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The Push of 2018

If you have been feeling an urgency to get something done or maybe seeing triple digit numbers, you are not alone. In this broadcast, Dr. Mosley explains the reason for this phenomenon and the reason you are experiencing angelic activity. It's all because of the energy of this year of 2018. Listen carefully to the energy of this year and you will reach a greater success. Dr. Mosley will explain how on this episode of Your Spiritual GPS to Success.


Important! Bless Your Food!

Do you know if the person who prepared your food at the fast food restaurant was in a good mood? In this broadcast, Dr. Michael Mosley, our Intuitive Life Coach gives us insight into another matter which may be blocking our success. With great humor and sincere compassion, this show will offer thought-provoking concepts about what happens when we bless our food and why we should bless our food. Also, you are guaranteed to be inspired as Dr. Mosley give LIVE readings to callers during the...


Spiritual Protection

Despite many belief systems, in this episode, our Spiritual and Intuitive Life Coach teaches about curses and what to do about them. Dr. Mosley explains with simplicity how we can be cursed knowingly and unknowingly by others. He answers the age-old question of, "Why Bad Things Happen to Good People?" You are certainly going to want to listen and possibly take a few notes during this inspiring and informative broadcast of "Your Spiritual GPS to Success"!


"It Was Good For Me"

You must listen to this recorded LIVE show with your Intuitive Life Coach, Dr. Michael Mosley. You will be encouraged to reflect on a situation that was thought to be unpleasant, but in actuality, it turned out to be good for you. This show will cause you to have a greater appreciation for some prayers that were not answered the way you desired because it made you stronger, wiser and even better. You will also find comfort as you listen to Dr. Mosley give LIVE READINGS to callers on the...


Dr. Mosley: What I Learned from Donald Trump

In today's show, Dr. Mosley takes a look back into the campaign of Donald Trump and discusses some valuable lessons he learned about the President-Elect. Dr. Mosley takes a closer look and discusses some valuable characteristics that caused Trump to win the election. You will be encouraged to realize how each of us can use those same characteristics, along with the Law of Attraction, to win in life. In this broadcast, you will come to understand how important "I" is in "WIN." Get ready for...


Remember to Let It Go

As we approach the final months of 2016, Dr. Mosley reminds us that this year is a NINE year in Numerology. He explains what the Universe is possibly doing in your life as you proceed through this year and also explains as to why you and I experienced some things this year. It is a year to "let go" of those things that are no longer serving you and getting really excited to embrace the coming joys designated for your life. As always, Dr. Mosley humorously interacts with his radio audience...


Listen to the Small Voice

You're going to love this show as Dr. Mosley discusses what many people most often disregard, the inner voice. We all have it, but are we are using it? Dr. Mosley gives us personal encounters of how he learned to listen to the "small voice" which helped to develop his intuitive abilities. He shares an intuitive reading with a listener that brought her to an emotional sense of appreciation. You're going to want to share this podcast with a friend.


Practice Creates Manifestation

This week Dr. Mosley expands the concept of 'Practice Makes Perfect' into "Practice creates Manifestation". In listening to this broadcast, you will be challenged to re-develope you child-like ability to imagine, pretend and practice for the life you desire. Dr. Mosley explains how when we practice our thoughts, we are attracting the reality of the manifestation. This is one show you may want to download into your personal library to continue to be motivated to practice what you want to...


Becoming Consciously Wealthy with Special Guest Richard Harper

In this week's show, Dr. Mosley interviews Rich Living Coach, Richard Harper. Together, they unravel some interference one may be experiencing in achieving their desired success. Richard gives some enriching examples of how negative energy may be clouding our path to success. He also offers some tips to callers as to how they can immediately start clearing the negative energies and making a clear path for prosperity and success to flow in each of our lives. There's so much information to...



This week you will be inspired as Dr. Mosley causes you to reflect on the things and happenings in your life that you did right. Many of us are so focused on failures or challenges, yet out of those issues, many of us have made lemonade out of lemons. You will be amazed as he talks with listeners LIVE, displaying his accurate intuitive gift of prophecy and he also answers questions from his email. You are guaranteed to stay on your path of Success with "Your Spiritual GPS to Success," with...


Dr. Mosley: Treat YOURSELF Right

This show is sure to be one of your favorites as Dr. Mosley gives compassionate and humorous guidance about the way we treat ourselves. In fact, we teach others how to treat us by the way we treat ourselves. You will realize in this show, who is the most important person in your life and why. In addition, you'll understand the difference in being selfish and taking time for yourself. Listen, right now, to this wonderful show and hear Dr. Mosley give readings and inspiration to the callers...


Your GPS to SUCCESS - Time to Feel Good!

This week, Dr. Mosley talks about the importance to feel good even though it's necessary to sometimes feel bad. He gives some great personal examples and delivers some powerful reading to his callers.