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064 Youth Worker On Fire Podcast - Building A Student Ministry

In this segment, youth pastors will learn tips on how to choose churches. Although you're being interviewed for the youth pastor position, you need to have a list of questions to ask too. Churches also need to learn how to choose a youth pastor that's right for them and not just fill a vacant position. Another key tip is to separate the middle school students, high school students and college students into their own groups and have them meet at different times during the week. This can cause...

Duration: 00:27:38

063 Youth Worker On Fire Podcast - Hurricane Irma

Irma was the biggest hurricane in Florida, 400 miles across. It brought back a memory of our student ministry taking 55 people to volunteer after Hurricane Andrew, 7 days later. A student, Jason Mages, decided we had to do something. He said the right things to the right people and the next thing I knew, we had a caravan of motorhomes, vans and trucks heading south from Eustis, Florida for a 2 night and 3 day work adventure in a place that looked like a bomb went off and had wiped out...

Duration: 00:21:08

062 Youth Worker On Fire Podcast - DJ Verkaik

DJ Verkaik at the age of 19 sold his truck and a lot of other things to get his 1st pro video camera! He later bought a $50k 1st of its kind digital computer video editing system and became famous. But he started by volunteering with me as an 8th grader producing mammoth video shows for pep rallies, church and massive events all through his high school career. He and his buddy, Matt Johnson, worked harder than most people being paid. All I tried to do was show him how to have a...

Duration: 00:34:22

061 Youth Worker On Fire Podcast - Coach Brittany Beall

Coach/Teacher/FCA Huddle Coach/Wife/Mom was NOT a great softball player but her dad worked with her everyday even when friends went to the beach, she cried, but she practiced. And she went D1 to Auburn University as a softball player and became the 1st female athlete to go to FCA with the football team, and then she brought her team as well to start an Auburn Legacy. She is still building Legacies! What a powerful person in the public school system. Listen to Coach Brittany Beall's story now!

Duration: 00:24:46

060 Youth Worker On Fire Podcast - Matt Matulia

He has always been a champion, raised by champion parents! Being forgiven was his only way back! He had hurt his wife, himself and his relationship with God. Now he is Fellowship of Christian Athletes Director in his home county. How in heaven's name did he get to do that when his failure was so painful. Matt Matulia is a bigger Champion now than ever before. But, how? Find out in this episode!

Duration: 00:17:09

059 Youth Worker On Fire Podcast - Matt Williamson

How can a person get arrested for drugs while in college, go to a rehab facility and later become a youth pastor for one of the largest churches in the Orlando, Florida area? And who is this person? Well his name is Matt Williamson. Listen to how this story unfolds. Further more, how does he score an amazing wife and start a great family with 2 little boys? You will hear the answers to all of those questions and more in this episode of Youth Worker On Fire.

Duration: 00:45:40

058 Youth Worker On Fire Podcast - Coach Jack Cole

Coach Jack Cole is a self employed missionary to Jamaica where he and his wife adopted a daughter, raised their own children, and was called by a principal in a public high school, "a man of great integrity and influence." He is what every coach, youth pastor and teacher should be. He puts Faith 1st, Family 2nd and others 3rd while making all feel and believe they are blessed to be with him. Coach Jack Cole is the mentor we all should be to those around us because we do the NEXT Right Thing.

Duration: 00:28:38

057 Youth Worker On Fire Podcast-Michael and Silvana Helms

Mike Who? • on his website! •Mike Helms, was a junior in high school when we met. He was a regular student, but brilliant, laughed and joked a lot. •His dad was an international accountant and decided Michael, "Mike", needed to travel so he sent him to his company in Brazil where •Mike met the love of his life, but he didn't know it yet. But, this young Brazilian lady, •Silvana knew he was the love of her life at 1st sight. •Mike, makes Youth Worker On Fire sound...

Duration: 01:02:44

056 Youth Worker On Fire Podcast - Jim Budzynski

Three children, John, Michael and Rebecca, in that order. Yet, for 24 years they have been working with Michael to control his seizures which are located all over his brain. Jim has been a 20+ year student ministry volunteer, community volunteer and church board member. He and his wife Marilyn own a major screen printing business and have traveled to different parts of the globe trying to find a cure for Michael's condition. Sleepless nights in hospitals, educating John and Rebecca through...

Duration: 00:35:46

055 Youth Worker On Fire Podcast-Alex Campione

Pat Williams, Senior VP of the Orlando Magic, said to me that there is no one like Alex Campione...In 8th grade she joined us on a mission trip to the Appalachia poverty mission. She has been a world changer ever since. Alex went on 4 Colorado trips with our student ministry, she was FCA student leader at her high school for 4 years because she initiated it. Pat Williams spoke to the 2013 senior class because she decided it needed to happen. She is a student at the University of Florida....

Duration: 00:30:00

054 Youth Worker On Fire Podcast - Don Holmes - High Point Travel

My Travel Agent to date is Don Holme's in Texas! I have taken 18 plus years of Colorado trips booked and arranged by Don! When you travel with students and volunteers you want the guy who thinks ahead of you and cares about you and your people. That's why Don is one of my Consistent Heros. He has been working with High Point Travel in Dallas, Texas for 30 years. In Don's words, "And they said it wouldn't last." He was being funny. HaHaHa! 13 year's in Youth Ministry Married for 30 years, 2...

Duration: 00:44:18

053 Youth Worker On Fire Podcast - Blake Appleby

Blake Appleby was saved as a teenager and has been reaching and teaching young people as a pastor and evangelist to students for 9 years. He has a beautiful wife named Meredith and two boys, Micah and Wade. He is the Student Pastor at First Baptist Church of Umatilla, Florida. He enjoys sports, bass fishing, playing the drums, reading, and a good cup of coffee.

Duration: 00:30:56

052 Youth Worker On Fire Podcast - Anthony Sabatini

Anthony Sabatini was a sophomore in high school when his principal sat him down and said to him calmly, “You have some potential and you’re going to be one of two things, either you’re going to end up in the United States Senate or you’re going to end up in prison. And you have to make that choice.” Anthony recalls, "No one had ever talked to me that way before." It could have gone either way. But Anthony was a leader and it was evident to all. He became Student Body President and is a...

Duration: 00:35:25

051 YWOF Podcast-Bryan Totten

Bryan Totten is currently teaching AVID, which stands for Advancement Via Individual Determination. This program helps prepare students who are in the academic middle for four-year college eligibility. These are students who are capable of completing a college-prep curriculum but may be falling short of their potential. Bryan has been in public education for 7 years and has taught both middle and high school. He is a graduate of the University of Central Florida and Liberty University...

Duration: 00:47:01

050 Youth Worker On Fire Podcast - Dena and Tom Yohe

What if your daughter tells you she was raped 2 years earlier. What if you found out she was a cutter and later on drugs? What if soon after that she turns 18 and moves out and you wonder night after night if she is alive or dead? Tom and Dena Yohe have lived that life and still live on the tentative list. In Dena's book to parents, You Are Not Alone, she takes you through how their family felt alone and through much time found answers that you will not have to look for because they found...

Duration: 00:51:44

049 Youth Worker On Fire Podcast - Ryan Schmitz

Ryan Schmitz was a rebellious teenager with a tough home life. With no boundaries, he dropped out of high school and got into a lot of trouble. Doug Edwards talks to Ryan about the positive adults who influenced his life and how his life was transformed through the grace of Jesus Christ.

Duration: 00:24:48

048 Youth Worker On Fire Podcast - Joe Batlock - Teen Challenge

A drug and alcohol addiction recovery program, Teen Challenge is the focus of this week's episode. Doug interviews Joe Batlock, who works for Teen Challenge, a drug and alcohol addiction recovery program. Teen Challenge USA works on a holistic model of drug and alcohol recovery. This means they are concerned with the body, mind, and spirit of those who come to their addiction recovery centers. They endeavor to help people become mentally sound, emotionally balanced, socially adjusted,...

Duration: 00:12:11

047 Youth Worker On Fire Podcast - Carey Baker

Carey Baker is a man among men. He and his wife Lori have 3 children and the oldest is 14 years old. That makes him qualified to talk to youth workers among many other things. He comes from a history of soldiers. In this episode, he speaks of 3 of our recent fallen young soldiers in the Middle East and Afganistan. His dad served in WWII and Carey joined the National Guard at age 18 and served for 32 years. In later years, he was elected to the Florida House of Representatives as well as...

Duration: 00:44:03

046 Youth Worker On Fire Podcast - Julie Castro

Julie Castro talks to Doug about her life growing up and how she knew Jesus in her head but not in her heart. She later accepted the Lord into her life at age 25. Julie is author of the book "On Earth As It Is In Heaven: A Personal Allegory." It talks about how we all have a choice whether to accept Jesus into our heart or not. You can learn more about Julie and her ministry at Fiesta Publishing.

Duration: 00:14:25

045 Youth Worker On Fire Podcast - Tim Latiff

Tim Latiff grew up in Maryland. His parents are pastors and he got involved in a local churches youth program. That was a big influence in his life and he later became a youth pastor at New Life Worship Center in Capital Heights, Maryland. He currently works at the Center for Urban Renewal and Education and oversees their clergy outreach program. This program addresses issues of culture, race and poverty in the urban communities and helps encourage and educate local pastors. From Tim's...

Duration: 00:11:49

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