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It’s my mission to WAKE you UP to the possibilities in your life. I believe that you can change your circumstances, no matter what they are, and create the life of your dreams. Right here on my weekly WAKE UP show, I explore what helped me go from muffler salesman to bad-ass internet entrepreneur AND what that last 1% is that you need to achieve a breakthrough in your life like I did in mine…






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Duration: 00:00:02

#WAKEUP: What's Important to You? - Mar 25,2014

WAKE UP! with Jay Kubassek Funny, yet serious. Irreverent and practical- WAKE UP! is a glass of cold water for your inner-entrepreneur- sometimes splashed in your face. Jay Kubassek's weekly podcast is intended to help you unleash your inner rock-star and get the most out of life. Weekly topics are based on the most powerful WAKE UP calls of his personal and professional life - you won't want to miss an episode! Listen, laugh, grow and share! Check out Jay's Blog at...

Duration: 00:29:04

Love or Fear – Attracting Your Market for Success - Jan 21,2014

Love and fear are the only two energies in life, and everything we do comes from those two places. They can both motivate us to act, but in the end, love will always be a greater motivator than fear. What this means for us online marketers is that we can build long term success better if we operate from a place of love than from a place of fear. On today's call I explore how you can train yourself to operate from a space of love, not fear. Fear-based success is not sustainable long-term...

Duration: 00:31:12

Thriving and Proactive vs. Surviving and Reactive - Jan 14,2014

Jay Kubassek talks about the whole concept of "waking up" and how it relates to not only you and your inner entrepreneur but also how he desires to help others understand the absolute, sheer, massive magnitude of not only opportunity but obligation that we have as entrepreneurs in this day and age of the Digital Revolution.

Duration: 00:31:01

Eliminate Your Fear of Failure. - Dec 17,2013

In this episode of the WAKE UP Call Jay Kubassek shows you how to overcome the fear that keeps most people stuck in a life of survival, preventing them from ever creating true wealth and abundance. Regardless of the circumstances you are facing right now, this WAKE UP call could change your life by giving you a different paradigm for your life. It's time to WAKE UP your inner ROCK STAR and obliterate the fear that is keeping you trapped in a life of survival! C'mon, let's do this together! :)

Duration: 00:34:55

Leverage: The Entrepreneurs' Secret Sauce - Dec 10,2013

If hard work alone were enough to ensure business success, everyone would be retired by age 40. The fact of the matter is this: It's not just about working "hard," it's about working hard and smart! Combined with hard work, leverage is the secret to breaking free from the rat-race, while you begin to replace your income. It means eventual freedom! This is exactly what we teach at The Six Figure Mentors.

Duration: 00:43:34

Keep Calm and Think On, Is Stoicism the Secret to Happiness? - Dec 03,2013

A recent article in the Globe and Mail titled Keep calm and think on: How the ancients can save today's world, inspired today's #WAKEUP podcast where I talk about "stoicism"...

Duration: 00:28:54

How to Increase Your Productivity and Effectiveness - Nov 12,2013

Want to increase your productivity? Instead of getting swept into the current "busy-ness" and getting stuck in reactive mode, successful entrepreneurs are strategic with how they structure their day. Success is a result of learning certain disciplines and controlling as many variables as possible. Jay Kubassek shares five simple things to do before you begin your workday that can help you increase your productivity. Listen, laugh, grow and share!

Duration: 00:44:24

Productive? (Or, Just Busy..?) - Oct 22,2013

If you've hit a wall in your business and you're trying to just bang out your work until you break through it, stop. It's not going to work. You're being busy but not productive. We all hit the wall sometimes. When it happens, don't beat your head against it trying to break though - that's just "busy-ness". You're doing work that won't yield results and will only get you more frustrated. On today's call, I reveal some ways you can go around the wall and get back to business and...

Duration: 00:30:04

The Person Your Dog Thinks You Are - Oct 15,2013

Sometimes our pets teach us BIG lessons- the meaning of life, even... Other times they shit and piss on the carpet.... Listen in as Jay Kubassek shares another WAKE UP! call... Who knows where this one is going...

Duration: 00:34:21

The "Z" Factors - Leverage Your Returns - Oct 08,2013

Leverage Yourself Part 3 in a series of 3, on this WAKE UP show Jay Kubassek talks about the "Z" factors. How to use your circumstances in your environment to increase your worth. Give everything, every time! Once you make the commitment to living that way the effect will reciprocate right back into your own bank account!

Duration: 00:29:26

Government Shutdown: A Wake Up Call of the Century? - Oct 01,2013

The only person you can rely on is yourself. Turn your frustration and blame into action! I can only imagine how those of you who work for the government feel today. You feel like your legs where taken out from underneath you because something happened outside of your control. In such a scenario we all have the same reactions, feelings of extreme frustration and blame. What is there left to do? You can't create an alternate path for yourself while you're also blaming somebody else for your...

Duration: 00:26:41

Letting go of Resistance to Growth - Sep 24,2013

There was a point a few years ago in my life where I thought I had everything figured out. I had all I wanted materially. I achieved all this by "keeping the hedges trimmed" - by being diligent, working hard and maintaining laser focus. However, it seems that when you commit to growth, the more you work on yourself or your business, the more you uncover and the more there is to work on. Today I'd like to talk about a wake-up call from a very recent experience that I think has turned a page...

Duration: 00:28:22

Wake Up Before You're Dead - Sep 17,2013

WAKE UP Before You're Dead Time is valuable. Time is finite. Could you say in that moment, if life would've come to an end, that you'd have been happy with the story that flashed before you? Every now and again we'll come to certain crossroads; we'll be faced with certain decisions. It's our choice what we do in those "wake up call" kinds of moments. Those moments are like a snapshot in time of where we're at in life. They happen very infrequently, but when they do it's like a "reference...

Duration: 00:33:39

Survival - How Adaptable Are You? - Sep 10,2013

The One Who Survives, is the One That is the Most Adaptable to Change. So many times we get lulled into thinking ?status quo? is good enough, and that mediocrity will get us to the finish line. Fearing failure, is to fear progress; have courage.

Duration: 00:32:14

Your Financial Destiny - Sep 03,2013

Do you ever feel like there's an invisible barrier preventing you from reaching your financial goals... no matter what you do? Have you ever wondered to yourself "Why am I working harder than ever, yet I have less and less to show for..."? Are you worried that regardless what you do, how hard you work, and how hard you try - nothing will ever change? If you find yourself thinking about these things from time to time... you are not alone. Millions of people are stuck in this place right now;...

Duration: 00:33:53

Every Thought is a Seed we Plant - Aug 27,2013

This week's Wake Up call came loud and clear; it woke me up in the middle of the night out of a dead sleep. So many thoughts have been spinning around in my head with everything that is happening in my life. It finally hit me what this all meant. Everything that happens to us is a result of the choices we have made in our past . Every thought we have and decision we make is a seed that we plant. If the seed is planted with good intentions and the right consciousness, we may produce a miracle...

Duration: 00:34:14

Grab Your Chisel and Get to Work - Aug 20,2013

Inside of each of us is an incredible work of art, a beautiful statue waiting to be carved. Yet, that unrealized potential goes to the grave with millions of people. . . what a shame. Today's wake up call for me was the realization of that key difference- between those who actually realize their fullest potential and those who take their talents, dreams, and goals with them to the grave. This simple distinction is what separates those who get to live the life they desire and those who drag...

Duration: 00:29:26

Freedom's Big Ticket Price Tag - Aug 13,2013

What is the price of freedom? How badly do you want it? On this WAKE UP podcast Jay talks about the meaning and value of freedom and how it is our obligation to capitalize on the freedom and choices we have to create whatever circumstances we want in our life. Freedom means living a life of your choice, on your terms in order to be fulfilled and at peace. It means being able to do what it is that you are passionate about, whatever that looks like to you. Freedom is a precious thing.

The Ultimate Catch-22: Get What You Give - Aug 06,2013

An entrepreneur once asked a wealthy and established businessman, ?How did you do it? How do you continue to increase your profits year after year? The wise businessman gave the young man a very sage piece of advice. He told him, ?It has never been and never will it be, my intention to make money.?

Duration: 00:31:06

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