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54: Break $1M Through Strategic Operations Management with Joshua Long

Having to file for bankruptcy at the age of 29 was a defining moment in the life of Joshua Long. Today, as a consultant for business owners, Joshua believes that the key to getting a business break through the million-dollar plateau is finding an Operating Manager who loves to do things that you hate to do. Learn the process of the Six Levers of Growth and how it can propel your business with more successful and strategic operations management. Resources Mentioned in This Episode: Josh...

Duration: 00:38:14

053: Create Your Marketing Mix By Thinking Big with Angel Fields

Instead of folding in from the 2008 marketing crash, Angel Fields replaced fear with fortitude. In the back of every entrepreneur’s head is a voice that says: its ok, trust me and just do it. Angel learned the hard lessons before making it big. She started thinking big and positioned herself firmly with her experiences in branding, marketing and lead generation. Resources Mentioned in this Episode: Angel FieldsthinkBIG MarketingLeigh BrownRealtor.comThink-Reputation.comSpanx

Duration: 00:34:06

052: Finding Your Summit in the Pyramid of Success with Mark Pattison

Whether it is in business, sports, entertainment or family, everyone has struggles. Finding your summit is a metaphor that former NFL player Mark Pattison wants everyone to experience. It isn’t about getting to the top, it’s about finding a way around and traverse the obstacles that are in front of you and enjoying the climb. Learn the different summits in Mark’s life and how he reached the top. Resources Mentioned in this Episode: Front Porch ClassicsMark Pattison Sports Illustrated...

Duration: 00:37:30

051: Learn the Steps in Buying and Selling Businesses with David Barnett

There are times that the greatest opportunities in our lives come to us as trials that will make us question the facts that we’ve been taught. As a business broker, David Barnett sold 36 companies in a span of three years. Now he is a business advisor who helps small business owners in buying and selling businesses. But what drives David more is the desire to help people get in to the jobs that they want and the ones that reward them for their hard work. Resources Mentioned in This...

Duration: 00:44:26

050: Perspective and Experience Lead to Fast Business Recovery with Kevin Waldron

Growing a business from a disaster seems daunting enough, but having to sell that business and make it attractive to prospective buyers is something Kevin Waldron would have never thought of dipping his toes into. Now a high-growth performance coach, Kevin shares his experience and perspective on how to figure out a system for business recovery or growth that will make your business work and perfect it to the point where success is the only outcome. Resources Mentioned in this...

Duration: 00:44:44

049: Money Ripples Through Integrity with Chris Miles

Living a life of integrity as an affiliate marketer, Chris Miles learned that making more value meant making more money, which lead to an early retirement at the age of 28. As a financial advisor, Chris decided to stop hustling and not drive away the results that he wanted. Money ripples once you find out what your mindset is lacking and stop wallowing on scarcity and depression. Resources Mentioned in This Episode: Chris Miles You Too Can Be Prosperous Who Took My Money 4-Hour Workweek...

Duration: 00:38:54

048: Building Quality Backlinks with Kris Reid

Today’s episode is another story about plunging the depths of failure, struggle and a resounding recovery to success. My guest started out as a software engineer and worked for several big-named companies before the global financial crisis hit, and he lost his contract. He ended up developing a game and was looking for ways to promote it, which led him to learn about SEO. He started creating tools that increased website ranking, which is now the basis for his company, Ardor SEO. Let’s...

Duration: 00:30:58

047: Customized Money Management with Justin Krane

Today’s guest knows all about money and he has some secrets to share. He didn’t acquire those secrets easily or by accident. He needed to suffer, like we all do from time to time. After a difficult divorce which nearly broke him emotionally and financially, this super CFP, Certified Financial Planner, figured out how to use money to make more money. Introducing Justin Krane, a frequent guest on MSNBC and a money strategist for business owners. He helps you understand the money side of your...

Duration: 00:39:34

046: Profit of Kindness; A Unique Publicity Perspective with Jill Lublin

My guest today is an expert at one of the most powerful disciplines required to build any business in any company. I had the pleasure of meeting her in 2009 as she appeared on my stage with Tony Robbins at the Ultimate Business Mastery Summit, which is where Tony, Chet and I launched that company. She was incredible and her training became part of the curriculum for every member of our community. Now, she helps leaders create their publicity plan and execute to success. Resources...

Duration: 00:30:12

045: Brace For Impact Because Moments Matter with Dave Sanderson

Today’s guest and I have something in common. We both worked directly with Tony Robbins, in much different capacities, but that’s where our experiences diverge. My guest found himself on Captain Sully’s Flight 1549 as he was about to crash land in the Hudson River opposite Manhattan. In the freezing cold, he rose to the occasion and will tell us his story of just how he saved dozens of passengers and himself from what could have been instant death for all. Welcome, Dave Sanderson, to the...

Duration: 00:41:23

044: Robert Plank On Building Software to Build a Business

Robert Plank started marketing useful digital tools for people all over the world when he was in high school. Since then, he has built 25 to 30 renowned courses over the past eight years. Today, Robert continues to succeed at creating new marketing tools at different price points for all types of people including Backup Creator and Membership Cube. In addition to creating valuable software, Robert also hosts his own podcast, Marketer of the Day, where he speaks with a number of the...

Duration: 00:52:59

043: Perry Marshall On Marketing as Human Engineering

Perry Marshall started his professional life as an electrical engineer but was promptly laid off. With no job, no money, and no prospects for work, he became a marketing consultant, but the real turning point for Perry was the discovery of the 80/20 principle which led to several life-changing transitions. He eventually wrote Ultimate Guide to Google Adwords in 2007 which became the world’s most popular book for internet advertising. Since then, he’s built a series of courses for his...

Duration: 00:54:20

042: Steve Aitchison On Creating a Viral Video

Steve Aitchison has a digital following of over 4 million people. He has combined his background in personal development with his expertise in social media, blogging, coaching to build his program, Your Digital Formula. Steve also utilizes social media as a way to inspire others to take an interest in their personal development, health, and success. In this episode, we will be discussing: Growing a small product in a particular spaceThe start of Steve’s first large projectSteve’s...

Duration: 00:32:07

041: Bernadette Harris On Identifying Insider Theft

Bernadette L. Harris is a tax and forensic accountant, #1 best-selling author, business strategist, keynote speaker, and trainer committed to “Keeping Small Business In Business”. In addition to her coaching and speaking practice, Bernadette runs a tax and forensic accounting firm, By The Book Accounting. That business has allowed her to help thousands of entrepreneurs across the country start, run, and grow thriving ventures. In this episode, we will be discussing: The emotional pieces...

Duration: 00:32:59

040: Andy Crestodina On Marketing with Brains, Not Budget

Andy Crestodina is a co-founder and the Strategic Director of Orbit Media, an award-winning 38-person web design company in Chicago. Andy is an expert in marketing, having built a company with 5 million in revenue with only 17 employees. Andy helps people understand how to double their traffic without spending money using his perfected processes that include utilizing testimonials and simplifying website designs to increase traffic and sales. In this episode, we will be...

Duration: 00:32:54

039: Scott Oldford On Understanding Absolute Failure

Scott Oldford On Failure is Absolute Scott Oldford started at seven years old selling eggs from his home. By the time he was 16, Scott was running a very successful company, helping those online with their programming and internet marketing. In 2013, Scott’s third company failed while 726 thousand dollars in debt. About a year later, Scott built a company that did nearly 1 million in revenue. Today, Scott continues to fulfill his purpose, while working with entrepreneurs to show them how...

Duration: 00:35:45

038: Dustin Mathews On The Key to Communication

Dustin Mathews is the co-founder of SpeakingEmpire, a company created to help people get their message out, monetize their message, and build a world-class Speaking Empire. Dustin started as “the geek behind the curtains,” utilizing Infusionsoft to figure out what worked for internet marketing campaigns, but something bigger was deep inside, allowing Dustin to emerge as a powerhouse CEO, speaker, author, and leader. Dustin soon became the “one on stage,” partnering with Dan Kennedy,...

Duration: 00:36:55

037: Steve Gordon On Choosing Your Persistence

Steve Gordon is the founder of The Unstoppable CEO and author of Unstoppable Referrals: 10x Referrals Half the Effort. Steve uses his business to help professionals gain more referrals in less time, allowing them to spend minimal time working on growing their business and more time running their business, allowing them the time to nurture personal relationships. Steve encourages entrepreneurs to share their stories with one another in order to identify the traits and character behind every...

Duration: 00:31:21

036: Jason Hartman on Overcoming Trial and Terror

Mr. Hartman is no stranger to “trial and terror”; through these trials he has learned the difference between good investments and bad ones. He believes income property is the most reliable monetary investment, but relationships with people are what drives success. As Founder and CEO of Platinum Properties Investor Network Inc., Mr. Hartman is a business expert. At the young age of 19, Mr. Hartman began his career by earning his real estate license; only a year later he bought his first...

Duration: 00:28:36

035: Chris Martenson On Data and the Human Condition

Chris Martenson is a trained scientist who uses his knowledge of data to predict the outcome of the economy. People from all over the world know Chris for The Crash Course, a seminal video seminar that elaborated on a then prediction of the 2008 housing market crash. In this episode, we will be discussing: Chris Martenson predicting the future of market crashes through dataTrusting data over feelingAdopting and adapting strategies in tradingChris’s seminar that he uploaded online...

Duration: 00:31:53

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