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25 - Wisdom from Steve Pressfield

Steven Pressfield is the author of a number of books including but not limited to: ‘The War of Art’ ‘Turning Pro’ ‘Do The Work’ He is a teacher of mine who’s work has had a profound impact on my life and business. I come back to his writings often. His direct style and ability to tell it like it is, is refreshing and empowering. This week I share with you some of his most powerful words to help you manage resistance, do the work and honour the potential you know you have within you. Are...


24 - People pleasing

Making yourself out to be someone you are not is never a good idea. People pleasing is something that so many of us struggle with. Trying to keep everyone else happy, make sure they think you are a 'good mum', 'good wife', 'good friend', 'good boss' or 'good employee'. If you worry about what other people will think or find yourself putting everyone else’s needs above yours this episode is for you. I talk about people pleasing, how to identify if you are one, how to change this and protect...


23 - Plan everything ahead of time

I have always been a planner. But throughout the last year I took it to another level and the results speak for themselves. This week I talk about the power of planning, how your beliefs about time can limit you and why deciding ahead of time what you will give your energy and attention to is key to having a good life. Are you ready to take this work to the next level, to study and apply it in your life? Your Life Designed is my monthly coaching program where I show you how to design your...


22 - Why your dreams matter

Everyone has an inner desire for more, to grow, to learn, to contribute. I truly believe this. What happens is we get stuck in fear of the uncertainty that comes with change and we pretend we don’t. This week I talk about my belief that we are all designed to grow and to find the courage to step out into the wilderness that is real life. Are you ready to take this work to the next level, to study and apply it in your life? Your Life Designed is my monthly coaching program where I show you...


21 - Indecision

This week on the podcast I am talking about indecision. I truly believe indecision is one of the biggest killers of our dreams. Being decisive is a skill you can develop and master. When you do, you find that you don’t feel so busy all the time! How do we make decisions firmly and create momentum in our life? This week I show you how. I talk about the fear we have when it comes to making decisions: What if I get it wrong? What will people think of me? I share with my tips for managing...


20 - Special edition: My very human life

This week on the podcast a special edition where I share with you some of my own personal coaching, my January experience and how I stumble and fail and what I make it mean. So often we can think that the whole point of life is to be perfect. That what we should be striving for in how we work, parent, engage with others and in our health is perfection. But what is perfection? Does it even exist? What does perfection do to self-compassion? And how does this idea keep us from our true...


19 - The thing you want to stop wanting so much

This week on the podcast I share with you my story about why, and how, I stopped drinking. Well over a year ago I stopped drinking. This at the time seemed like the hardest thing to do. I was not an alcoholic, but like so many of us I lived in a culture and community where drinking was just want you did. Only alcoholics didn’t drink right?! But I wanted to not want it. I wanted to sleep better, work better, parent better, connect better and I knew deep down that those two glasses of wine...


18 - How to manage your mind

This week on the podcast I share with you the key to the universe! Sounds dramatic but I seriously believe this is the most important lesson we can ever learn and no one teaches us this in school. How to manage your mind and take 100% responsibility for your life. I talk about how to be less reactive, manage emotions, re-frame thoughts and get better results. I hope you enjoy this episode and share it with a friend. Learning this changed my life, I hope you apply this and create the...


17 - Resisting what is

This week on the podcast I talk about how you can let go of what you cannot control and open up the space and time you need to ask the questions that really matter. We spend so much time and energy thinking and talking about what we have no control over. Whinging about our relationships, jobs, kids, family, lives. Gossiping and creating drama in our lives. This is exhausting. It can be confronting to see just how much time you do waste in this space! But the good news is that you have a...


16 - You don't get to be happy all the time

This week on the podcast I talk about how the pursuit of happiness is holding us back and how fulfilment is what we ought to be focusing our energy on. Fulfilment is an art, it is personal and requires intention and design. In order to feel fulfilled you must be willing to feel uncomfortable. This episode steps you through the process of getting clear on what fulfilment looks like for you and how to commit to fully developing your abilities and character. If you are ready to take this work...


15 - What are you growing into in 2018?

This week on the podcast, I talk to you about how to identify what is most important to you for the year to come and what must have your attention, time and energy. I talk about how aspiration and a desire for change is normal and important and how you should never apologise for it or be indifferent to it. This week we own our desires and dreams and identify what needs to happen in order to achieve them! Its going to be one extraordinary year my friends and I am so honoured to share this...


14 - The Year That Was

This week on the podcast I share with you the major lessons I learnt in 2017 and give you a framework for reviewing your year. We talk about: * How to review your year * How to learn from challenges and not repeat the past * How to get clear on what you want for 2018 * How challenging years are often the years where you achieve the most growth, if you care to take a look * Why your dreams are 100% worthy * Why investing in your personal development and mental health is the best investment...


13 - Managing Christmas

This week on the podcast I talk about managing the holiday period. If you find the Christmas and new year period stressful, this episode steps you through how to manage your expectations and enjoy this time of year. Enrolment for Your Life Designed is closing on 31 December 2017. The best investment you will make for 2018 is your personal development. It is the foundation of your success in all areas of life. If you are ready to take your life to the next level in 2018 get on board -->...


12 - Failing Consciously v Failing Un-consciously

This week on the podcast I talk about the one thing that causes us to fail: allowing our fear of failure to be a reason to do nothing. I have received a lot of emails from you all about the issue of failure, fearing it, worrying about not being good enough, about what other people think. This week I talk about how failure is something you must embrace. In order to get what you want out of life you must set high expectations of yourself and be willing to fail and take a good look at why. If...


11 - 6 Steps to Life Design for Optimal Wellbeing

On the podcast this episode, I take you through the six key steps to design your life for optimal wellbeing. I talk about how to create space in your life for your future and how to start to get intentional about how you live each day. I reveal part of the Your Life Designed Coaching Formula with these steps: 1. Know your core values and highest priorities 2. Take 100% responsibility for the mess 3. Decide who you will grow into 4. Commit to your code of conduct 5. Manage your life 6....


10 - Special Edition: Behind the Scenes & Special Announcement

In the podcast this week I share with you my story, the coaching formula that changed my life and a very special announcement about what's happening from 1 December 2017! On this episode, I talk about the foundations of your life: Mindset and Self Care. I share with you the Your Life Designed Coaching Formula that teaches you how to: * Manage your mind. * Manage your emotions. * Design a life of meaning. You are one decision away from taking 100% responsibility for your life and your...


9 - How to Have Better Relationships

This week on the podcast I am talking about how to improve your relationships. Diving into the topic of challenging relationships, be it in your marriage, friendships, children or colleagues, my tools for improving your relationships apply to all. How we view our relationships and the expectations we have of others can cause us so much suffering. In this episode, I talk about a simple process for letting go of the need to manage others and feeling better about all of your relationships....


8 - Can You Count on You?

If you want to be on the field with the high performers you must take self-care seriously. This week on the podcast I am talking about my version of self-care, and it’s not what you think! Optimal wellbeing is key to high performance, to thriving in all areas of your life, and self-care is the foundation of this. Your external world is a reflection of your internal world. How you treat yourself is a reflection of how you think about yourself. If you are someone who is constantly busy,...


7 - How to Get Massive Results and Increase Your Energy

Learning how to focus your attention and manage your energy is one of the most important skills you can develop when it comes to your overall performance and wellbeing. In this episode, I teach you how to generate focus, be more productive and maintain your energy. I show you how to be clear on your mission, take responsibility for your relationships, manage your mind, protect your energy and limit distraction. If you want to move forward and achieve your goals faster you must master the...


6 - How to Believe in Yourself

On this week’s episode, I teach you how to make it mandatory to believe in yourself and your possibility. So many of you have a belief that you cannot reach your goals because of your circumstances. This week I challenge you to look at that belief and decide to let it go. If you want to make a difference, if you want to take it to the next level, reasonable, logical, safe thinking will not get you there. Listen in to learn how to create the beliefs you need to achieve your dreams. Connect...


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