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A Tabletop Gaming Podcast With A +1 To Geek

A Tabletop Gaming Podcast With A +1 To Geek
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A Tabletop Gaming Podcast With A +1 To Geek




Direct Damage West Coast

This week is all about the Drama. We give our own opinions on the issue facing our community this week and hopefully help people realize we need a little more open dialogue and understanding in our lives. We also go over the info for the Hunter Burton Memorial Magic open on Feb 25 2018. email us follow us @DirectDamCast Missy is @mtgsnl Michael is @TankofJank Katt is @KittyKuriosity Layfield is @Zero_Layfield

Duration: 01:23:32

Direct Damage Est Coast 38

This week on Direct Damage we go deep on the year so far. Michael, Missy and Layfield talk about the overall performance of Wizards of the Coast. We also ask some big questions about engaging new players as well as rewarding older players.We discuss the higher standards of coverage and large scale events. Then talk about the products and how healthy we feel the market is. Missy does a special opening of sorts as we derail our train to top it all off with a Pick, Pass and Troll. Join us on...

Duration: 01:26:43

Zero Fortitude Ep 2 Gen Con 50

I have my daughters on the show to talk about Gen Con 50. Listen and hear what we played and purchased.

Duration: 00:36:22

Direct Damage West Coast Special

On this very special episode Missy and Layfield are joined by an amazing guest. Veronica also know as @nopiewinston on twitter joins us to talk about how she got into magic. Then we talk a little bit about our excitement over the Ixalan prerelease and what we expect. Veronica even talks with us about the story because she is an avid Vorthos. We hope you have as much fun listening to this as we did recording it. We also want to thank our guest Veronica very much she was a joy to talk to and...

Duration: 01:45:05

No You Be The Cleric Ep 2

Welcome to our second episode. In this episode we talk about grappling. We also give a recap of our dungeons and dragons campaigns.

Duration: 01:00:51

Direct Damage At GenCon

On this special episode Layfield and Missy discuss the trip up to GenCon 2017. The best four days in gaming and the 50th anniversary. It was an amazing trip and I had to very special interviews while there. The ever amazing Christine Sprankle sat down with me to discuss the con and her role in Massive Magic. Then I was able to steal a few minutes with Josh Krause from Original magic Art to discuss the show and the future for OMA. A very special thank you to the GenCon organizers and...

Duration: 01:48:36

No You Be The Cleric Ep 1

This is the first episode of No You Be the Cleric. This is a podcast all about D&D. In this episode we talk about the details of the show and what to expect. Our main topic is discussing if the DM is always right.

Duration: 00:39:40

Direct Damage West Coast 37

This week our trio of intrepid heroes goes into a quick rant about the pro tour and red decks. We discuss the perils of recording episodes with background programs up. We go deep into our own personal magic experiences for the past few weeks. Then we talk about Name R Game store's convention success. Layfield is ready to go to Gencon. We finish with life and love advice from Layfield. Email us Follow us @DirectDamCast Missy is @mtgsnl Michael is...

Duration: 01:43:34

Direct Damage West Coast 36

This week our intrepid trio discuss their prerelease experience with the Hour of Devastation. We also discuss an issue with players showing up late to events. How we feel stores and Tournament organizers should handle this issue so as not to show bias. Missy tells us a little bit about how she makes money with magic cards. Finally we would like to give a very special shout out to Name R Game store and their first successful convention. Proudly sponsored by use our...

Duration: 01:45:04

Movie Night Hangout : Fanboys

For Movie Night Hangout Bernie and Michael watch Fanboys!

Duration: 00:28:06

Zero Fortitude Ep 1 Back Again

We are back and releasing episodes again! We introduce Ryan our new host of mystery. We talk Gen Con,Valerian, and some other topics when we go off track. Join us for the fun that you miss.

Duration: 00:44:04

Direct Damage West Coast 35

On this home run episode of Direct Damage West Coast our intrepid hosts give it all they have with special guests MtG puppers. We first talk about what kind of magic shenanigans we have been up to, from showdown ills to a strange 6 player draft. Then we give our take on announcement week. Very late for sure. We still cover it anyway. We then go deep on the spoilers from the upcoming Hour of Devastation. We are super excited about the prerelease and it shows. We hope you enjoy this fun...

Duration: 01:50:11

Direct Damage West Coast 34

On this weeks amazing episode we discuss our personal Magic over the last couple of weeks. Then we talk a little bit about what we do and don't like currently in MtG. We talk about a reddit article from a new player about bringing in more new players. Then we talk about the announcement of announcements. And we go into a short debate between Missy and Layfield about an MtG MMORPG and why it might not do what Wizards wants it to do. We are proudly sponsored by use...

Duration: 01:27:13

Direct Damage West Coast 33

Sorry for the late very late release of the episode. Life sometimes gets in the way. On this episode we talk about the ending of the pro tour and the amazing heart shown by the winner. We blast standard for being nothing but the MARVELous bore that it is. Then we go in deep on everyone's favorite summer topic, the special invite. We are still stunned by the news of Helene Bergeot no longer at Wizards of the Coast. Come in and spend an hour with us on Direct Damage West Coast. Proudly...

Duration: 01:31:19

Direct Damage West Coast 32

It has been awhile and the gang is back and ready to get frisky. Layfield goes on a huge rant about ban hammers and pro tours and then wears himself out. Missy and Michael go on to talk a little shop. Diving in to standard play and increasing play groups and interest. Since someone is to out of it to stop the bus we continue on with those topics. Closing out in only the way we can. Come on in and see how it happened on this episode of Direct Damage West Coast. Proudly Sponsored by...

Duration: 01:37:08

Direct Damage west Coast 31

This week Layfield is high on pain pills. Michael and Missy keep us afloat with talks covering the magic community. They talk about prerelease shenanigans, and how missy ran hot with her pulls. Then we go deep on the Ban list and that leads us to talking about Wizards as a company. Unfortunately the tail end of the episode was lost. Please enjoy what we have and remember to play hard and cheat fair. Proudly sponsored by use our code DIRECT16 for 5% off your singles...

Duration: 01:28:09

Direct Damage West Coast 30

This week Layfield and Missy talk about the Hunter Burton Memorial Magic Open, and the amazing time they had. Then our intrepid trio talks about some new rule changes that go along with the newest set release. We pick a few spoilers that have us looking forward to the release of Amonkhet. We talk a bit about Modern, then finish strong with a pick pass and troll. Come join us for plenty of good clean fun on Direct Damage West Coast. Proudly sponsored by Use our code...

Duration: 01:34:44

Direct Damage Cast 29

On this episode we start off with Layfield's unhealthy love affair with Modern Masters 2017. Then we dive into a bit of Standard talk for the Hunter Burton Memorial Magic open that took place Sunday March 26. Michael and Missy go off on a bit of a tangent about Inclusive behavior and making the community stronger. We finsh with a new pick pass and troll. Proudly Sponsored by use our Code DIRECT16 for 5% off your online singles order. email us...

Duration: 01:39:59

Direct Damage West Coast 28

On this wonderfully late episode of Direct Damage, Layfield is sick and dying. Our buddies illness does not stop us from Diving into Modern Masters 2017. We talk the set and how we feel about it with a little detour into our drafting habits. Then we roll on to the new owners of the GP circuit and how we feel about that. Missy and Michael keep everything on task with some light off subject banter. Join in the fun and learn some more past Missy's exploits on Direct Damage West...

Duration: 01:32:35

Direct Damage West Coast 27

This week the crew talk about all the former modern masters hype before spoilers started. Layfield and Michael go deep into what they would love to see from Amonkhet. Missy brings her usual brand of marvelous to the show. We finish strong with a top 5 of godly proportions. join us for another speculation fest as only we can do it. Direct Damage is sponsored by use our code DIRECT16 for 5% off your online singles order. email us Follow...

Duration: 01:13:05

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