called in an expert to save the day. EX-smoker, former processed food junkie and stress diva-turned-solopreneur Kristi Churchvara is here to answer our questions. Kristi is a certified Integrative Nutrition Health & Lifestyle Coach dedicated to helping others clean out their pantry and fridge to distinguish the good, bad and ugly and re-stocking it with fantastic staples while giving them tools &...


Fast Food: Okay, We Can Do This

Kate and Rick process their interview about the impact of fast food with Lifestyle Nutritionist and author Vicki Shanta Retelny. They share their personal takeaway points, from the real cost of sugar and caffeine addictions, to their own fast food experiences, to the value of remembering that size DOES matter


Slowing Down Fast Food: An Interview with Vicki Shanta Retelny

What's so bad about fast food anyway? How much is too much? Is any amount okay? In this episode Kate and Rick talk to Lifestyle Nutritionist and author Vicki Shanta Retelny about fast food and how to indulge in it mindfully (if you choose to). Vicki offers great advice about quality calories vs. empty calories, maintaining flexibility in your eating habits, and the ripple effect of how what you eat affects the people in your life.


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