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Your Tech Life #378 - Some news.... lend me your ear

After eight years, 378 episodes, more than 13 days of total shows to listen to - This is it, it's time for a change... I've got news, but it can't be summed up in a short snappy text - tune in, give me 23 minutes of your life and I'll explain all...

Duration: 00:23:30

Your Tech Life #377 - A Dyson Car - wouldn't that suck? But it's happening plus your calls and questions on tech!

This week's show looks at the Dyson "Car" what it is, and will it suck? Plus the new Apple watch and why it's a game changer - your calls on NBN issues, experiences, getting contacts from old phones and even trekking in Nepal - we've got tech covered!

Duration: 00:44:09

Your Tech Life #376 - The best of IFA, great data deals, Dyson CEO and your calls

This episode, Trevor talks his best of IFA show including the Lenovo Jedi Challenges AR headset, the Jooki kids Jukebox - plus talking about the amazing data deals on offer across telcos, an interview with Dyson's global CEO, and talking Cyber Security awareness with Trend Micro and your calls on NBN and WiFi and more.

Duration: 01:00:22

Your Tech Life #375 - Unplugged, Recorded LIVE in Central Park New York

In New York for Samsung's Unpacked Note 8 announcement, I took some time out and sat in Central Park to record this short unplugged look at some of the tech news of the last week - talking about rental bikes in big cities, comparing New York to Shenzhen, Officeworks brings the iPhone 6 out of retirement to create the best iPhone deal ever in Australia, NBN full year financial results and ACCC telco advertising recommendations, Vodafone is tearing up contracts with a new approach to plans...

Duration: 00:31:54

Your Tech Life #374 - Google Wifi Review, Talking Ransomware - NBN with Amaysim and taking your calls

Bumper episode this week, talking Ransomware with Trend Micro, talking to Amaysim about their NBN offering and just how the market is treating NBN today, my review of Google Wifi and your calls on Dual SIM phones, Garage Door Openers, NBN, and Gmail - all happening this week thanks to Garmin, Alcatel and Trend Micro.

Duration: 01:02:42

Your Tech Life #373 - JBL knows how to Party, Xbox warning for parents, iPhone 8 Rumours and your tech calls

Got a tech question? Trev is here to help, drop him a line and he'll answer your question on any topic. This week talking NBN, Mobile Phones and Smart home technology - plus the latest tech news including Xbox privacy setting warning for parents, iPhone rumours, the new Tesla Model 3 and a reflection on just how big JBL is globally..

Duration: 00:44:10

Your Tech Life #372 - Cutting the cord, Leaving Foxtel (kinda), Augmented Reality to blow your mind and your tech calls

Taking your tech calls, Trevor Long with Episode 372 thanks to Garmin, Trend Micro and Alcatel/Blackberry - this week talks about cutting the Foxtel cord and switching to streaming - the new Sony Xperia XZ Premium and how sweet it is, an Augmented Reality demo that gives us a glimpse of what's to come, ARLO Baby from Netgear is the ultimate baby monitor, plus I call Australia's Next Tech Blogger winner and take your calls on Grey Nomads and internet - and a curious Apple TV issue

Duration: 00:38:37

Your Tech Life #371 - Exploring Tuniversity with its founder, discussing Nanoleaf Aurora and taking your tech calls!

This week I talk to co-founder of Tuniversity Kiko Doran who explains the concept of unpacking a song and learning the art of music in a more hands on practical way through their iBook. Plus the Nanoleaf Aurora is now available - my thoughts and review, and your calls this week on any tech question you have - from Mobile Phones, to File transfers, Digital Radio and Streaming to radio broadcasting, We've got you covered!

Duration: 00:46:37

Your Tech Life #370 - Foxtel dudding it's best customers by restricting a simple feature - Aussie Broadband first test and your calls

Lots of calls this week, talking the new Nokia phones, getting a better deal on your mobile, what is Leasing a phone, NBN questions and internet until then, Travel roaming on your mobile, Android phone options, plus Tara from Baby Diaries has an announcement about her app - and I talk about the stupid decision from Foxtel to deprive their best customers of Chromecast support and I've connected to Aussie Broadband - the results (so far) are great!

Duration: 00:57:30

Your Tech Life #369 - How are ISPs holding back the NBN, the ACCC monitoring program plus all your calls

This week I speak to the boss of a little Aussie ISP which has a strong commitment to customer service and actually providing you with the speeds you want. Plus, it's time for you to help - if you have the NBN get involved in the ACCC's speed monitoring program I speak to Rod Sims about that, Tim Falinski from Trend Micro joins me to talk Ransomware and remind us how important being protected is, and lots of calls from Roaming to Security - I've got you covered on Your Tech Life.

Duration: 01:04:27

Your Tech Life #304 - A TRIFECTA!! Optus EPL deal, Apple Pay, 9 In HD and you calls

You probably won't believe it, but listen to this and you'll hear that I've got the trifecta.. amazing.. Low cost mobile plans are still in the news! Playstation VR is AMAZING Virtual Reality, Channel 9 is going to broadcast in HD, Apple Pay is coming! you calls on Laptops, NBN and Overseas travel, plus a special treat for you all from Harri

Duration: 00:57:54

Your Tech Life #303 - Another great mobile deal, amazing Bike technology you calls and dating!

Boost are back with a staggering new mobile deal worth looking at, We talk online dating and how it's all about Netflix. Your calls on Sound, NBN, Apple TV, iPads and more, Facebook's app chewing battery and Guitar Hero LIVE!

Duration: 01:00:10

Your Tech Life #302 - Kogan Mobile IS BACK! The NBN rolling to 9.5 million homes, Telstra TV and more

Kogan Mobile is back, In this Podcast Exclusive interview, Ruslan Kogan reflects on the issues that killed the original Kogan Mobile and the upsides of the new deal with Vodafone. The NBN has announced 9.5 million homes for construction where is your suburb? Telstra TV review - what's it worth... And iOS issues?

Duration: 00:52:23

Your Tech Life #301 - HIDE YOUR METADATA, is it an issue, should you be worried? Discuss

Metadata retention is now in place, lots of debate so what do I think, what should you be considering? Tesla is more than just an amazing car, it's a signal of things that others should be doing. Facebook has a new way to LIKE and we've got a 50 inch TV to win from TCL!! And your calls!!

Duration: 00:40:37

Your Tech Life #300 - Telstra's Stadium broadcasts, Huawei Watch, And inspiration from Intel

How is Telstra looking to enhance the at event experience for Mobile customers? What's the Huawei Watch like? Calls on Internet and Cinema screens, I open the phone lines, plus - an inspirational chat with a young man who's life was changed forever in a freak accident, and how Intel is helping him and how technology plays a huge role in his life. And thanks, thanks to everyone for listening, it means the world.

Duration: 01:09:17

Your Tech Life #299 - Improve your iPhone battery in one simple tap, Skylanders is coming and Fox Sports new app

How to improve your iPhone battery with the iOS 9 upgrade, Skylanders is coming for your Christmas list parents, so get ready, Fox Sports have a new all-sport app, and calls on Devices, iPhone buying and retail traffic monitoring

Duration: 00:43:39

Your Tech Life #298 - The Second hand economy is booming and this week I talk to two experts!

The Second hand economy, it's booming and we're selling more than ever - I talk to a couple of Aussie experts on why and how to take advantage of the rush, plus saving your photos and a day to stop and take stock, and my thoughts on Apple's big news

Duration: 00:35:55

Your Tech Life #297 - Live from IFA GPS trackers, tiny mobiles, plus Sony, Motorola and Lenovo

Live from Berlin for IFA, the Pet and Child tracking GPS, the World's Smallest Phone, Sony's new phones, Motorola's new watches, Star Wars droid, Rod Lappin from Lenovo and loads more!

Duration: 00:49:18

Your Tech Life #296 - Live from Integrate 2015 looking for the latest cool Audio Visual tech

Recorded LIVE on the show floor at Integrate 2015 in Melbourne I talk to Show organisers as well as searching for some cool gadgets and technology you might see in the wild in the years ahead

Duration: 00:36:10

Your Tech Life #295 - A solution for global roaming, Windows 10 reviews and

60 Minutes exposed a very interesting vulnerability in our mobile network I discuss that this week, plus iTunes Festival becomes Apple Music Festival, callers on Windows 10, Telstra and TV plus Motorola have some great new phones and I talk to the man behind a new solution to global roaming

Duration: 00:52:23

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