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72: Start From Scratch, The Birth Of A Brand with Brian Smith

When you treat your business like an infant, you’d realize that it will not grow on its own. You have to be there when it becomes a toddler as it looks for potential clients. And then it grows to its teenage years where everything is a risk because there is this want to be everything and anything for everyone. Brian Smith explains the birth of a brand through his experiences in surfing and owning a billion-dollar company. But the best advice he gives to entrepreneurs is to go deep and...


71: Content Marketing: Write to Share with Jeffrey Gitomer

Business owners who work 9 to 5 and go home to work for their own 5 to 9 are admirable. To make this time worthwhile, study and learn something. Put this learning into practice and keep doing it until you become a master of your market. This is how the king of sales Jeffrey Gitomer made a lot of money. And then he went one up and developed “write to share.” When writing has value it is worth sharing, and when you share this valuable knowledge there is not only wealth in it, but also a way of...


70: Creating Content For Commerce, 10 Things To Do with Matt Kazam

Successful business owners have a system they have developed to able to pivot and become marketable. They come prepared all the time with good PR being the key. Matt Kazam saw all of this when he was the most in-demand comedian in Las Vegas. His father taught him that in order to become successful, he needed to do 10 things to get work done. He continues to do that today, but Matt has also found a system that puts value in businesses using humor to enhance his business. Creating content...


69: Freedom From Self-Help Addiction with Brian Ridgway

In every business and with every business person, there are blocks that will cause hold-ups. Luckily, with the advent of the internet, we can learn from online courses and self-help programs. But not all business owners become successful with this step, and Brian Ridgway was one of them. To make matters worse, his self-help addiction lead him to seven failures. Still, this did not stop him from finally generating $160 million. He discovered that when the standard business stuff isn’t...


68: Know The Core Of Your Business, Preventing Brand Slaughter with David Corbin

Every business owner should have their own thinking chair to envision themselves solving the problems of their companies. The best way to do this is to practically take an inventory of what your business needs in terms of core job functions and preventing brand slaughter that could have you running all over the place. Problems will happen along the way so setting goals will help to keep things in perspective. Be real in rating yourself on where you stand with those goals so that you can...


67: Blue Ocean Strategy; Starting A Business No One Else Is Doing with Robert Kandell

There are two types of people in the business world: those who hustle and like the hustle, and those who would rather go to the bar and chill. Robert Kandell was a hustler in corporate America and was excited to roll out to work every day. The space he was in needed a lot of leadership and management skills which he was well equipped for, but this cost him to be disconnected from his wife to the point that they were just passing by each other. He looked for help and found it, and this led...


66: Aligning Your Team With The Predictive Index with Bill Flynn

It’s really important for every startup to have a team that has a healthy alignment to the vision and mission of the company. A good leadership mindset can make the company go the distance but the team needs to be there as progress happens. Certified Predictive Index practitioner Bill Flynn gives a simple five-minute free choice test to describe and understand the behavioral tendencies of people in a work environment. He believes that businesses survive because of people, strategy,...


65: Visualizing Success Affects Your Way Of Doing Business with Logan Christopher

Seeing a future where there is only success for the business and the clients is a big image for our minds to filter. But with this mental conditioning, entrepreneurs can see the future the way they are programming the outcome so that the mind can represent it as something being done in actual reality. And with this belief of visualizing success, Logan Christopher of Lost Empire Herbs believes that entrepreneurs can bring clients to their doors. Learn more of Logan’s mental conditioning and...


64: The Leadership Mindset: Take Accountability And Be Profitable with Thor Conklin

Track, measure and adjust. These three words when put into action can solve the lack of sales and problems most companies suffer from. This leadership mindset was developed by business expert Thor Conklin who started his entrepreneurial journey at the age of 18 by selling life insurance door to door. Because of this, Thor has always been going the extra mile to make things work. But more important than looking ahead is committing to micro-commitments that will hold you accountable to the...


63: Building Confidence To Grow Your Business with Jason Swenk

Most fresh graduates from college have the default mindset of being impressionable and rushing into things just to get to their destination. This is perfectly understandable and normal because almost the same thing happened to Jason Swenk. It was the dot com era and he was hired into a company like he was a college football superstar. His computer degree helped him perform in his job but he realized that sitting around and trying to be significant didn’t make him feel fulfilled. He knew...


62: Build Connections Using Proven LinkedIn Formulas with Doug Brown

Online marketing started to come around in the early 90’s. Some businesses lost the opportunity to scale, but others quickly figured out how to deal with the disruption. Doug Brown, LinkedIn marketing pioneer and founder of, was sitting right in the middle of all of this as a financial adviser in Wall Street who turned into an internet marketer. He saw that the disruption that came with the internet didn’t mean people were consuming less, they were just consuming in a different...


61: Inner Peace, Self-Actualization And The Pivot Process with Adam Markel

Clarity creates vision which then makes it easier to navigate through a stormy path. Adam Markel started practicing law with a fulfilled life but a heavy heart. Even when he knew this, he kept living like this for 18 years. Adam feared making a change, but learned to face this fear and commit to the pivot process that life was throwing at him. Adam is now a renowned business growth consultant who helps entrepreneurs find their courage and their inner peace so they can be truly fulfilled in...


60: A Medical Mindset Born From Business Pivots with Malcolm Bohm

Before a business can scale, there will be days when it fails on the market. Whether this failure comes from defective technology or a poor idea isn’t the question. Rather, will the leader be willing to make several business pivots to get his crew through the course? Business expert and Pfizer pioneer Malcolm Bohm knows that if a business is not making those critical pivots, then they cannot pull in costumers. A product needs to have different flavors and sophistication in order to sell...


59: Writer Entrepreneurs: The Power Of Writing Books with JG Francoeur

When you offer something free to the client that will allow them to get to know you, then that would be a good lead magnet. One of the best lead magnets is writing a book geared toward getting a good position in the market. JG Francoeur learned this lesson after he invested his last thousand dollars and wrote a book to help him perfect his position in the market. His 300 clients blew up to 3000 in six months with five offices and 30 employees. Learn how writer entrepreneurs are using books...


58: Optimize, Automate And Outsource By Less Doing with Ari Meisel

One of the things that companies don’t do a lot is data analysis. By committing time to stop and look at the metrics, entrepreneurs can learn a lot on how to be effective and productive in their businesses. Ari Meisel grew Leverage with this mind set and with the help of Less Doing, a system of productivity he developed while he was on the journey of overcoming an illness. Learn how you can optimize, automate and outsource not just your business, but every aspect of life in order to be a...


57: Maverick 1000: Change The Game, Change The World with Yanik Silver

One of the amazing things about living in today’s world is that we have entrepreneurs who can build a fortune and at the same time make a difference by helping those who are in need. Led by Yanik Silver, Maverick 1000 is doing just that. To top it off, these entrepreneurs are making a game-changing adventure out of it. Learn how being a transformative leader will cascade into an impactful change for people and the world. Resources Mentioned in This Episode: Evolved...


56: Dan Kuschell - Start With Your Irresistible Offer!

If you were given a second chance, what would you do differently in life? Who will you become during the time you have left? Business expert and founder of 11 companies Dan Kuschell used to work hard and play even harder. He pretty much does the same today, except now he is also a hero for entrepreneurs who inspires growth in their business and mastery in their market. Clients will not ignore you if you make an irresistible offer. To do that, entrepreneurs need to learn the demographics,...


55: Smart. Modern. Aligned. The Holistic Digital Marketing Plan with Phil Singleton

Rather than posting content on all kinds of social media, business owners should treat their websites as a marketing hub. The SEO Ninja Phil Singleton believes that a holistic digital marketing plan is key for more visibility in search results. By looking at your website as a marketing platform, customers will comeback for the content that they only had a taste of from on your social media. Resources Mentioned in This Episode: Phil SingletonDuct Tape MarketingLibsynTraffic &...


54: Break $1M Through Strategic Operations Management with Joshua Long

Having to file for bankruptcy at the age of 29 was a defining moment in the life of Joshua Long. Today, as a consultant for business owners, Joshua believes that the key to getting a business break through the million-dollar plateau is finding an Operating Manager who loves to do things that you hate to do. Learn the process of the Six Levers of Growth and how it can propel your business with more successful and strategic operations management. Resources Mentioned in This Episode: Josh...


053: Create Your Marketing Mix By Thinking Big with Angel Fields

Instead of folding in from the 2008 marketing crash, Angel Fields replaced fear with fortitude. In the back of every entrepreneur’s head is a voice that says: its ok, trust me and just do it. Angel learned the hard lessons before making it big. She started thinking big and positioned herself firmly with her experiences in branding, marketing and lead generation. Resources Mentioned in this Episode: Angel FieldsthinkBIG MarketingLeigh BrownRealtor.comThink-Reputation.comSpanx


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