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Uncover Your 20x Potential | Mark Divine | Unbeatable Mind |

One of the biggest realizations we all can come to is the fact that we are all capable of so much more than we give ourselves credit for. Today's guest, retired Navy SEAL CDR Mark Divine, gives us some practical strategies we can use to begin to uncover this hidden potential including silent stillness, creating a vision and much more! Get Mark's books below: Unbeatable Mind The Way of the SEAL -- 5th Anniversary edition due out Memorial Day 2018!!! 8 Weeks to SEALFIT Kokoro...

Duration: 00:44:42

How to Involve Your Wife in Your Planning Process | Wheel Book Wednesday | Goals | Discipline | Results | Relationships

Have you ever wondered why your wife/partner/significant other never fully buys in to your goals and dreams? Have you considered how much of a role you have to play in that situation? Chances are YOU haven't done everything you possibly can to involve your wife in the planning process. Today's Wheel Book Wednesday will go over some practical tips that you can implement immediately to get your wife more involved in your planning process. Books mentioned in today's episode: 5 Love...

Duration: 00:09:11

100,000 Burpees | Your Help is Needed to Raise $25,000 to Help Veterans Suffering from PTSD |

Click the one (or all) of the links below to help support the effort to complete a grand total of 22 million burpees and raise $250,000 towards programs designed to help veterans suffering from PTSD: Support Kenyon here! or Set up your own fundraising campaign! or Support any of the participants at the bottom of this page!

Duration: 00:04:17

Finding High Value Targets | Mark Divine | Deacons of Discipline | Focus | Targets | Planning | Results

How often do you simply select the most attractive or 'low hanging fruit' when it comes to selecting your goals. I know I have but one tool that I've found that's helped break that pattern comes from Mark Divine and his book 'Way of the SEAL'. In this episode I break down his 'FITS' system and share with you some lessons learned from my own application of this process. Buy Way of the SEAL here! I'm participating in the Mark Divine's Courage Foundation's BURPEES FOR VETS challenge to...

Duration: 00:05:14

Think for Yourself to Get What You Want | Ray Dalio | Deacons of Discipline | Focus | Results | Goals | Growth

In today's social media and new media environments, we're being peppered with images, opinions, advertisements, etc. that tell us how we should think, what we should do, what we 'need' to buy or how to act. In today's episode I share with you a quick passage from Ray Dalio's book -- Principles, on why it's so important to think for yourself so that you can get exactly what you want from life! Get Your Copy of Principles here! I'm participating in the Courage Foundation's BURPEES FOR VETS...

Duration: 00:09:52

Bullet Proof Your Plans! | Wheel Book Wednesday | Discipline | Results | Goals | Plan |

The great boxer Mike Tyson once said that "Everyone has a plan until they get punched in the face!". The key to reaching your goals is to anticipate how you are going to react to these inevitable 'punches' and in today's Wheel Book Wednesday I go over some practical ways that you can bullet-proof any type or size of plan! Support the show by visiting our sponsors and affiliates!!! See all our recommended books and products in our Amazon shop: Are you...

Duration: 00:11:17

Live Life on Your Terms by Doing Less: Essentialism | Author Greg McKeown | Discipline | Focus | Declutter

More doesn't equal better and today's guest, author of Essentialism: The Discipline Pursuit of Less -- Greg McKeown, explains why he believes the key to success lies in only pursuing the most essential of goals -- those that which you decide! Tune in to this episode learn how you can end the frustration of feeling busy but unproductive, stop fulfilling the agendas of others and how Greg's own experiences led him to the very discoveries! This is an episode you do not want to miss! Connect...

Duration: 00:51:22

Wallance D Wattles

Do you ever get to the end of the day and wonder what the heck you even got accomplished, often despite feeling overwhelmed and spread thin? Then you likely are taking inefficient action. In today's Deacons of Discipline episode, I break down an excerpt from Wallace D. Wattles' book The Science of Getting Rich on taking Efficient Action and offer 4 questions for you to diagnose if your actions are efficient. Buy The Science of Getting Rich Here! Support the show by visiting our sponsors...

Duration: 00:05:47

Fast-track Success Through Delegating | Deacons of Discipline: Brian Tracy | Eliminate Excuses | Results | Resolutions | Succeed

One of the most power but often overlooked tools for success in any endeavor is delegation. Being featured for the second time on our Deacons of Discipline series is Brian Tracy! Today we break-down some simple strategies to identify opportunities for us to delegate some of the tasks that might otherwise clog up our schedule as well as how to delegate effectively. Click here to check out Brian's books! Eisenhower Matrix Click here to access Bio-Optimizers Products! Are you looking to...

Duration: 00:05:08

How to Give Yourself a Dose of Reality | Wheel Book Wednesday | Discipline | Focus | Mindset | Growth

If you find yourself questioning, even the slightest bit, if you are making the progress you know you can be making then it's time for you to take a dose of reality. We're often too caught up in our day-to-day lives and we need to take a step back to honestly evaluate where we stand. Listen in as I take you through my simple reality check process! Books Mentioned in Today's Episode: Ego is the Enemy The Obstacle is the Way Are you looking to band together with like-minded alpha males who...

Duration: 00:05:36

Naturally Transform Your Health w/ Wade Lightheart | Zero Xcuses | Discipline | Health | Nutrition |

Wade T. Lightheart, host of the AWESOME Health Podcast, is a 3-time All Natural National Bodybuilding Champion, advisor to the American Anti-Cancer Institute and Director of Education at BiOptimizers Nutrition, one of the world’s most innovative nutritional supplement companies. He is also the author of several books including the best-selling books, “Staying Alive in a Toxic World” and “The Wealthy Backpacker.” His overall mission is to help others fix their digestion and transform their...

Duration: 00:40:40

CRUSH 2018 | Declutter to Unlock Success! | Bonus | Discipline | Focus | Organize

One of the biggest improvements we can make to achieve the success we want is in our environments. Our homes, vehicles and offices all are great places to get organized but often times we miss the first step in becoming organized -- getting rid of what doesn't belong. Tune in to today's show to learn 3 key tips that will help you get started in your decluttering journey!!! Are you looking to band together with like-minded alpha males who are looking to build discipline, regain control of...

Duration: 00:06:10

Crush 2018 Part 4: Morning & Evening Routines | Discipline | Focus |New Year | Habits

If you are looking to begin to regain control over your time the best place to start is the first and last hour of your days! That's why I've found it incredibly powerful to have a morning and evening every day. We often do it for our kids but we fail miserably at it for ourselves. Tune in to learn how you can begin to craft your own morning and evening routines. Don't forget to also check out the first 3 parts!! Click here to access the Worksheet Are you looking to band together with...

Duration: 00:15:27

CRUSH 2018 -- Part 3: Weekly & Daily Planning | Discipline | Focus | Results | New Year

In Part 3 of setting up a killer year in 2018, we go over an often looked over habit of successful people: weekly & daily planning. Even the most 'busiest' of people would benefit from planning out their days and I go over some simple strategies that you can implement now to regain control over your time! Click the links below to get access to PDF and Excel versions of the planning worksheets I use and that you can customize to suit your needs! Don't forget to also check out part 1 and part...

Duration: 00:09:01

Balancing Entrepreneurship, Fitness and Family with Wesley Donehue | Discipline | Focus | Business

In one of out most dynamic and value-packed episodes, we chat with Charleston businessman Wesley Donehue about how he successfully runs 4 businesses, maintains supreme levels of fitness and enjoys raising a wonderful family. Wesley is the CEO of Push Digital, Frothy Beard Brewing, Zombie Bob's Pizza and High Ground Creative Marketing. Along with his business pursuits, he is also very active in local politics as the Political Director of the SC Senate Republican Caucus and Marketing and...

Duration: 00:30:50

CRUSH 2018 -- Part 2: Quarterly Goals| Discipline | Focus | Results | New Year

The next step in setting up a killer year in 2018 is to take your vision and break it down into bite-size pieces: quarterly goals. Today I go over my simple 3-step process in doing so and offer some practical tips to help you along the way! If you haven't caught part 1, make sure you go back and listen! 12 Week Year by Brian Moran Click here to access the PDF Worksheet Are you looking to band together with like-minded alpha males who are looking to build discipline, regain control of...

Duration: 00:07:51

CRUSH 2018 -- Part 1: Vision | Discipline | Focus | Results | New Year

2017 was a pivotal year for me and, as we gear up for 2018, I wanted to take these last few shows of the year to show you some of the tools that made that possible. In today's show, I go over my 3-step method for crafting a detailed and compelling vision. You can also download the very worksheets I used to craft my vision here: Click here to access the PDF Worksheets Are you looking to band together with like-minded alpha males who are looking to build discipline, regain control of your...

Duration: 00:11:16

Adopting a Give Before You Get Mindset | Wheel Book Wednesday | Discipline | Focus | Motivation

As I reflect on 2017, one simple mindset shift stands out among many of the other changes I've made this past year -- "Give Before You Get". Today, I breakdown why I think you too should consider adopting this strategy as we begin to gear up for 2018. Are you looking to band together with like-minded alpha males who are looking to build discipline, regain control of your time, build wealth and ultimately live life on your terms? We have recently launched the Infinite Results Mastermind...

Duration: 00:05:12

Success Through Failure with Jim Harshaw, Jr.| Discipline | Focus | Values

Jim Harshaw, Jr. is a Division 1 All-American wrestler, speaker and founder of Success through Failure Podcast. We discuss the importance of defining one's values, aligning our goals with those values, embracing failure as a part of the path to success and many other things! Grab a pen and paper because Jim provides a ton of knowledge in today's episode! Connect Jim! Jim's Goal Setting Template Are you looking to band together with like-minded alpha males who are...

Duration: 00:42:45

Work/Life Balance is BS | Ralph Waldo Emerson | Deacons of Discipline | Motivation | Results | Dreams | Goals

We often hear the saying "work/life balance" but what if what we did for a living was actually exactly what we truly enjoy doing? If you ask me, everything simply then becomes life. A simple quote from Ralph Waldo Emerson's book Self-Reliance really got me thinking about this. Head on in and hear how some simple changes can improve your outlook on your present employment situation and, if you do need a change of scenery, begin to map out your next move! Are you looking to band together...

Duration: 00:07:40

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