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YCBK7: How to Get the Job Your Kid Wants

In the News: Students should know the pros and cons of living both on and off campus. Chapter 7 of 171 Answers: Mark helps us determine how our kids should go about understanding the academic requirements and steps that it takes to achieve the careers that they are considering, and decide whether or not they would want to stick with that relevant major in college. This week’s question is from a mom who wants to know if merit and need based financial aid would be available for a family if...


YCBK6: The Salary Edition

In the News: Over 80% of students report that the reason they want to earn a degree is to get a job, but less than 20% of students are utilizing their college’s career service centers. An article ran in The Atlantic sites the reasons why students are not tapping their career centers, one being that kids often don’t know that they exist or how to fully use their services. Career centers should be meeting students where they are by engaging them through existing faculty and staff...


YCBK5: What a Day on that Job Could Really Look Like

In this week’s episode: In the News: We discuss an article written by a gentleman who completely diminishes the purpose and need for college visits by students and their families. Chapter 5 of 171 Answers: How Can the Internet Help Me Learn What a Typical Day Looks Like in the Career I’m Considering? We discuss not only how information is available for our kids to understand exactly what they’ll be experiencing on the jobs they're considering; but also the value in them understanding...


YCBK4: Knowing Where the Jobs Are

In this week’s episode: In the News: We examine both sides of former college president James Koch’s criticism of universities offering lavish amenities to draw in students, that in turn drives up the cost of tuition. Our second article covers the most frequently asked questions about the rolling admissions process. Chapter 4 of 171 Answers: What Free Resources Can I Use to Identify What The Best Jobs Will Be in the Future? One mistake people make is that they don’t take a look at...


YCBK3: Fill in the Blank, My Kid Really Enjoys…

In this week’s episode: In the News: Colleges are beginning to allow students to self-report their test scores, and this trend is saving families hundreds of dollars. We also discuss the results from the 2017 Survey of Admissions Directors and the pressure colleges face to enroll students. Chapter 2 of 171 Answers: How Can Self-inventory Help Me Assess Which Careers I will Find Fulfilling? We’re all a little guilty of trying to live out our dream careers through our kids. We talk about...


YCBK2: Every Kid Has a Passion: Ways to Find Them

In this week’s episode… In the News: We discuss an article in The Washington Post that outlines how political moves out of Washington are affecting higher education, and where folks really need to be paying attention. From caps on student loan amounts to the looming end of the loan forgiveness program, all eyes should remain especially on Pell Grant legislation as proposed cuts could drastically impact thousands of students. Our second article this week deals with big data and its...


YCBK1: Defining Success, Careful Now!

In this week’s episode… In the News: Students should know that although most schools don’t monitor their applicants social media pages, offensive online behavior can be reported and schools will certainly investigate. Next, it is critical that parents and students know what mental health resources exist on their current or potential college campuses. Chapter 1 of 171 Answers: What Does it Really Mean to be Successful? Mark helps us define the success model that we should teach our...


Pilot: The Jump-off Edition

In this introductory episode, Anika and Mark share their backgrounds and why they are passionate about launching this podcast series on the college admission process. They will breakdown the weekly format and describe who this series is designed for and what they can expect to gain each week. Tune-in and spread the word. Don’t forget to send your questions related to any and every facet of the college process to: Every episode of Your College Bound Kid...