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Building a Show and Branding YOUR Show – YP018 - Your Podcast - By Blubrry

Building a show and branding it isn't easy. There are many facets that go into the making of a show and reputation, and it's harder than many podcasters expect to create a brand on their own. is now part of the Blubrry tools and services that are provided to the podcasting community. Changes are not coming soon, as some might have been worried about. Apple tends to change things up, but one thing they haven't done lately is change the way ranking works. Mike and Todd...

Duration: 00:34:11

Two Free Podcast Hosting Services Shut Down – Your Podcast 017 - Your Podcast - By Blubrry

Podiant and Opinion shut down podcast hosting, advertising on your podcast, should you do a transcript of your show?, How many subscribers do you have? and much more on today's Your Podcast with Todd and Mike. Thanks for listening to the show and please subscribe at We love our PowerPress users, please leave us a review. News Podiant is ending their free hosting (Like others have done in the past) Opinion is also shutting down their podcasting service on November 1st...

Duration: 00:33:16

What’s in a Name? Titles, Filenames & Domains – Your Podcast 016 - Your Podcast - By Blubrry

What's in a name? For a podcast names can contain quite a bit of pertinent information. Show names, episode titles, file names and domain names are crucial and helpful for a podcast. There's also a lot of places where it can go wrong. Stick around in episode 16 for information on a Yeti microphone and what Google is up to. Todd and Mike also share some tips on how best to get support, this week on Your Podcast. Thanks for listening to the show and please subscribe at

Duration: 00:28:36

And The Winner Is… – Your Podcast 015 - Your Podcast - By Blubrry

Congratulations to all of the Podcast Awards winners, awarded live on International Podcast Day. Media companies are always changing and recently Vimeo, known for recorded video acquired Livestream giving them access to live streaming capabilities as well. Todd tried out Apple's Airbuds and was pleasantly surprised. Given the current political climate, there has been an influx of podcasts on politics - Joe Biden is the most recent to come out with one. Lastly, Todd and Mike suggest that...

Duration: 00:27:17

Ad Deals and Statistics – Your Podcast 014 - Your Podcast - By Blubrry

A little while back, the EFF finally ended the patent troll case that has been threatening podcasting and podcasters for years. At the end of the month, we'll be celebrating International Podcast Day. Hosted by Steve and Dave Lee, Blubrry will promoting the power of podcasts. As ad deals gain more traction and attention in podcasting, there comes some ups and downs. Todd and Mike discuss how all of this works together and best practices for people that want to get involved. Podcasters that...

Duration: 00:33:41

PowerPress 7.2 Coming Soon With New Features – Your Podcast 013 - Your Podcast - By Blubrry

Podcast Movement, the go-to conference for podcasters, recently occurred in Anaheim and Mike Dell was lucky enough to attend. Listen for a quick review of PM17, with mentions of Podcast Movement 2018 in Philadelphia. PowerPress 7.2 is coming soon with new features coming from the Blubrry team as well. If you're interested in learning more about PowerPress, pay attention to the discussion on Blubrry PowerPress webinars. Angelo Mandato, CIO and lead developer at Blubrry/RawVoice guest hosts...

Duration: 00:32:00

Building Your Show – Your Podcast 012 - Your Podcast - By Blubrry

Podcast Movement is this week, the importance of building YOUR show, the Blubrry Affiliate Program, Sound Devices' MixPre-6, and migrating to Blubrry. Todd and Mike cover all these topics and more on today's, Your Podcast. Thanks for listening to the show and please subscribe at We love our PowerPress users, please leave us a review. News: Podcast Movement - Starting on Wednesday, if you can make it, use the promo code BLUBRRY at checkout for a 10% discount. There...

Duration: 00:35:11

Your RSS Feed is the Most Important Part – Your Podcast 011 - Your Podcast - By Blubrry

Gimlet Media came into some (lots of) more money, learn what long-tail and no-fault hosting are at Blubrry, and we need to mention that your RSS feed IS the most important of your podcast. Should you use Anchor if you're on Soundcloud now? Todd and Mike chat about all these topics and more on today's show. Thanks for listening to the show and please subscribe at We love our PowerPress users, please leave us a review. News: Gimlet gets another $15 million: Proving...

Duration: 00:33:45

PowerPress 7.1 With all the iOS 11 features – Your Podcast 009 - Your Podcast - By Blubrry

More evidence that Soundcloud is in trouble, how to submit your podcast to Spotify, Veronica Belmont is podcasting again, and PowerPress 7.1 with all the new iOS 11 features. All of that with Mike and Todd, covering a few tech topics as well. Thanks for listening to the show and please subscribe at Happy National Blueberry Day! (July 8th)! Eat some Blueberries and/or order professional statistics or media hosting from (promo code Blubrry005 for a free...

Duration: 00:32:28

New Podcast Stats and Tags From Apple – Your Podcast 008 - Your Podcast - By Blubrry

Soundclound may be in trouble, having a Plan B for your podcast if things go sideways, Apple's new tags and stats and lastly, speeding up support if you're a Blubrry customer. All of that with Mike and Todd, covering a whole plethora of topics. Thanks for listening to the show and please subscribe on News: Soundcloud - Rumors they are deferring salary reviews indefinitely. Topics: Plan B - Have one, no matter who you're hosting with. Apple's new RSS tags and stats -...

Duration: 00:31:05

Ad Free Podcasting and MP3’s are Now Illegal? – Your Podcast 007 - Your Podcast - By Blubrry

This episode of Your Podcast was recorded while Todd was on the road. Perfect time for Todd and Mike to talk about some road show tips for recording your show and making the best of it while traveling. There's a lot of talk happening right now, and they clear up some rumors that are true and some that are not true about podcasting. Thanks for listening and please subscribe to the show! News WWDC Podcast App Update *** We didn’t know about the RSS feed tags they added or the episode stats...

Duration: 00:31:45

Is MP3 Dead? PowerPress Sites Deluxe Launched! – Your Podcast 006 - Your Podcast - By Blubrry

In this episode of Your Podcast Todd and Mike talk about PowerPress Sites Deluxe - it's finally here, clarify and explain how MP3's are not actually dead. After a curious listener emailed them, they addressed some podcasting events, and finished up the episode discussing MP3 encoding tops to save you storage space and bandwidth. Thanks for listening and please subscribe to the show! News: PowerPress Sites Deluxe is available! Topics: Is the MP3 dead? No! Using your webhost server for your...

Duration: 00:30:37

New Echo With Video and Blubrry Accounts Explained – Your Podcast 005 - Your Podcast - By Blubrry

Todd and Mike talk about the new Echo Devices from Amazon, the Podcast Awards relaunch, Small Batch Audio Kickstarter, and about how Blubrry accounts are organized. Also, we answer the question "How many subscribers do I have?" Thanks for listening and please subscribe. News: - Podcast Awards - Relaunched and with new rules - SmallBatch.Audio Kickstarter - Alexa Echo Show - Alexa exists in what looks like an "iPad" lookalike, including video and camera. - Alexa calling and messaging...

Duration: 00:32:55

NAB Show Las Vegas Recap and Bill O’Reilly is Podcasting - Your Podcast - By Blubrry

On today's episode, Todd and Mike talk about the NAB Show in Vegas last week, a major broadcaster moving to podcasting and whether or not 22 minutes (or any particular time) is the perfect length for a podcast episode. Sorry for the blown out voices this episode, Vegas is loud! :) Shownotes News: Bill O’Reilly gets fired at Fox News, turns to premium podcasting Todd and the 3 Robs (McCracken, Greenlee and Walch) at NAB Show talking about podcasting and radio Topics: NAB Show April 22-27,...

Duration: 00:32:54

Apple Rebrands iTunes Podcasts to Apple Podcasts and PodcasterPro® by Adam Curry - Your Podcast - By Blubrry

In the third episode of Your Podcast Todd and Mike go over some breaking news -- Apple has rebranded iTunes Podcasts to Apple Podcasts. Apple Rebrands iTunes Podcasts to Apple Podcasts. They also talk about Adam Curry's new device for podcast production, some topics around advertising, slow feeds, rebranding your show and even an listener question. Thanks for listening and subscribe to the show to be the first to get new episodes every other Monday. News: - Apple Rebrands iTunes Podcasts...

Duration: 00:33:25

Google SEO Announcement for Podcasters – Your Podcast - Your Podcast - By Blubrry

In the second episode of Your Podcast Todd and Mike go over some general podcasting tips - including a lesson learned from Mike -- current news, and lastly tech topics. If you're not using PowerPress yet but are interested in ensuring SEO for your show, read the Google announcement below and consider updating your website. Thanks for listening and subscribe to the show to be the first to get new episodes every other Monday. Tips Do not update or let your computer do any kind of update...

Duration: 00:29:50

Your Podcast: A New Podcast From Blubrry - Your Podcast - By Blubrry

What is “Your Podcast” All About? It's all about Your Brand, Your Ideas, Your Intellectual Property and Your Time -- and how Blubrry services can help you keep all of these things. Your Podcast is going to feature company news & announcements, discussion about podcasting in general, tech topics that relate to your podcast and some inside information coming from a combined 24 years of experience in podcasting. This show will run every 2 weeks opposite of the PowerPress Podcast. Host Todd...

Duration: 00:37:56