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From bombs, bullets, and bad guys to politics, pop culture and all things problematic: Zero Blog Thirty is the stories you might know told from a slightly different perspective that was forged through war, wit, and wounds.

From bombs, bullets, and bad guys to politics, pop culture and all things problematic: Zero Blog Thirty is the stories you might know told from a slightly different perspective that was forged through war, wit, and wounds.
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From bombs, bullets, and bad guys to politics, pop culture and all things problematic: Zero Blog Thirty is the stories you might know told from a slightly different perspective that was forged through war, wit, and wounds.






ZBT #69 1/2: The Platoon Room

On this edition of ZBT, Chaps, Cons, RadioBren and Kate get weird. The gang talks about poop knives, Chaps wielding his power to make an insubordinate PFC strip, Chelsea Manning, and the NFL playoffs. But mostly poop. Like a lot of poop.

Duration: 00:48:25

ZBT #69: We Totally Forgot This Was Our 69th Episode

On this edition of ZBT, we give RadioBren advice on what to do with his money now that he is a full-time employee (spoiler alert: we tell him to go on a bender). We discuss a story about a veteran who went on an epic beer run to Vietnam, and react to two news updates. The new addition to the ZBT team Kate tells us a first-person story about Anna Mae Hays. All that, and more.

Duration: 00:46:57

ZBT #68: Is Nine Purple Hearts Too Many?

After a much needed holiday break away from each other, Captain Cons and Uncle Chaps break down a bunch of stories in the first episode of 2018. The boys talk about the current weather situation in New York, a veteran claiming he has NINE purple hearts, and our Badass Of the Week, Emmanuel Mensah, who passed away after saving multiple people from a building fire. All this and more on ZBT.

Duration: 00:43:31

ZBT #67: Best Of 2017

Big shoutout to all of our loyal listeners in the platoon, and we wish nothing but great things for you in 2018. On our Best of 2017 pod we've got Rob O'Neill, Kyle Carpenter and a discussion about a Canadian sniper setting a world record for the longest snipe of all-time. Enjoy.

Duration: 00:55:26

ZBT #66: Post Christmas Party Daze with Marty Scovlund Jr,

Uncle Chaps gets a liiiiiitle testy with Cons after Cons chewed gum and drank water directly into the mic for the one billionth time. Cons and RadioBren recap Barstool's Christmas party, and then the gang talks Christmas movies. Chaps brings on Marty Skovlund to talk about what's going on in Afghanistan.

Duration: 00:52:27

ZBT #65: Army-Navy Recap

On this week's edition of ZBT, we recap our experience at the Army-Navy tailgate. Both fanbases showed up big time to the tailgate and it was a lot of fun. We bring on our friend Dave to thank him for making the tailgate possible. We open up the mailbag and take questions about troop morale, bumper stickers., and Jody's, among other things.

Duration: 00:46:09

ZBT #64: Army-Navy Extravaganza

With Army-Navy set to kickoff this weekend, we bring you a jam-packed show. The hosts of Pardon My Take (Big Cat & PFT Commenter) joins us to break down some prop bets like "How many times will Captain Cons step on the field?" and "Will there be more than 20 passes thrown?" Angelo Paolantonio (played by Barstool's very own Rone) joins the show to break the game down from a Philly correspondent's point of view. We call up Navy football alum/New England Patriot Joe Cardona and Army football...

Duration: 01:09:45

ZBT #63: Chaps Is Rooting For Navy This Year

Chaps and Cons discuss the upcoming Army-Navy game. Does Cons go too far when rooting for Army football? Chaps gives some insight into dog-handling and reflects on some of the memories he has of his canine teammate Csika. We go to the mailbag to answer some of your questions, and more.

Duration: 00:52:07

Thanksgiving Holiday Safety Brief

Thanksgiving is a time to eat, rest, and get ready for Christmas SZN (we are saying it again). The fellas sent out some well wishes to the folks deployed and take a stroll down memory lane to remember those who were there 70 years ago.

Duration: 02:34:04

ZBT #62: Duffel Blog's Kate Mannion

On this week's episode of Zero Blog 30 we talk about a North Korean soldier who went balls to the wall in his escape attempt into South Korea, which leads to a discussion about our favorite war movie escape scenes. Lady POG Kate Mannion joins us to talk about contributing to Duffel Blog, some funny stories from her service days, and how her background in comedy came to be. All this and more on ZBT.

Duration: 00:54:31

ZBT #61: Veteran's Day featuring Captain Florent Groberg

On this edition of Zero Blog Thirty, Chaps and Cons talk to Medal of Honor recipient Florent Groberg on his service in the Army, wearing the Medal of Honor, and being recognized for his accomplishments while also wanting to be recognized as a good person overall. With Veteran's Day coming up, the boys talk about all the great places you can get free meals as a veteran. Hey Private, just because you got a free meal on Veteran's Day doesn't mean you are excused from also tipping your server.

Duration: 01:03:20

ZBT #60: USMC Gunnery Sergeants Best & Bautista from the Marine Corps Ball

On this edition of Zero Blog Thirty, Chaps travels all the way out to California to speak at a Marine Corps ball. Two USMC gunnery sergeants by the names of Best and Bautista talk to Chaps about leading boot camp from a male and female perspective. They share stories form boot camp and give insight into what their jobs are like on a day-to-day basis. Afterwards, we field some mailbag questions from the platoon.

Duration: 01:02:06

ZBT #59: Congressman Adam Kinzinger

On this special edition of Zero Blog Thirty, Adam Kinzinger joins the show. We talk to him about everything from being the most handsome man in D.C., to getting things accomplished in Congress, to switching from Congressman to Hot Plane Guy. In the spirit of Congressman Kinzinger's tenure in the Air Force, we bring back Zero Blog Theater: Top Gun. Chaps, Cons and RadioBren review the all-time classic. Debate topics include--- What was the best line? What would your callsign be? What would...

Duration: 00:58:30

ZBT #58: Bowe Bergdahl's Platoon Mate Cody Full

Lots has been said about Bowe Bergdahl and what happened that night. There's four people in fire team. One of those four in Bowe Bergdahl's fire team is Cody Full. Cody joins to talk about Bowe before, after, and during the deployment. The fellas go on to talk about the events of this past week surrounding the Oval Office and everything it touches.

Duration: 00:58:06

ZBT #57: Congressman Seth Moulton

On this special edition of Zero Blog Thirty, Uncle Chaps and Captain Cons travel to the nation's capital to interview Seth Moulton, who represents not only Massachusetts in the House of Representatives, but the Marine Corps as well. The boys talk to Seth about balancing being a Marine and a politician, respecting the American flag, and that time he let an Iraqi TV station broadcast Basic Instinct (spoiler,,, it went actually bad). Chaps and Cons also discuss Donald Trump's recent mishap...

Duration: 00:45:21

ZBT #56: Good Morning Vietnam

On this episode of Zero Blog 30, the boys welcome on Vietnam War veteran Captain Jack Higgins of the USMC. Jack, who has arguably the most awesome military name of all-time, talks about his service in Vietnam and being a leader of men. Chaps and Cons also discuss how they support the usage of, and right to own guns, as long as it is done responsibly, in the wake of some labeling the podcast MSZBT in the wake of the Las Vegas mass shooting tragedy. Cons also dedicates a Badass of the Week,...

Duration: 00:51:15

ZBT #55: Alejandro Villanueva

On this week's edition of Zero Blog 30, Chaps and Cons discuss the reaction to Pittsburgh Steelers OT Alejandro Villanueva standing for the national anthem while the rest of the team remained in the locker room. Alejandro comes on the show to talk about his journey from Afghanistan as an Army Ranger, to the gridiron as one of the premiere left tackles in the NFL. We also congratulate the first female Marine infantry officer and talk about how President Trump has made it basically...

Duration: 00:58:14

ZBT #54: Sean Doolittle and Podfathers Collab

Episode 54 of Zero Blog Thirty is jam packed full of funny dudes, more so than normal. Chaps interviews Sean Doolittle of the Washington Nationals, and luckily for you, he remembers to hit the record button this time. For the second half of the show we bring on Big Daddy Clem from Podfathers for a crossover episode. All this and more on Zero Blog Thirty.

Duration: 00:59:43

ZBT #53: Cleaning the Barracks Naked to that Whitney Houston Fire Jam

Episode 53 of Zero Blog Thirty is here, and please make sure you're wearing your best pair of flame-retardant headphones for this one. Chaps and Cons reveal their five most favoritest songs to clean the barracks too, and they bring that HEAT. The boys acknowledge an unidentified badass female Marine who is extremely close to becoming the first female infantry officer, and also acknowledge Ted Cruz' porn watching habits. All this and more on this episode of ZBT.

Duration: 00:57:09

ZBT #52: Staff Sergeant Ryan Jones & the Return of Young Riggsy

On this episode of Zero Blog 30 we celebrate ONE YEAR of being a actually good podcast. (27:09-49:14) We are joined by Staff Sergeant Ryan Jones, whose favorite hat to wear is a Green Beret. We also bring back everybody's favorite Harvard grad Young Riggsy to ask his -8 handicap having ass what golf score he would shoot in a Hurricane. All this and more in this week's episode of Zero Blog 30.

Duration: 00:55:09

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