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Your Juicy Love with Una Drake: Dating for Weirdos

Want to find love, but feel like you are too "weird" Looking for a partner, but you're convinced it's impossible to find your match Listen in to find out where to startWatch and Listen to Una and Dr. Pat LIVE on Facebook Go to:


Your Juicy Love with Una Drake: Creating A Juicy and Passionate Valentine's Day

Una Drake and David Imiri discuss how tobuild closeness, intimacy and passion in relationships. Whether your relationship is brand new or decades old, intimacy and passion arevital parts of any Juicy Love Listen in for tips on how to heat things up in your love life, just in time for Valentine's Day


Your Juicy Love with Una Drake: Juicy Date Ideas for Juicy Love and a Juicy Life

How to get creative with dates, yes even if you have a spouse or partner, to make your life more juicy Una and Dr. Pat offer lots of suggestions to have fun and benefit from making romance and connection a regular part of your life........and Juicy doesn't mean expensiveTune-in LIVE on Facebook Go to:


Your Juicy Love with Una Drake: Freedom Through Radical Forgiveness

Radical Forgiveness allows you to let go of the past so you can move forward into the relationship you really want. Stop luggingthe baggage from your past hurts and traumas around with you. Let it go Brenda Reiss, Radical Forgiveness coach, tells us how.

Your Juicy Love with Una Drake: The #1 Reason Relationships Fail… and How Listening From the Four Directions Can Reveal a Path Forward with Ben Goldman

The 1 Reason Relationships Fail is Change. Itrsquos constant, and happening in all four directions: in ourselves, our partner, our relationship, and the context of our relationship. The ldquosolutionrdquo Listening. We need to become better at listening from these four directions

Your Juicy Love with Una Drake: Triggers, Tantra and Sacred Union with David Imiri

In this episodewe explore how to deal with triggers in relationships. Triggers are those knee-jerk emotional reactions that stem from past trauma. Often times they can derail our most important relationships and even prevent us from reaching our goals in life. But David Imiri says that "the treasure is in the triggers" How can that be We'll talk to David about his unique approach to healing triggers,from a philosophy of Sacred Union and deep Tantric training.

Your Juicy Love with Una Drake: Dating in the 21st Century

Dating and finding a mate in the 21st century may seem strange and complicated, but thatrsquos because we have so much more freedom and choice than any of our ancestors ever did. As we have more choice we are forced to ask deeper questions and examine our own desires and motives at a deeper level. Tune in for some candid discussion around dating choices in the here and now with Una and Dr. Pat.

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