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Episode 49: Breakfast Aboard The Nostromo

Drive time podcast heads, YKS is comin' at ya full blast with both barrels blazin! This week we've got a terrific haggis recipe, a recap of the Indiana Jones geography, intense Chuck "Lore", and more beard opinions than I frankly cared to hear. For more on casual uncle relationships and to be entered into a chance to win prizes in The YKS Gadget Hole, check out Lots of bonus stuff on there, and it's pretty good. Not as good as Martin, but still good....


Episode 48: Gun Recess

Episode 48. Just two more til we're done! On this week's show, Mike "Mikeman" Hale and Jesse Farrar aka "Two Kicks" are talking lookbook explainers, coffee time trials, phone phreakers, and whether there are any stores in Italy? Plus, a listener has a bone to pick with us over something other than our inflammatory comments on social media. Sorry about those, by the way. For more types of cup, check out, where a bunch of bonus episodes are just sitting around...


Episode 48: The Thinking Egg

On this week's episode, delayed out of respect for the Presidents or whatever, the boys are talkin' skinhead lawyers, U2 Cables, living for eternity, gravitrons, My Shittiest Halloween......and twins!!! Plus, Mike takes on Nigeria and we read your letters. For more on how to send yourself into the future using various capsules, check out It's basically your guide to becoming immortal. Music for this episode of YKS is courtesy: @LydiaBurrell, Drew...


Episode 46: The President's Bunghole

You already know who it is!!!!!! Mike and Jesse are yammerin and stammerin all about who won the Big Gadget Hole Prize (it's Greg), why the homeless hate tech, whether or not brains have electricity, and so much more, but not too much more in a way that's annoying. Plus, we've got Mike's Big Game wrap-up and several angry voicemails from conservatives. Please enjoy the show. And if not, remember, this is the free one, so it's not even really supposed to be that good. Music for this episode...


Episode 45: Cookin' Up Trouble

It's Episode 45 and the hitmakers are back, baby! Oh you thought we were talking about your man's podcast? Foh! Foh. On this week's nearly-two-hour episode, the boys are talkin' whether chefs and panhandlers should switch titles, the worst way to watch a movie, and whether or not a Mike poops in the woods. For more intimate (and sortable!) shower data, check out For links to the kickstarters featured in today's episode, head on over to...


Episode 44: You've Got Hale

Alright gang. It's Season 3. It's time to make a good episode. So what do we got for ya? Well, here's the deal. It snowed here, so we couldn't do a very good one. Sorry. In lieu of that, though, we've got the first ever Gadget Hole Poll Winner, two new bits, a Dental Town check-in, and Mike's first Chip Rant. You wanna hear more from the Dad Bellies and the Price Genius? Head on over to and punch in your credit card number. For about 5 stinkin bucks,...


YKS S3E1: Don't Touch My Gems!

Well if it isn't a brand-new season of YKS! Get your binge-listening done now folks, because you're not going to want to miss the event of the season. Which is this. Now, Season 3 is all about looking forward, but first we take a look back at what we left behind in 2017: dead water, Australia beefs, and the flying ladies of Star Wars. After that, it's all about Picasso sweatshirts, the rising costs of hose pipe, and all manner of sea scam. So smash that play button fam! For more Mike The...


Episode 42: Merry Kickmas Fam

Ho ho ho! Merry Kickmas to all, and to all a!?! Wowee gang, it looks like the original elf on the shelf himself has shown up to drop a little audio present down your head chimney, as Mike and Jesse cuddle up by the fireplace to celebrate Christmas the only way they know how...with a belly full of hot cocoa and bigtime laughs! This week, Mike receives a special Kickmas song, Jesse wishes for a new scale that doesn't lie, and our old friend Kris Kringle joins us from the North...


Episode 41: Chewbacca's Big Haircut

A long, long time ago, in a galaxy far, far away...two guys recorded this friggin podcast! Come on! Well, the YKS Studios may not be a rough and tumble watering hole on a desert planet at the edge of hyperspace, but this week Mike and Jesse take the willing listener on a tour beyond the stars to meet some fascinating letter creatures, catch up with various bogs, and study the enchanting Bruh Man. Plus, a listener quits his job. Now get your behind out of that wretched hive of scum and...


Episode 40: Brown Bottle Flu

It's another banger, gang, as Jesse and Mike tackle whether or not Jesus was smart, the various benefits of sleeping with a breathing bean, and the optimal number of steps for using a cup. Plus, your letters and a very urgent voicemail. To contribute to the show, write on in at or call the YKS Hotline at 802-359-PISS (it was the last number they had). For more coffee obelisks, check out There are more episodes there for...


Episode 39: Clothes for Rats with Mike Pfeiffer

Well gang, the boys are lookin' for a fight tonight and this time...they've got backup. That's right, on today's show Mike and Jesse are joined by Mike Pfeiffer to talk about standing in a circle around one small bean, The Hell Yeah Babies' new (Kickstarter-funded!) album, and play a thrilling new game called Queens of Rock. Don't like hearing three people talk? Would rather hear just two people talk? Okay! Mike and Jesse also get back into the classic tandem flow to talk Pastor Dreams,...


Episode 38: Obsessive Christmas Disorder

In the only version of Episode 38 to not be confined to the dustbin of history, Mike and Jesse reconnect on a post-Turkey Day extravaganza to riff on healthcare, a millennial Santa, and whether the podcast is being pirated by hackers across the globe. Plus, a role-reversed edition of Real or Fake, and your letters. For more of our favorite Lous, check out the Patreon page at Music for this episode of YKS is courtesy of The Hell Yeah Babies...



Check this out...It's a damn holiday miracle. Today only, or only the other times when it seems like a good idea to do, we are putting up nearly a full hour of the wonderful YKS Premium episode we did with Drew Toothpaste last week. So, enjoy this Jokeblogger Top Ten deep dive, and sign up at to hear the rest. Plus, we've got a full free episode coming later this week as well, so you have lots of things to do instead of talking to your relatives. Ok thanks....


Episode 37: Where the Piss Goes

Well it's been a tough year for ice cream, and a tough couple of weeks with no new YKS. But Michael "Donald Trump" Hale is back from the Pac-NW to kickstart our hearts, and OH YEAH you know he's wearin' flannel. On this episode of the show, Spooky November creeps along, we Make Chili Great Again, and, of course, there's plenty of that classic portable toilet talk. For more on what looks like a fam, check out (bonus episode with Drew Toothpaste coming...


Episode 36: Crimes Against Puns

Operation Dumbo Drop is a 1995 American war comedy film directed by Simon Wincer that explores war, politics, and animal welfare. The storyline was conceived from a screenplay written by Gene Quintano and Jim Kouf based on a true story by United States Army Major Jim Morris. The film stars Danny Glover and Ray Liotta as Green Berets during the Vietnam War in 1968, who attempt to transport an elephant through jungle terrain to a local South Vietnamese village which in turn helps American...


Episode 35: Ghost House

On this very "ghould" episode of YKS, the boys are joined by a very "sweet" guest who has a touch of stage fright. So "boo" kind! Later, you'll hear some spooky and TRUE tales, as well as an extensive review of expensive trash cans. This week's episode is brought to you by Dumpster Juice Coffee. "It sucks!" For more YKS jump scares, check out Music for YKS is provided by: The Hell Yeah Babies Drew Toothpaste and Mark Brendle


Episode 34: Let's Get Real

Sheldon Cooper, a 9-year-old boy, begins his first day of high school in the ninth grade with his older brother, George Cooper Jr. Having shown more skills than a typical child his age, he skipped several grades. On his first day, he questions his teachers and informs students of their rule-breaking. He tries to find his place in the new school and George must deal with having a much younger sibling in his class. For more YKS, check out our bonus episodes on Patreon:...


Episode 33: Hacking Your Mom

Well folks, October is finally here, and Autumn is in the air! Will that mean sweet treats and good eats for your favorite prickly pair of crowdfunding curmudgeons??? Tune in to this week's YKS to find out! For more Gallagher rants, check out Music for this episode of YKS is courtesy of: The Hell Yeah Babies Drew Toothpaste and The Fabulous Mark Brendle.


Episode 32: Google Earth Fuck

While perusing the local car lot, Jesse discovers that his deceased friend Michael has been reincarnated as a junky old automobile, so he buys him and brings him home, much to the dismay of both his wife and eccentric car collector Captain Manzini who is determined to acquire the valuable automobile by hook or crook.


Episode 31: Pumpkin Spice Smart Pillows

Bust out the meatballs and call the wife over, it's time once again for YKS. On this week's show, Episode Unknown, the boys are talking NastyCon 2017 results, whether piss and shit are friends, the top magnets of all time, and oh yeah...Starbucks Freakin coffee. Plus: is Austin the Portland of the South or the Brooklyn of the West? Music for today's YKS is courtesy of: The Hell Yeah Babies ( Drew Toothpaste ( listener Christian Lopetz...


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