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973: Why You Feel "Different" After Meditating

Today I answer a question about meditation that was posed on Quora. You may experience the same thing that the questioner does, so I hope that my response gives you some information to make your sessions more relaxing and enjoyable. I feel dissassociated after meditation, how can I return to my "normal self"? Gauging from your question, it’s difficult to say if you are a beginner or a seasoned meditator, or, with the utmost respect, have a psychological diagnosis. The reason I point out...


972: 6 Ways to Radiate Love to the Entire World

Yesterday on 5 Minute Mojo I took a quote from Buddha and talked about how it can be used in today's world. What was the quote? "Radiate Love for the whole world." Since that quote is so topical, I thought it definitely needed more time to be discussed than 5 minutes. And since i decided to meditate on the answer, here on ZEN commuter is the perfect place to continue our discussion What you will Learn in this episode: How you meditating on Loving Kindness changes the energy of the...


971: How to Bounce Back from a Lackluster Meditation Session

Have I told you that I love meditating? Have I told you that every time I sit down to meditate I have the most mind-altering experience imaginable? I hope I haven't, because that would be a lie. I have had some profound meditations. And like today, not the most earth-shattering. Today I talk about how to bounce back from a meditation that is just okay. What you will Learn in this episode: Characteristics of a lackluster meditation for meSteps to take to bounce back from a so-so sessionWhat...


970: Danny O'Connor: Meditation Ambassador and Professional Boxer

Some things seem to go together and some things seem like they couldn't be more opposite. You might think that is the case with meditation and professional boxing. But as I learned recently, nothing is further from the truth. In fact, my interview today with Danny O'Connor is proof positive that nothing is beyond the scope of mindfulness. Danny O'Connor is an accomplished professional boxer, trainer, and youth mentor. Danny has met a multitude of athletic achievements which include being a...


969: A Morning Meditation for a Calmer Day

Since ZEN commuter is a meditation podcast, doesn't it seem like we are do for another meditation? You are absolutely right. Today I want to share with you a meditation that I have recorded for my students that helps them start the day off on the right foot. What you will Experience in this episode: A beginner meditation for starting your day off in a calm space Links from this Episode: A Morning Meditation (14:00 minutes) Sponsors: Support ZEN commuter and get access to patron...


968: 7 tips for Deeper Meditation by Giovanni Dienstmann

I thought for today I would reach out to one of my peers to get some meditation insight. Thankfully, as you know from my interview with Giovanni Dienstmann, he is that perfect resource. Today he talks about 7 simple ways to deepen your meditation practice. What you will Learn in this episode: How to prepare for a deep meditationWhat thoughts will help you to meditate more deeply in the future Sponsors: 7 Tips for Deeper Meditation by Giovanni Dienstmann Sponsors: Support ZEN commuter...


967: The Best Type of Meditation for You

Depending on how much research you have done, you may have noticed that there are hundreds of different types of meditations. Which one is right for you? The answer is easy; the one you are doing. Yup, it's that easy. Today I will talk about the different varieties of meditation, as well as offer you a challenge for trying something new. What you will Learn in this episode: The difference between different types of meditationA challenge to further your meditation. Sponsors: Support ZEN...


966: Meditation FAQ's - What's a Thought

Today I answer questions that have been sent in from listeners. One deals with anticipating thought and the other about what you should feel after meditating.


965: Meditation FAQ: Do I Exhale Through my Nose or Mouth?

It may seem like learning how to exhale at the beginning of your meditation is a pretty small thing to worry about. However, there are reasons that are both physiological and spiritual for you to know the difference. Today I am going to talk about each of these reasons so that you can best know which is optimal for your practice. Spoiler alert: they are both acceptable but not for all instances. Come learn the difference. What you will Learn in this episode: The definition of...


964: How Your Meditation Habit Changes the World (R)

Many people nurture a meditation habit to help themselves become calmer, more focused. In short, they do it for themselves, which is totally cool. The better thing to know is that you're not just making you better, you are making the world better. Come listen how. What you will Learn in this episode: 4 Ways your meditation practice serves the worldHow meditating makes you more ecologically conscious Links from the Episode: 10 Daily Mediations to make the World a Better...


963: 10 Reasons Why Breath is the Major Focus of Meditation

There are other focuses for meditation; other objects or sounds to help you become mindful. However, none of them are as prevalent as your breath. Today I will discuss just why that is. What You Will Learn in This Episode: The physiological reason to focus on your breathThe spiritual reason for focusing on breath.The religious connotations of breath in meditation. Sponsors: Focus@Will THANKS FOR LISTENING! Thanks again for listening to the show! If it has helped you in any way, please...


962: How Exactly Do You Focus on Your Breath?

Whether you are just starting out meditating or have been doing it for years, there is one thing you always here; focus on your breath. It may sound like a simple concept, but is it. It certainly will be after today. In today's episode I am going to talk about what exactly that simple little phrase means. What You Will Learn in This Episode: How to initially return your breath back to normal after deep breathingHow your nose enters into the equation with regards to focusHow to visualize...


961: How to Meditate When You are Sick

When was the last time you got sick? The flu is running rampant around many parts of the world, despite the availability of vaccines for some. If you had a cold, wouldn't you want the symptoms to last a little less? Heck, wouldn't you want to be able to get healthier faster? If you answered yes to these questions, it's time to start meditating. Mediation increases your immune response and allows you to heal faster. However, sometimes you do get sick, and the last thing on your mind is...


960: 4 Ways to Extend Your Meditation Into Your Day

if you have meditated even once, you no doubt experienced a sense of calm, you relaxed for the amount of time in your session. However, mediation isn't simply about experiencing the benefits within your seated practice, as you become more proficient at meditating, sticking to a daily habit, you will begin to see how the benefits are making their way into your daily life. Today I talk about ways to facilitate that process as I talk about four ways to extend your mediation practice into your...


959: Ian White Maher: Living a Buddhist Life

Ian White Maher is an ordained Unitarian Universalist minister and has served churches in New York City and North Carolina. Presently he lives at the Cambridge Zen Center, one of the largest residential Buddhist temples in North America. He is a retreat leader, spiritual director, and is working on a book about the possibilities of spiritual transformation. To see more of his work visit his website at ianwhitemaher.com What you will Learn in this episode: The answer to the question, is...


958: Will Henshall of Focus @ Will Explains it All (R)

Will has achieved notable global success both as a musical/visual artist and as a technical inventor. In 1987, he founded the British pop soul band Londonbeat and had two Billboard #1 hit records, “I’ve Been Thinking About You” (91) and “Come Back” (95). He founded Rocket Network, a Paul Allen/Cisco-funded San Francisco company, in 1995 and created the professional audio media transfer system, DigiDelivery. He sold the company to Avid/Digidesign in 2003. Today I have asked Will not just to...


957: Grant Sabatier: Money, Millennials and Meditation

Grant Sabatier is the creator of Millennial Money, a personal finance, investing, and entrepreneurship community dedicated to financial independence and early retirement. At 24 he was broke and living with his parents. Fast forward5 years later and he had made over one million dollars. It took hard work and many hard hours, but the greatest outcome was the ability to live a fuller life, a deeper life. I talk with Grant as he discusses how meditation has completely changed his life in the...


956: Tom Evans Shares His View Of Meditation through the Lens of Tech and Science (R)

He is an ex-BBC television engineer turned author, author’s mentor, philanthropist, creative catalyst and mindfulness, timefulness and kindfulness practitioner. After studying electronic engineering [electrickery as he calls it now] at university, he spent 20 years in the broadcast industry and 10 years in the Internet industry, working out how all that technical magic worked. Since discovering meditation in his mid-40s, he has used this engineering mindset to understand how mindfulness...


955: Jim Rajan: Creating Amazing Music to Accompany Your Meditations

For some meditators, the ability to deepen their sessions depends on instrumental accompaniment. Thankfully for them (and myself included, at times) there is Jim Rajan. He is a musician who specializes in instrumental pieces designed to enhance meditation. He and I met on Insight Timer, the free app for meditation. I found his selections incredibly helpful in allowing me to go deeper in my mediations. Today, I am glad to have him on the show to discuss his creative process and the things...


954: How to Improve Your Relationships with Mindfulness

I have talked about how meditation can help you feel connected to all life; how it can help our world get to a more peaceful state. However, many people, while they think that is a lofty goal, would be happier to have more successful relationships in their own lives. What you will learn in this episode: How mindfulness improves relationshipsHow to listen better.The benefits of a Loving Kindness letter Links from this episode: How to Improve Your Relationships with...


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