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Comb through the archives to find relics from our past.

Comb through the archives to find relics from our past.
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Comb through the archives to find relics from our past.




Helen Keller speaks

This is the final episode. I thank everyone who has subscribed and listened to this podcast. On today's episode I have a recording from Helen Keller. Helen Keller was an American author, political activist, and lecturer. She learned to communicate through the eyes and ears of others after a fever left her deaf and blind as an infant. In this recording, Hellen Keller discusses her vision of faith and how it gives her hope for the future of mankind. This recording is from 1951. Enjoy.


a little holly, a little jolly

On today's episode I have a christmas classic, The Cinnamon Bear. This episode is the first of the series, in which little Jimmy and Judy go into the attic in search of a silver star for the top of their Christmas tree but find a special singing Irish teddy bear instead. This recording is from 1937. Enjoy.


A date that will live in infamy

Today marks the 74th anniversary of the attack on Pearl Harbor, a date the will live in infamy. I give to you today the speech that FDR gave the day after the attack which announced america would be fighting in World War II. This recording is from 1941. Enjoy.


Martin and Lewis

Martin and Lewis were an American comedy duo, compromised of Dean Martin and comedian Jerry Lewis. They met in 1945 and debuted at Atlantic City's 500 Club on July 25, 1946; the team lasted ten years. I have a recording of the two performers being interviewed (in character) on the Louella Parsons show. This recording is from 1951. Enjoy.


What Jackie Robinson Believes

On today's episode I have a recording from Jackie Robinson. Jackie Robinson pioneered integration in American professional athletics by becoming the first black player in Major League Baseball. In 1952 he recorded an essay for Edward R. Murrow's radio series This I Believe. In this essay, Robinson discusses his fight against prejudice. I give to you that recording in its entirety. Once again, this recording is from 1952. Enjoy.


Murrow vs McCarthy

The 1950's was a time of absolute hysteria. Hysteria that communists were secretly living amongst Americans. The main person behind this was Senator Joseph McCarthy. Edward R Murrow and his news team fought deeply against many of McCarthy wrongful claims of communists. And on March 9th, 1954, Murrow and his news team produced a half hour special titled "A Report on Senator Joseph McCarthy". I have both an excerpt from that recording and a response from Joseph McCarthy. Once again, these...


a little scarier

Halloween is coming up so I have another horror story for you. This one is from a short story written by Ray Bradbury called Zero Hour. I'll give you the synopsis. It is a typical day in the New York home of the Morris family, and Mrs. Morris is busy with her usual routine. Her daughter, Mink, as well as all of the other young children, are intensely occupied by new, mysterious game called "Invasion." Mrs. Morris isn't bothered by the game until she gets a call from her friend in...

Drive-in movie theater ads from the 50's

The 1950's was a time for drive in movies. That's why I bring to you today a collection of ads movie goers would see before their drive in movies. Hope you have a craving for popcorn. Enjoy.


Amelia Earhart on women and aviation

On this episode I have a recording from a news broadcast done by Amelia Earhart. It's a great piece about women and aviation. This was recorded in 1935.


Groucho Marx being himself

A recording from An Evening with Groucho. This a recording from 1972 at New York City's Carnegie Hall of the last one-man show by Groucho Marx. Enjoy.


Will TV destroy the newspaper?

Betty Hutton was famous for her roles in the movies Annie Get Your Gun and The Greatest Show on Earth. This interview took place during the start of the television era and you'll get to hear all the fears that TV brought along with it. Enjoy.


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