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2.14 w/ Lindsay

This week my guest Lindsay (Lee) joins me to discuss outdoor latrines, dieting on a budget, and the perks of being a wallflower. All this and a little bit more, in this episode of Your Only Option!

Duration: 00:48:37

2.13 w/ Chuck

This week my guest is Chuck (Clifton Hall). We talk about vanloads of ball pythons, stunt driving and movies you didn’t know had sequels. You know, like Lethal Weapon. Check this one out FIR SHIR!

Duration: 01:04:34

2.12 w/ Paul & Streaker

A day late but not a dollar short, I welcome a nervy guy named Paul (Neil Johnson) and an anthropomorphic cat named Streaker (Haley Bri Cohen). It was one of the stranger kidnappings I have committed, but I learned a lot! Check it out!

Duration: 00:59:16

2.11 w/ Tasha

Better late than never, this week I welcome Tasha Groberg on the show. This Charlotte improviser has several surprising things to say, beyond just the general screaming of most captives. Check it out!

Duration: 00:44:57

2.10 w/ Kira

This week I meet my match with guest Kira Magcalen. I learn lessons about how to be a better kidnapper and what it feels to be a marshmallow. Check out this episode!!

Duration: 00:51:30

2.9 w/ Ryan

This week has old friend Ryan Cox, confused about the direction the show has now taken and how bikes are not just innocent childhood transportation. All this and more on this week’s Your Only Option!

Duration: 00:53:02

2.8 LIVE! w/ Andrew, Briana and Brett

NOTE: The sound on this episode is a little weird for the first 30 seconds or so, but then it gets much better so stick with it! This week the show was LIVE from Habitat Tavern and Commons with former held against their wills Andrew (George Awad), Briana (Marlene Thompson) and new captive Brett (Corey Parlamento). It was a little scary to do a show live in front of an audience. Luckily there were no cops and everyone was “cool” with me kidnapping and stuff. Check it out!

Duration: 01:18:41

2.7 Peter and Cary

This week, old “friends” Cary & Peter “stop by” and immediately try to escape. Luckily we had plenty of stuff to talk about to keep them occupied for a while. Also, zip ties help. Check it out!!

Duration: 01:14:56

2.6 - Your Only Option - RJ & Miguel

This week, Your Only Option welcomes a couple of guys who really know how to party. RJ (McCarthy) and Miguel (Osornio) stalk random people and eat garbage. They might be stranger than me! Check it ooooouuuuuttttt!

Duration: 01:11:09

2.5 - Your Only Option - Brianna

Young Philly girl Brianna (Marlene Thompson) joins me to talk about slammin’ Red Bulls, garbage people and what a Podcast is. She was never technically held against her will, so I call that a win. Check it out!

Duration: 01:03:27

2.4 - Your Only Option - Moira

Another episode, another captive Moira (Goree) joins me with an interesting perspective on life for someone who has recently been grabbed off the street and thrown in a van. It’s refreshing in its own way. Enjoy!

Duration: 00:52:47

2.3 - Your Only Option - Blaine

I found an old guest in front of a bar and I grabbed him. Blaine Perry is back to make sure I haven’t forgotten my roots and that my roots have rejected me. It was an enlightening chat with someone who is tied up. Enjoy!

Duration: 01:07:36

2.2 - Your Only Option - Andrew

This week’s episode’s guest, Andrew (George Awad) was… I’ll just say it… nice. I was appalled at his genuine lack of fear or anger at being abducted. It was a real disappointment for me, but maybe you will like it. Please enjoy.

Duration: 01:04:56

2.1 - Your Only Option - Tim

Your Only Option is back! Well okay, it’s sort of different now. Things have changed a little. My first guest is Tim (Tim Hearn). He’s not thrilled to be here, but it could be worse. He could have called the police. Please enjoy!

Duration: 00:39:56

50 - Chesney Goodson (and Macon Clark and Jason Webb)

We’re back!!! Again!!! For Now!!! Hilarious comedian Chesney Goodson joins good ol’ Macon Clark and former regular Jason Webb back to the show to convince me to stop doing the show. They might have a point, but I put this one out anyway. Enjoy!

Duration: 00:49:02

49 - Goodbye w/ Chase McNeill

As we take a brief break we say so long to our pal Chase McNeill, who is headed off to La La Land. We talk about all kinds of goodbyes and have a little fun along the way. Check us out on iTunes - Rate - Review - Subscribe - PLEASE!

Duration: 00:52:45

48 - Scary Stuff w/ Justin Thompson

Just in time for Halloween, Justin Thompson (Doug Loves Movies Podcast, Atlanta comedy phenom) joins me to celebrate the season with stories of fear and loathing. Plus a rousing rendition of the Movie Game and much more. Rate, Review and Subscribe on iTunes!!!

Duration: 00:40:15

47 - YOO Classics - Jon Reid

This week we look back with love of our old friend Jon Reid (aka JarE) and remember when his record came out. Since then he’s left music and moved to NYC to pursue other dreams. Oh how time passes. Please enjoy this encore episode from back in 2011.

Duration: 01:36:11

46 - Travel w/ George Awad, Allen Law and Marlene Thompson

This week Allen Law, Marlene Thompson and George Awad join me to talk about travel. All of the gas station bathroom visits, lost luggage and airline food you can handle. Plus a stupid game! Check it out on iTunes! Rate -> Review -> Subscribe!

Duration: 00:45:35

45 - Bidnez w/ Derek Whaley, Miguel Osornio and Adam Schulte

Greenville heavyweights Derrick Whaley, Miguel Osornio and Adam Schulte join me to talk about business: what it is, how to get it and how to do it right. Plus a stupid game and very little else. Check it out on iTunes!

Duration: 00:45:07

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