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038 - With Scott Bauer - On Your Secret Love Affair With Pop Music

Howdy Zengineers! Today we're talking about Music with industry expert, Scott Bauer. Not just any music, either. We're talking specifically about Pop Music. Cringe! What's that you're feeling right now? Are you upset that we're giving Katy Perry an entire episode? Are you embarrassed about your guilty pleasures playlist? Maybe you're stoked because pop music fires you up! Well, however you feel, you should know that you're not alone, and that's why we've brought our good friend Scott in to...


037 - On Artificial Intelligence - Part 3 - A Philosophy Of Terminators

Welcome home, Zengineers! This is the final episode in our three part series on Artificial Intelligence. This is the deep dive into the big questions. Will computers be smarter than us some day? What the heck does that mean anyway? Are terminators already coming for us through time and space? Who knows? The emergence of Artificial Intelligence forces humanity to face so many of life’s big questions in practical ways that have only been the job of philosophers and ministers in the past....


036 - On Virtual Reality - Part 2 - A Dungeon of Whiteboards

Howdy, Zengineers. Welcome to our second episode on Virtual Reality. We start this episode by examining the five traditional senses (evolutionary technologies?) that our bodies have in the “Real World.” From there its a wild ride through perception and experience as we dive into the digital technologies behind modern VR that attempt to convince your mind that VR is not V at all! Our recent experiences with the HTC Vive have left us absolutely floored by the near fully immersive Virtual...


034 - On Virtual Reality

In this episode, we discuss “alternate” realities, aka virtual realities. To do so, I travelled to Los Angeles to visit Adam (this is Brian, btw). Why you may ask would I slug my 215 pound, 6 foot 8 inch body all the way there? Well, I needed to be physically in Adam’s living room so that my mind could enter into the virtual reality of an HTC Vive VR system that Adam has recently setup. It was mind blowing. The current generation of Virtual Reality Technology is “The jetpack we’ve been...


Shorty 003 - On Writing Honestly

Hey it's a shorty! This week we've got a quick convo on podcasting versus writing, how each is used to convey info, and where it's easier to be dishonest. Dig it! Share it! Let us know what you think. Enjoy!


Shorty 002 - On Stuff Made in China

It's a shorty! Just a little something something to get you through the week. This one's about some of the problems and complications inherent in the idea that we're going to "bring manufacturing back" to the United States. Of course we can't talk about this stuff without a little Elon Musk and asteroid mining in there. Enjoy!


032 - On Bill Nye, Activism, And The Depths Of Science

The March for Science happened this last weekend all over the world. Did you know about it? We almost didn't. How awkward. Did we attend? Nope. Why not? Urrrrr ... Ummm ... well, let's talk about it. In this episode we take a shallow dive into some of the most fundamental aspects of our Podcast. What is the March for Science? What impact is it attempting to produce? Will it be successful? How do Bill Nye and other science communicators (like us) play into that mission? WHAT IS THE FREAKIN'...


Shorty 001 - On Monkey Sex

Hey Zengineers! We're taking this week to introduce a new format you'll be seeing/hearing on our feed more often. The SHORTY! We'll explain in the episode. This one's about all different kinds of sex. Yep, there are many. Enjoy this one. And keep exploring!


030.5 - On Logical Fallacies - With Mike Rosolio

Hey! It's a bonus 'cast! When we had Mike Rosolio on last week we failed to make it out of the intro for the episode we planned before time ran out. After that we ran through some actual logical trick plays you'll see everywhere once you know how they work (logical fallacies.)It didn't quite fit after the killer convo you heard last week. So, if you dug episode 30, and you want to listen to us get more technical, this one's for you. Enjoy, and let us know if you like it.


030 - On How to Argue Good - with Mike Rosolio

We missed the Rhetorical Theory and Semantics class in school, but our guest this week got his degree in it! What's that mean? He's really good at arguing, and persuading, and finding holes in your BS!! In this episode, the three of us set out to introduce logical fallacies, but ended up lost in a discussion about just, well ... how to have a reasonable discussion. Why is it that so many conversations these days end in a fight? What's up the state of discourse in modern society? We talk...


029 - On Artificial Intelligence - Part 2

We're back, with our second conversation on Artificial Intelligence. Last time we mostly talked about the past, while we tried to dissect what AI actually is. We mused on older technologies we dubbed Artificial Memory, like books, calculators, and hard drives. In this episode we discuss how video games (during humanity's never-ending quest to recreate reality) got us to the computational capacity for natural language processing, machine learning, and neural networks. Where is this...


028 - On Crossfit and Being Fit Enough - With Ryan Zaffino

Hey everybody! We’re back with more Zengineering goodness. This week we’ve got guest Ryan Zaffino hanging out. He’s a Crossfit coach, personal trainer, and studying to be a physical therapist. Crossfit has come up before but this week we’re diving in on what it really is and Ryan’s talking fitness, health, happiness and how he works mindfulness into types of training that you might not think of that way. Enjoy! As always, let us know what you think on the socials, or...


027 - On Artificial Intelligence - Part 1

Howdy, Zengineers! A lot of season one danced around the topic of Artificial Intelligence, so we decided it was time to dive in for realz. This is part one of a three part series on Artificial Intelligence. What the hell is it? Where'd it come from? How does it play in our lives right now? Where are we headed? It's a crazy time and there's a lot to be aware of. We're really excited for this one. Enjoy, and, as always, hit us up with your thoughts and ideas!


026 - On Corrections with Alan Gilbert - Quantum Computing, Gold Dollars, and Solipsism

Hello Zengineers! We're back with our second guest episode of Season 2. Have you ever been listening and thought, "These guys are really really good looking, but what they just said is total BS!" Well, our good friend Alan Gilbert has come on to help us kick off a new Error Correction Program here at Zengineering Podcast. We revisit quantum computing, historical number systems, and even touch on the Sacajawea One Dollar Coin ... what? Hope you enjoy, and have a great week!


025 - On Podcasts, with Borson And DAbel

Welcome to 2017! In celebration of a New Year, we're hosting two of our good friends that are launching their New Podcast (I Don't Know Shit, with Borson & DAbel). We've wanted to discuss the merits of doing a podcast for a while, and in this cast we cover a little bit of how and a little bit of why. Borson & DAbel's energy has really inspired us, so if you've ever dreamt about launching your own cast, then this episode will definitely get you off the couch and into your own studio. Rock &...


024 - On Holiday Safety, Costco Carts, and Trump Snow Globes

Happy Holidays! This week we're giving out some holiday safety tips to keep the family from experience too many Chevy Chase Christmas-Vacation moments! We're talking about where holiday flavors come from, mischievous cart thieves at CostCo (maybe elves that got fired last year), and how to prevent lighting your dried out pine tree on fire and burning your house down by over energizing too many strands of artificial holiday merriment. Dig it! Share it! Let us know what you think!


023 - On Fake News, Political Discourse, And Media Literacy

Hey Zengineers! Episode 22 was our Season One finale so we took some time off to invite new listeners (welcome!) and to clean up our digital landing pads so we can communicate with all of you more easily. We’re definitely not taking it easy on this episode, though. This week we’re talking about fake news, how to understand the media landscape, and how we might be able to make political conversations more than just a frustrating and seemingly useless shouting match. This is our first cast...


022 - On Patreon, The Value Of Time, and Redistribution Of Wealth

Holy cow! 22 Episodes. That’s a whole season! This week Adam and Brian are talking about plans for season 2, our big move to Patreon, microtransactions, and of course, all kinds of things you might find down the crowdfunding rabbit hole. Tune in! And stick around if you want to know why it turns out that the only real currency is time.


021 - On Mutant Mosquitoes and Internet of Things Cyberattacks

Hey there Zengineers! Did you notice the podcast wasn’t streaming for a bit last week? Worried about catching Malaria or Zika? Then this one’s for you. This week Adam and Brian are talking about the big Internet of Things DDoS attack that took down a chunk of the internet last week, and the Debug Project breeding mutant mosquitoes to combat diseases like malaria. Check it out! Questions? Concerns? get us at, or @zengineeringpod on the socials.


020 - On Millennials Watching Stuff, The EpiPencil, And The Napster Of Everything

Is the pharmaceutical industry headed for a Napster moment, is every industry? Adam & Brian are back, and they’re working through this one. First they're talking about how it’s not Millennial’s fault they couldn’t watch the Olympics, and how that actually has a lot to do with Epi Pencil “hack" video that was going around a couple weeks ago. Drugs are just chemical compounds, so what happens when the formula is out there, and people have the means of production in their garage?


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