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Zane's World | Miami

MIAMI If you don’t want to hear Steve McKenna screaming like Scarface, this isn’t the episode for you. Miami is one of the most “international” cities on the planet, known for incredible drinks, scrumptious food, and never-ending nightlife. Hess is excited to talk about his home town. And, if we’ve done our job, your mouth will be watering for a Monkey Rum mojito and a Cuban Sandwich! Email to share with us where you'd like us to visit next time on the Zane's...

Duration: 01:37:17

Zane's World | Amsterdam

AMSTERDAMN Damn, that's one fun city! Amsterdam is known as the city of canals, tulips and bicycles. Or, if you’re Steve McKenna, it may be more of a destination for its abundance of “coffee houses”. Steve takes over the show and, in a glimmer of intellectualness, gives an insightful overview of the city. Hess gets 5 stars for his strange locations. And Erica makes our mouths water with her presentation of the “slow food movement”. Email to share with us where...

Duration: 01:06:35

Zane's World | Rome

ROME When in Rome, do as the tourists do! This ancient city was once the capital of an empire that spanned from England to Africa. It now stands as a relic of powerhouse that priced building and monuments that would still be nearly impossible today. Mel surprises the crew with Italian cocktails. Hess gets weird. Erica gets hungry. And Steve gets drunk! Email to share with us where you'd like us to visit next time on the Zane's World Podcast.

Duration: 01:17:32

Zane's World | Croatia

CROATIA Game of Thrones may have put the city of Dubrovnik, Croatia on the world stage, but Zane points out that he went there first for Three Sheets. We take you from the northern capital of Zagreb to the southern gem of Dubrovnik. Steve comes in underprepared and hacks his way through his segment with Zane’s help. Erica gives first hand experiences on the amazing food culture in Croatia. And Hess explains why a two million dollar island in the Adriatic may not be such a good...

Duration: 01:19:50

Zane’s World | Los Angeles

LOS ANGELES We dust off the cobwebs with the inaugural episode of Zane’s World in our home city. Steve McKenna, co-host of Zane’s show, revives his role as booze aficionado. Hess Wesley, the show’s producer, gives insight into the weird and wacky side of LA. Erica Elstro, from Adv3nture Apparel, gives visitors and locals some incredible food options. And we have just enough technical difficulties to debate whether we should have scrapped this episode and started over! ;) Email...

Duration: 01:09:01

Chug: Fiji Commentary

Zane Lamprey, Steve Mckenna, and Josh Dean sit down to watch Chug: Fiji and give bonus some commentary. If you DVR the episode on Nat Geo Channel you can play it back with this audio.

Duration: 00:28:20

Chug: Sydney Commentary

Zane Lamprey, Steve Mckenna, Joshua Dean, and Tad Chamberlain (The Sound Guy) sit down to give some DVR commentary for Chug: Sydney.

Duration: 00:25:52

Chug: Kuala Lumpur Commentary

For the premiere of Chug, Zane Lamprey, Steve McKenna, Joshua Dean, and Tad Chamberlain, sit down to give some commentary on the show. Zane will show you how to match the commentary with the airing of the show so you can follow along. Watch Chug Monday night's at 10:30pm!

Duration: 00:31:57

35: Churronuts & Food Trucks

Zane is back from conducting his research into Hawaiian drinking cultures and brought back with him some Maui Coconut Porter. We open up a ton of mail containing stickers for our beer fridge, which is becoming pretty epic. Then we chat with Steve Mckenna about ideas for his fabled food truck and his Bloody Mary project. Cheers!

Duration: 00:31:21

34: While Zane Is Away, The Crew Will Play

While Zane is drinking in Hawaii, Josh, Casey, and Nehl take over the podcast to talk about whatever they like. We touch on dog diets, Glögg, drinking ciders, early versions of macro beers, our first craft beers, manly drinking, Josh's time as a Mormon dance champion, and video games for toddlers. Zane is also reading off the names of kickstarter backers that donated over $350 for Kickstarter. Thank you all for your support!

Duration: 01:24:22

33: Fandueling and Beer-Holding

Our buddy Nehl Bobal stops by to chat with Zane, Josh, and Casey. We discuss Fanduel fantasy football, stickers sent in from fans, a few headlines in the news and the recently broken beer-holding record. Woohoo!

Duration: 00:37:23

32: Aussie Rules

Our Aussie friend Mike Goldman joins us again and this time he brings his fellow Aussie actor friend, Daniel Lissing, to chat and drink Chinaco Tequila with Zane and Josh. We discuss techniques to perfect your accent, American and Aussie rules football, and give a surprise call to a fan. Cheers!

Duration: 00:59:53

31: Mike Goldman & Chinaco Tequila

Australian television and radio host, Mike Goldman, joins us to offer the podcast a great Australian accent, his quick wits, and a few amazing drinking stories. In exchange we offer him Chinaco Tequila. Afterwards, we get a brand new drink from Jacopo Falleni, Better Bitter.

Duration: 00:55:58

30: Counting Crows

Some good times are had as Adam Duritz and David Immerglück of the Counting Crows join us for a few drinks and to discuss their new album "Somewhere Under Wonderland" which drops September 2nd. We also get a new cocktail from Jacopo Falleni, the Bassano 1776.

Duration: 01:08:31

29: Chugging Behind The Scenes

Last week the crew for Chug got together to shoot the final bonus episode with a round-table discussion...and a lot of drinks. We recap on which crew members got drunk, which ones got rowdy, and whether or not we should include the drunk commentary on Chug's DVD. We also get a chance to crack open some bottles of Chinaco Blanco and Chinaco Anejo Tequila, the 1st premium tequila to come to the United States!

Duration: 00:46:38

28: Our Kandy Krush, Jessica Hall

Our good friend Jessica Hall, who was recently named Kandy Magazine's "Krush of the Year," stops by to talk about her latest cover shoot, appearing on the upcoming season of Kendra On Top, and her recent visit to the Playboy mansion with Mel. We also get a new cocktail from Jacopo Falleni, The Italian Gigalo. Cheers!

Duration: 00:54:35

27: Stuppet the Muppet

After taking a break last week to recover from the Monkey Rum Adventure Quest in New York, we are back to recap our adventure and chat with the one and only Steve Mckenna. We also discuss the future of the podcast and which elements we want to keep, axe, or improve upon. Then, Jacopo Falleni makes his return to the show with his new drink, Filomena. Cheers!

Duration: 01:07:22

26: Casey's Back From The Philippines

Casey is back and ready to share some of his adventures from the Philippines, like diving with Whale Sharks, drinking Lambanog (Filippino moonshine) and eating Balut (duck fetus). We also chat about the Monkey Rum Adventure Quest happening in New York, July 17th-19th. Cheers!

Duration: 00:44:41

25: Comedian Joe Wengert

After a week off the crew is back to chat with funny man, Joe Wengert, about his new Comedy Central Special. After discussing the butchering of his apparently simple last name, we discuss breakfast, improv, and slightly rotating clocks. We also discuss the Monkey Rum Adventure Quest happening in New York next week. Cheers!

Duration: 00:44:45

24: Should Have Brought Donuts

The crew records the most efficient podcast to date. Mel, Josh, and Steve take the DME Brewery Quiz, and Zane explains the best way to sneak a drink.

Duration: 00:25:39

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