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"Hawaiian Filthy" - Vital Information feat. @yagi_podcast

YAGI Tour 2018 continues! This Monday we return with an unrestrained, uninhibited collaborative episode with Vital Information in New York! We're talking about Ne-Yo's mixed up wife, Amanda Stand-down, times people have seriously tried us, driving in NYC, Uber Pool stories, and so much more! Vital Information Info: SoundCloud: Website: IG: @ vital_information Twitter: @ vitlinformation Email: Young and...


"You's a Mark" - The Podcast Brothers feat. YAGI Podcast

This week, the Young and Gettin' it Podcast does a collab episode with the Podcast Brothers during their trip to New Jersey: The ladies of Young and Gettin' It Podcast ( Nina and Ashley ) flew all the way from California to join Flaw and Fresco in a mash-up type episode. And they made one thing clear... The west coast does not use the word " Mark " lol... or Buster... Topics include: - YAGI Podcast introduction (02:06) - How was your week (05:35) - Men don’t receive unconditional love?...


Fighting Fire with Fire

This week on the Young and Gettin' it Podcast, Ashley and Nina keep it straight forward and honest in their discussion about "dumb" females as well as continuing the ongoing conversation about gun violence and gun laws. Enjoy! Email: Instagram: @ yagi_podcast Twitter: @ yagi_podcast Search "Young and Gettin' it Podcast" on Youtube, GooglePlay, Stitcher, and Pocket Casts!


Play Your Position

Prepare to laugh in this weeks episode "Play Your Position" with special guest Deshawn Raw! This weeks episode will have you in tears as the hosts discuss the rise of Deshawn Raw, how he learned from his failures, and how he has improved his stand up comedy. Guest info: Deshawn Raw IG: @ desahwanraw2019 Twitter: @ deshawnraw Youtube: Commercial Break: Ig: @ satinlinedcaps Website: Black History Month...


System Failure

On Episode 15 of the Young and Gettin' it Podcast, Ashley and Nina are back to speak their minds! Kylie Jenner wanted to be a mom since she was 15? Should our children attend history class? Is this the next stock market crash? The ladies discuss these topics and so much more! Happy listening! Black Business of the Week: Moijey Diamonds Website: Instagram: @ moijeydiamonds Facebook: Email us! at:


Bandaids for Bullet Wounds

On this episode of the Young and Gettin' it Podcast, the ladies team up with Open the Door Podcast to chill, sip, and converse about Trump, women with standards, current music, and a lot more. In the spirit of the way Open the Door Podcasts brings in their show, Ashley brought in the show with her song of the week and Nina ends the show with hers. Happy listening! Black Business of the Week: Harper Iman Dolls Website: Instagram: @ harperimandolls Facebook:...


Health Is Wealth

Welcome back to another episode of the Young and Gettin' it Podcast! On this episode, we welcome a special guest Osamoje (Oje) to discuss health, fitness, goals, and real issues that black men face in American society. Grab your Henny and Lemonade and enjoy the show! Special Guest: Oje Instagram: @ Osamoje OjiRoyale Specialty Durags: @ojiroyale Black Business of the Week: KD Hair Care Supply Website: Instagram: @ kdhaircarellc Twitter: @ kdhaircarellc Facebook:...


Money Hungry

The ladies are back again this week with some straight-talk about Finance, Stocks, and Savings. They also dish about finally watching "What the Health"(and the bs behind it), and the new season of "Black Mirror". Let's spread this knowledge! Black Mirror Spoiler: 53:40- 1:05:45 Business of the Week: Lone Bodycare Website: Instagram: @ lone.body Twitter: @ lonebodycare Facebook: Start buying stocks with the Robinhood App:...



On episode 11 of the Young and Gettin' It Podcast, Nina and Ashley openly discuss issues that the black community faces when dealing with their white counterparts. It's raw, but necessary. Email us! : Instagram: @ yagi_podcast Twitter: @ Yagi_podcast Facebook: Youtube: Young and Gettin' it Podcast Website: Black business of the Week: Pedul Instagram: @ wearepedul Website:


51 50

Back for another week of real talk with a special guest, Clinical Social Worker Amauche! The group delves into the rarely talked about realm of mental health. Find answers to questions like, what is a baby snatcher? What is dual diagnosis? Nurse's kill patients?! And many other intriguing questions on mental health. iTunes: Guest (Social Media): IG: @ unthered_ Twitter: @ uh_mooch_ayee Black...


NYE Unplugged

Happy New Year! Join your hosts with their close friends, siblings-Dionne and Dustin, as they bring in the new year with a bang! What impact did 2017 make on us? Is the idea of relationships changing as time passes and technology grows? What are our goals for 2018? Also, everyone gets pretty drunk, so the episode is edited, and we had to unplug one persons mic when they got to faded (haha) can you guess who? Enjoy! Guests (Instagram): Dionne- @ dionne_noelle Dustin- @ dusthouston Xavier...


Christmas Coins

Merry Christmas! Nina and Ashley are back to discuss going broke for Christmas, Russell Simmons trying it *rolls eyes* and investing that coin with the Robinhood App.


Net Brutality

Did Keaton Jone's Mom trick social media? What is milkshake ducking?What are some of the five stages of grief? Why has Nina been around multiple possessed people? Luther Vandross??? We have questions. Black business of the week: Oji Royale Website: Instagram: @ OjiRoyale E-mail the girls at: Website: Instagram: @ yagi_podcast Twitter: @ yagi_podcast Facebook: Youtube:...


Small Talk

Back again on another lovely Monday to talk that ish, Nina and Ashley discuss their current views on marriage, Russel Simmons being the new trending rapist, and the new Quality Control Mixtape: Control the Streets Vol. 1. Get ready for some laughs! Black Business of the week: Clips on 66 Instagram: @ clipson66 Facebook: Email us at : Instagram: @ yagi_podcast Twitter: @ yagi_podcast Facebook:



On this very special episode of the Young and Gettin' it Podcast, King Vader (@ kingvader) and Tazz (@ officialtazz) join the ladies to discuss social media fame, their paths to success, and their opinions on whether college is necessary for all. Join the conversation by emailing ! King Vader: Instagram: @ kingvader Twitter: @ Iamkingvader Youtube: Tazz: Instagram: @ officialTazz Twitter:...


Growing Pains

On Episode 4 of the Young and Gettin' it Podcast, Ashley and Nina rave over Thanksgiving and Black Friday, revisit another stage of grief, and talk about that Shmoney! To share your questions, comments, and concerns, email Ashley and Nina at: Website: Instagram: @ yagi_podcast Twitter: @ yagi_podcast Facebook: Business Shoutout of the week : Download the Acorn App with $5 bonus promo code:...



On this weeks episode of the Young and Gettin' it Podcast, Ashley and Nina rant about the miseducation of Thanksgiving, how Meek Mill and his fans are dealing with the legal system, and how we all face denial. Also, Ashley races the clock to make sure she isn't late for a surgery at work. Having a 9 to 5 sucks. Enjoy!


Headphone Kid (feat. DJ Money)

On this episode of the Young and Gettin’ it podcast, DJ Money (and Phil Ade) join the girls to discuss the hustle of entering the music industry. Other topics discussed include finding your lane of success, being black in a white society, and dating as a black woman. Oh my God, Oh my God Again! DJ Money IG: @djmoney Twitter: @djmoneydmv (coming soon) Phil Ade IG: @philademusic "No Fear" on iTunes Wale- "Shine" on iTunes Business of the Week:


Successful Millennial

On the first official episode of the Young and Gettin’ it podcast, Nina and Ashley introduce themselves and explain why they started Young and Gettin’ It. Plus they briefly discuss “the lone wolf”, civil rights, politics and mental health. Fact check us boo! Email us! => Business of the Week: Ashley's hair shoutout: Mental Health Hotlines: Suicide Hotline: 1-800-273-8255 Addiction Hotline: (855)544-2356...