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005 - The Winner is......

Is anyone missing Geoff yet? This week we look into the newest addition to Bowen's smart home - the Garage Door... Trevor explains the pros and cons of Foxtel Now and the new Foxtel Now Box and why Foxtel is dudding their best customers. What's the rule regarding street parking outside your house? Bowen has a rant. How much Vegemite is too much? Trevor has a rant, plus the new technology in Emirates First Class as spoken by two plane snobs, where you watch your Netflix and the rules of the...

Duration: 01:04:32

004 - Watering Geoff's Vine

Talking cars as Bowen looks at the Holden Astra and Trev the Kia Optima, Geoff talks Gaming as the Xbox One X hits stores and Call of Duty WWII launches. Why the hell is Geoff parading around Sydney Harbour on a multi-million dollar yacht? On a freeway - what is the speed you drive consistently? Do you trust the speedo, GPS or what? F1 season is almost over and Trev's lashed out on something the boys just can't appreciate. Bowen's photography tips, The Melbourne Cup and hatred thereof, and...

Duration: 01:08:20

003 - The Great Burger debate of 2017, Classic Cars, Halloween abuse and the iPhone X

Just what are Google thinking with their burger recipe? Madness - Does Cheese go on top of the beef or under it? Geoff talks a walk through car heaven in Gosford, we listen to your show feedback and questions, Bowen gets abused over Halloween lollies and Trev has the iPhone X and shares it with Geoff and Bowen - Plus why the hell is Geoff into Chia seeds....

Duration: 01:06:46

002 - Coffee Snobs and our Best Awards

This week Geoff, Chris and Trevor take some time to discuss some of the upcoming EFTM Best awards, nominations in Wireless Sound, Innovation and Small car. Plus The NBN dramas after the 4Corners story, BBQ lifestyle and the expensive options out there - tell us what you think, tweet us #EFTM or send a VoiceByte with #EFTM.

Duration: 01:07:58

001 - Geoff's just picking up the dregs

This week we farewell car manufacturing from Australia as Holden shuts down, plus we talk about the Voice assistants taking over our homes and just if there's any real need for them. The boys are fat, and need to lose weight, so the show kicks off a Fitbit challenge, Bowen's driving the stunning Lexus LC 500 V8 and we talk about the hype that is Tesla and in a segment unlikely to make the second episode we talk about what's up in the coming week! Mixed in with some fun, some laughs and...

Duration: 01:05:21

Your Tech Life #378 - Some news.... lend me your ear

After eight years, 378 episodes, more than 13 days of total shows to listen to - This is it, it's time for a change... I've got news, but it can't be summed up in a short snappy text - tune in, give me 23 minutes of your life and I'll explain all...

Duration: 00:23:30

Your Tech Life #377 - A Dyson Car - wouldn't that suck? But it's happening plus your calls and questions on tech!

This week's show looks at the Dyson "Car" what it is, and will it suck? Plus the new Apple watch and why it's a game changer - your calls on NBN issues, experiences, getting contacts from old phones and even trekking in Nepal - we've got tech covered!

Duration: 00:44:09

Your Tech Life #376 - The best of IFA, great data deals, Dyson CEO and your calls

This episode, Trevor talks his best of IFA show including the Lenovo Jedi Challenges AR headset, the Jooki kids Jukebox - plus talking about the amazing data deals on offer across telcos, an interview with Dyson's global CEO, and talking Cyber Security awareness with Trend Micro and your calls on NBN and WiFi and more.

Duration: 01:00:22

Your Tech Life #375 - Unplugged, Recorded LIVE in Central Park New York

In New York for Samsung's Unpacked Note 8 announcement, I took some time out and sat in Central Park to record this short unplugged look at some of the tech news of the last week - talking about rental bikes in big cities, comparing New York to Shenzhen, Officeworks brings the iPhone 6 out of retirement to create the best iPhone deal ever in Australia, NBN full year financial results and ACCC telco advertising recommendations, Vodafone is tearing up contracts with a new approach to plans...

Duration: 00:31:54

Your Tech Life #374 - Google Wifi Review, Talking Ransomware - NBN with Amaysim and taking your calls

Bumper episode this week, talking Ransomware with Trend Micro, talking to Amaysim about their NBN offering and just how the market is treating NBN today, my review of Google Wifi and your calls on Dual SIM phones, Garage Door Openers, NBN, and Gmail - all happening this week thanks to Garmin, Alcatel and Trend Micro.

Duration: 01:02:42

Your Tech Life #373 - JBL knows how to Party, Xbox warning for parents, iPhone 8 Rumours and your tech calls

Got a tech question? Trev is here to help, drop him a line and he'll answer your question on any topic. This week talking NBN, Mobile Phones and Smart home technology - plus the latest tech news including Xbox privacy setting warning for parents, iPhone rumours, the new Tesla Model 3 and a reflection on just how big JBL is globally..

Duration: 00:44:10

Your Tech Life #372 - Cutting the cord, Leaving Foxtel (kinda), Augmented Reality to blow your mind and your tech calls

Taking your tech calls, Trevor Long with Episode 372 thanks to Garmin, Trend Micro and Alcatel/Blackberry - this week talks about cutting the Foxtel cord and switching to streaming - the new Sony Xperia XZ Premium and how sweet it is, an Augmented Reality demo that gives us a glimpse of what's to come, ARLO Baby from Netgear is the ultimate baby monitor, plus I call Australia's Next Tech Blogger winner and take your calls on Grey Nomads and internet - and a curious Apple TV issue

Duration: 00:38:37

Your Tech Life #371 - Exploring Tuniversity with its founder, discussing Nanoleaf Aurora and taking your tech calls!

This week I talk to co-founder of Tuniversity Kiko Doran who explains the concept of unpacking a song and learning the art of music in a more hands on practical way through their iBook. Plus the Nanoleaf Aurora is now available - my thoughts and review, and your calls this week on any tech question you have - from Mobile Phones, to File transfers, Digital Radio and Streaming to radio broadcasting, We've got you covered!

Duration: 00:46:37

Your Tech Life #370 - Foxtel dudding it's best customers by restricting a simple feature - Aussie Broadband first test and your calls

Lots of calls this week, talking the new Nokia phones, getting a better deal on your mobile, what is Leasing a phone, NBN questions and internet until then, Travel roaming on your mobile, Android phone options, plus Tara from Baby Diaries has an announcement about her app - and I talk about the stupid decision from Foxtel to deprive their best customers of Chromecast support and I've connected to Aussie Broadband - the results (so far) are great!

Duration: 00:57:30

Your Tech Life #369 - How are ISPs holding back the NBN, the ACCC monitoring program plus all your calls

This week I speak to the boss of a little Aussie ISP which has a strong commitment to customer service and actually providing you with the speeds you want. Plus, it's time for you to help - if you have the NBN get involved in the ACCC's speed monitoring program I speak to Rod Sims about that, Tim Falinski from Trend Micro joins me to talk Ransomware and remind us how important being protected is, and lots of calls from Roaming to Security - I've got you covered on Your Tech Life.

Duration: 01:04:27

Your Tech Life #292 - Windows 10 is out, should you get it? Android drama a

Windows 10 is out, whats good, why to get it, who can get it and at what cost? Android Vulnerability discovered putting a billion phones at risk, Jawbone's new bands, Are gamers getting older? Oppo's R7 and LG's G4 and LG's beautiful TV

Duration: 00:44:55

Your Tech Life #291 - Telstra's WiFi on the road, Apple CarPlay rolls out a

Telstra has a 4G gadget to give you in-car internet on the go and at your holiday hotspot, Apple CarPlay comes to Hyundai and Ferrari as well as Skoda, and loads of calls on Foxtel Go, Video Editing, Foxtel IQ3, WiFi and Kids, Windows issues, Digital TV and Games Consoles

Duration: 00:52:57

Your Tech Life #290 - Clean your house with an App, Drones, WiFi, NBN, Gmai

I'm back, and I wonder if an App can really clean your house? WHIZZ thinks it can, and there's a full board of calls on NBN, WiFi, PC's, TVs, Drones and so much more... Pumped!

Duration: 00:58:17

Your Tech Life #289 - Apple Music, Telstra Air, Drones, NBN issues all this

What is Telstra Air, how does it work, should you sign up? Interesting concept really. Apple Music has launched, and needs a lot of work, Plus calls on Internet connectivity issues, and Drones!

Duration: 00:34:29

Your Tech Life #288 - A milestone episode, talking Piracy, Netflix, Taylor

A milestone episode, passing 500 podcasts is a huge deal for me, and I want to thank everyone for listening and supporting me. Plus, I rant on about Taylor Swift and Apple Music, The Australian Government and Piracy, and Netflix and their perceived domination - plus calls on Drones, NBN and car-racing games!

Duration: 00:54:35

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