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Enjoying Time

Many people have a tendency to give up on their goals while they are in the process of their goal starting to materialize. This is so because they are not comfortable with waiting and enjoying the time it takes to materialize their goal. In this episode, Dr. Mosley encourages us to explore ways we can utilize time with enjoyment. Although, everything takes a process of time, let's enjoy the time. That's exactly what you are likely to do as you listen to inspiration and LIVE readings to...


The Process of Manifestation

Many people vacate their dreams because they don't see the results of all of their hard work. In this broadcast, Dr. Mosley reminds us that success is more about the journey one encounters than the destination. You will be encouraged to understand that anything that is created, must go through a process. Dr. Mosley also interacts with callers and give reading regarding their most pertinent concerns and issues. You must listen to this show and hear great motivation from callers as they...


Appreciating Life - It's My Birthday!!!!

In celebration of turning 50 years old, Dr. Mosley invites us all to appreciate and celebrate life. In this broadcast, Dr. Mosley expresses his joys in turning 50 and passes that motivational energy along to the listeners as he gives insightful readings. As you listen, you will be inspired to answer the question, "What do you appreciate most about life," and in doing so you will begin to attract more of the same into your physical experience. Get ready for love, laughter, and insight as we...


There's Healing in Being Happy

Many people have wonderful goals, dreams, and desires to accomplish, yet in this episode, Dr. Mosley encourages us all to remember to focus more on being Happy. We should remember the things which cause us to connect with that exciting energy of happiness. Listen intently as Dr. Mosley give LIVE readings to callers and share truths of insight as to how many of us can manifest our dreams quicker by practicing being Happy. Get ready to be Happy on "Your Spiritual GPS to Success" with your...


There's Healing in Being Happy

Many people have wonderful goals, dreams, and desires to accomplish, yet in this episode, Dr. Mosley encourages us all to remember to focus more on being Happy. We should remember the things which cause us to connect with that exciting energy of happiness. Listen intently as Dr. Mosley give LIVE readings to callers and share truths of insight as to how many of us can manifest our dreams quicker by practicing being Happy. Get ready to be Happy on "Your Spiritual GPS to Success" with your...


The Power of Pretending

Get ready to be inspired to achieve your goals as Dr. Mosley encourages you to use your imagination and pretend. Dr. Mosley illustrates how the act of pretending causes one to manifest their desires. You'll be motivated as you hear callers receive LIVE readings from Dr. Mosley during this broadcast. Turn your headsets up and feel the excitement as you listen to "Your Spiritual GPS to Success" with Dr. Michael Mosley.


Dr. Michael Mosley: What You See is Your Prophecy

Get ready for an exciting discussion with your Intuitive Life Coach on this broadcast! Dr. Mosley explains how we create the life we live by focusing our minds on the desires we want. Your belief system is so important in manifesting your life, which is what you will hear expressed in the broadcast. Dr. Mosley even reads and addresses an email sent to him from a listener dealing with religion, psychics and prophets. You are really going to want to turn up your headsets and enjoy "Your...


Emotional Hoarding with Dr. Mosley

Have you ever met someone that has difficulty in letting go of issues of the past? Well, they may be an emotional hoarder. Dr. Mosley reveals some insights about the physical activity of hoarding and relates it to the emotional difficulty of hoarding. This broadcast will render assistance as to how to terminate feelings that are no longer serving a positive purpose in our lives. Dr. Mosley also gives a reading to a caller regarding her ability to stop emotional hoarding and begin successful...


Ddr. Michael Mosley: What are you Proof of?

With many infomercials of products, health practices and teachings, there is always an underlying question in the minds of consumers. That question is simply, Does it Work? Many of us will try just about anything as long as we know that the product will work. However, many of us know there are no guarantees in life. Therefore, many people are just looking for proof of the claims of a product or a particular belief or teaching. That's where YOU come in. This week Dr. Mosley challenges us to...


Communication of Prayer

This broadcast is filled with exciting and empowering information regarding the concept of prayer. Dr. Mosley explains how prayer is really Spirit Communication and how no matter what one's religious beliefs are, we all communicate with Spirit. Dr. Mosley stresses the point that we are never alone and that we do have Divine Assistance to help us achieve our goals.


Dr. Michael Mosley: Universe Is Having a Massive Hiring

Wow, it the best word to describe this broadcast! You are going to receive a tremendous revelation as Dr. Mosley instructs on a Massive Hiring being done by the Universe! It doesn't matter where you have been in life or where you currently are, you are a wonderful candidate to be hired by the Universe with excellent pay benefits. Dr. Mosley shares some of his personal story of struggle and triumph as he yet encourages you to realize your success is not just for you, but for someone else's...


Live Readings with Dr. Michael Mosley

In this episode you are sure to be inspired and maybe impressed with the intuitive giftings of Dr. Mosley. Listen intently as Dr. Mosley takes Live Calls from the listeners and give them insightful and intuitive information regarding their personal issues. Through humor, compassion and a lot of LOVE, Dr. Mosley addresses each caller with personal care and compassion. Turn your headsets up and get ready to be amazed at how you just may find that an inspirational message for one of these...


A Spiritual Cleansing: Washing Away Negativity

In this episode, Dr. Mosley explains a spiritual ritual, sometimes referred to as a baptism, and the benefits it has in manifesting our desires. You are really going to be encouraged as you hear how negative energies can attach themselves to our lives, causing one to feel disgruntled, angry and not pleasant to be around. However, through a Spiritual bath, one can achieve their desires quicker and easier. Dr. Mosley explains how some hindrances to our manifestations are not natural, but...


Feeding Your Faith - Vision

In this broadcast, Dr. Mosley humorously encourages us not to eat the poison of fear that limits our vision. We are all created with a powerful energy of Greatness and it would be a disservice to ourselves and the Universe if we don't use this powerful energy. Within this episode, you will be challenged to expand your vision. You will be prompted to see more for yourself and how you can enjoy life more. You are Great, You are You and You are on the right path, Your Spiritual GPS to Success!


Moving with the Fear

We may be a bit afraid at times as we move forward in life. Really, many of us are afraid of the unknown, not being sure of what is going to happen. However, Dr. Mosley gives tremendous comfort during his LIVE recorded broadcast regarding the subject of moving on with Fear. He encourages the listeners not to become stagnated with limiting thoughts. In this episode, Dr. Mosley gives precise and impromptu readings to callers, addressing their needs, fears, and concerns. This is guaranteed to...


Relax and Attract

Do you know that many people find it difficult to relax. Yet when one utilize this special divine gifting from the Universe, one can attract just about anything. In this broadcast, Dr. Mosley challenges and encourages us to relax with techniques that can improve this ability in your life. You may even find yourself automatically relaxing as you listen to a few tunes that will hopefully spark that beautiful feeling that will initiate manifestation in your life. That's right, in this...


Live Reading with Amy

Have you ever wondered what goes on in a Live Intuitive reading? Well, here is your chance to see for yourself. Dr. Mosley speaks with a caller and offers her tremendous insight that will help to her current situations. Listen to the compassion and care as Dr.Mosley engages with the client with some powerful and mind-blowing truths. This show is a Reading for Amy, but promises to be a Blessing for YOU! Get ready and turn up your headsets, this show will motivate you to stay on the path of...


Dr. Mosley: The Results of Obedience

Although many people do not like the word "obedience" when it refers to them, Dr. Mosley gives some wonderful insight on what obedience really means and how it aids in acquiring anything we want. Dr. Mosley expresses with great detail, nobody can get anything thing without the presence of obedience. He also brings forth an understanding that real obedience is not control but, it is something far more encouraging. You are really going to find great strength, information, and encouragement as...


Do You Still Believe In It?

This broadcast is an eye-opener to say the least! Dr. Mosley gives some pertinent insight in which he received during his moving from California to Georgia. While wrapping, packing, carrying, loading, driving and thinking, he realized some lessons about value and belief that he shares in this broadcast. He addresses some questions and concerns as to why we may not be attracting our desires, by simply re-thinking about the value or belief we have in that desire. Dr. Mosley also takes...


Dr. Mosley: Remember to Receive

Today, Dr. Mosley encourages us all to appreciate the joy of receiving. Many are encouraged to give of their time, finances and love however, that's only half the fun. There are so many opportunities that are surrounding you, but they are just waiting to feel welcomed into your life! In this session with your Intuitive Life Coach, you will understand some benefits and techniques in experiencing the joy of receiving, on "Your Spiritual GPS to Success!"