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A podcast helping breakdown the barrier young entrepreneurs face. Interviewing the most inspiring under 35 year old's on their journey to success.

A podcast helping breakdown the barrier young entrepreneurs face. Interviewing the most inspiring under 35 year old's on their journey to success.
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A podcast helping breakdown the barrier young entrepreneurs face. Interviewing the most inspiring under 35 year old's on their journey to success.






First Generation Millenial Women Empowerment Ep 172 with Elaine Lou Cartas

Elaine Lou Cartas is a Global Career & Assertiveness coach, author and speaker who empowers first generation millennials with step-by-step processes and accountability to get their dream career with the salary they deserve, while being assertive. Elaine Lou works with clients throughout the world to help them understand their self-worth with salary negotiations, finding their dream career, networking, and being assertive. Through her own story, Elaine Lou has been able to ask for two salary...


The Most Helpful Creative Company in The World Ep 171 with Russ Perry

Russ Perry is the Founder of Design Pickle, the #1 unlimited and flat-rate graphic design service in the world. Launched in 2015, Design Pickle has experienced unprecedented success helping small businesses get the creative content they need so their clients can focus on what they do best. Additionally, Russ is a Certified Trainer with Wake Up Warrior, the #1 training program for men worldwide. He enjoys traveling with his wife – Mika – and their three beautiful daughters.


Making Brands Famous Ep 170 with James Stephan-Usypchuk

Start-ups are growing like mushrooms in today’s generation. Some survives, and unfortunately, some don’t. With so much overwhelming content in the web, there is always the struggle in standing out. In this episode, James has been in the field of Digital Marketing & Facebook Ads, a few of the best platforms to get people know your brand. He’ll be diving into tips on how to make it in the online marketing jungle. Ready your pen and paper because we have a ton of content and inspiration...


Achieving More with Positive Psychology Ep 169 with Niyc Pidgeon

People are always looking for a way to hack their psychology to do more, be more, and have more. In this episode, we are going to dive in into just that. Niyc Pidgeon is an entrepreneur and a best-selling author specializing in the field of positive psychology where one is taught to look on the brighter side of everything to be that high-performing, successful individual. Niyc is gril from Newcastle upon Tyne in the UK with a big heart, a big vision, and a big big mission. Niyc’s aim is...


How to Grow a Startup Ep 168 with Courtney Reum

Courtney Reum is an innovator with impact towards global change. In April 2016, Courtney co-founded M13, a brand development and investment company accelerating businesses at the nexus of consumer products, technology, and media. M13 focuses on building emerging entrepreneurial businesses in Los Angeles, leading more than $100 million of investments over the next 5 years. Courtney Reum began his career as an investment banker at Goldman Sachs in New York working with such brands as...


Money Management for Young Entrepreneurs Ep 166 with Michelle Stonhill

We all deal with money every day (although it may feel we deal with more cryptocurrency if you judged your Facebook feed) but we don't always manage it well. Michelle Stonhill has made it her mission to help Entrepreneurs take control of their money and conqueror their mindset in the process. This has come from learning to overcome her own personal beliefs. Start the New Year in a better position!


Niche Tours EP 165 with JF Brou

Everything JF Brou does is related to empowering 19-24 year olds towards enlightenment by promoting their core organizational values: ENTREPRENEURSHIP // SELF-DEVELOPMENT // LIFE CHANGING TRAVEL EXPERIENCES. This all comes off the back of his first successful business after finishing university. Check out today’s episode on finding a niche, scaling and thinking bigger!


Mindfulness and Ted Talks Ep 164 with Victor Ahipene

This Podcast has afforded me a lot of opportunities to connect with world class entrepreneurs, speaking gigs, conference keynotes and joint venture business opportunities. Without a doubt though the coolest and most challenging experience was my recent Tedx talk. Check it out!


Catching Up with Victor Ep 163

Where have we been? Some exciting things have been happening. Find out where the show disappeared to and why! Also in this episode, I go over what I have been doing with my businesses, if my goals have been achieved, how my TEDx talk went and the goals for the next few months. There are some serious learnings that you can take out of this episode for your own journey. So jump on it and welcome back!


No BS Presentations Ep 162 with Dustin Mathews

Sought after by the biggest names in business to monetize their message, mission or movement, business builder and marketing expert Dustin Mathews is THE mentor and coach to the stars. Dustin is the co-founder of Speaking Empire– the disruptive company in the leadership and education space, whose chief mission is advancing the human race by empowering leaders to communicate powerfully, unlock their fullest potential and ultimately step into their Greatness.


Planning to Scale Ep161 with Ashley Cheeks

Ashley supports business plan development and pitch prep for entrepreneurs in the US and internationally. After a progressive career as a proposals professional for various companies, Ashley succumbed to the bug of entrepreneurship. She followed the next steps of her own business plan and launched full time as a Business Plan Consultant, a side hustle she’s been loving since 2009. If you are looking to plan, pitch or profit you are going to want to check this episode out!


Making Numbers and Growth Simple Ep 160 with Levi Morehouse

Levi is the CEO and Founder of Ceterus, a Charleston startup that recently raised $10.2M to transform accounting and reporting for small business niches. Levi launched his first business at age 20 and has pursued his passion for entrepreneurship ever since. He earned his CPA shortly after and founded Ceterus in 2008 to empower small business entrepreneurs with accounting and reporting solutions delivered through the cloud. Today, Ceterus’ solution serves entrepreneurs nationwide and the...


Evolve and Succeed Ep 159 Halley Gray

Halley Gray is the CEO of Evolve and Succeed, has spent years testing marketing strategies and tactics online so that you can fast-track your freelancing success. She gets designers, VAs, coaches, developers months of clients booked in advance and filling up their waitlists.


A Startup for Startups Ep 158 with Issac Morehouse

Isaac was tired of the same old classroom approach to learning so he created an apprenticeship program called Praxis. In one year for zero net cost Praxis grads are getting hired at startups and skipping college altogether.


Web Design Made Easy Ep 157 with Joe Kashurba

Joe Kashurba grew the freelance web design business that he started in high school into a digital agency with a virtual team and clients around the world. He went from building $300 websites to building $30,000 websites and managing 6-figure digital advertising budgets for some of the largest manufacturing and construction companies. Joe now advises and mentors other freelance web designers and digital agency owners on how to develop and scale their businesses.


The Social Media Black Hole Ep 156 with Corinna Essa

Corinna Essa is known internationally as the go-to person when it comes to social media marketing.She was raised in Greece and at the age of 17, left to London to study television production only to have her dreams shattered as she discovered the very unstable nature of the industry and the myth of careers... Made redundant FIVE times by the time she reached her mid-twenties... Corinna now owns a social media marketing company helping businesses around the world leverage the power of...


Crowdfunding and Chess Ep 155 with Nathan Rose

Nathan Rose is the Director of Assemble Advisory, a leading agency which helps entrepreneurs with their equity crowdfunding campaigns through one-on-one coaching, workshops and online training. He has a strong interest in early stage ventures, alternative finance and technology trends and has appeared at crowdfunding conferences around the globe, including in Toronto, Amsterdam, London and Paris. He is also a published author and give some interesting insights into what he has learnt...


Becoming an It Girl Ep 154 with Jessica Nazarali

Jessica knew from an early age that personal development would be part of her life’s work. But it wasn’t until she started a passion project – a blog and health food website in 2011 - that Jessica’s dream came to fruition. Today she merges business with her desire to help people through the courses she releases through It Girl Academy and her podcast It Girl Radio. She is passionate about helping women to use the evergreen model for enrolling consistent clients without having to do big...


Disruptive Advertising Ep153 With Chris Dayley

Chris is passionate about helping businesses learn what their users want on their website, through psychology based testing, and analytics. He started his Conversion Optimization agency Dayley Conversion in 2014, which he later merged with Disruptive Advertising, where he currently works as VP of site testing and optimization. If you want to know how to optimize your marketing make sure to check this episode out.


From Oxford to Creating Your Own Life Ep 152 with Jeremy Ryan Slate

Jeremy Slate is the founder of the Create Your Own Life Podcast which helps entrepreneurs live the lives they know they were meant to. How is it though that he went from Oxford University to specializing in using online social networking to build an offline relationship? Check out today’s episode to find out how!


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