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Sanctions on Russia

Sanctions on Russia have been introduced in congress and passed the senate, we are just waiting to see if Trump signs the bill into law which he has said that he would. Russia has already expelled 755 US diplomats because of this and have promised that they will retaliate because of the squeeze on their economy. Also Kim Jung Un has launched another missile test into the sea of Japan and US admiral Scott Swift has said that he would not hesitate to launch a nuclear strike on China if so...

Duration: 00:42:56

Chaos as usual

We live in a chaotic world where biblical and almost apocalyptic events are now the norm. We have gotten so used these things such as wars and rumours of wars, earthquakes in divers places, natural disasters, economic uncertainty, and strange demonic manifestations that people don't realize that things are getting worse and worse. We often think that as long as our personal lives aren't affected that we will be just fine. The truth is that we are on a slow downward plunge that will...

Duration: 00:34:11

Sunday night news

In this episode I will discuss many of the things going on around the world. We are living in evil times where this world is going crazy, driven by their own sinful lusts which are unsatiable. What must we do as christians during these times? How do we have joy during these hard times and not lose hope? Find out how to live triumphantly in these times and also listen as we talk about some of the current events that are unfolding bible prophecy.

Duration: 00:38:06

Prophetic events in Israel

In this episode I will talk about some prophetic happenings in Israel as well as this week's events that took place around the world. Also I will talk about some very interesting bible verses that talk about the times we are living in today. The bible prophesied that there would be a secret illuminati/new world order cabal and it also talks about the surveillance technology that we have all around us today. Many things are taking place all around us these days that are bringing us closer...

Duration: 00:33:12

Trump is in danger from the deep state

President Trump is in serious danger right now of either impeachment or assassination. There have been secret meetings held by democratic representatives of congress about impeaching Trump. They will probably create some fake evidence on Russian ties with the Trump campaign because there is no real evidence. Also Trump is wanting to purge the white house staff and cabinet members because of all of the disloyalty there, however he cannot fire anyone without evedence of them doing something...

Duration: 00:39:26

Donald Trump is draining the swamp even though its fighting back

In this episode we will discuss how Trump is still trying to drain the swamp as well as other news from around the world. There have been rumors that Trump is planning a major purge of the white house because most of them are all working against him. Also North Korea just launched another ballistic missile test and the missile landed in the sea of Japan. Also there has been a worldwide ransomware cyberattack that has infected many computer, Edward Snowden said that the NSA could have...

Duration: 00:39:45

God is on the move in these last days

In this episode we will talk about how God is going to pour out his spirit in the last days according to Joel 2:28 And it shall come to pass afterward, that I will pour out My Spirit upon all flesh; and your sons and your daughters shall prophesy,your old men shall dream dreams,your young men shall see visions. So we will discuss what this means and how it will take place and how we can be used by the Lord as his servants during this time for a great harvest of souls.

Duration: 00:56:58

Is Trump draining the swamp?

Is Trump draining the swamp or is it draining him? As we have discussed before on this show he has done many great things during his presidency but he has not been the same person ever since the Syrian missile strike. So it appears that he is starting to cooperate with the deep state and not go against their agenda anymore. He has obviously been threatened with his life and forced to do their will. In other news there has mass power outages in three major cities the US, also a radical...

Duration: 00:56:09

Tensions with North Korea

We have seen much tension in the last few years in the South China sea with China taking over the territorial waters of other countries in that region like the Phillipines, Vietnam and others and building artificial islands to try and take over the region. Trump and Secretary of Defense James Mattis are not standing for it, and the US also stands behind Japan and South Korea if they are attacked by North Korea or China. All this is heating up to becoming a very bad situation, especially...

Duration: 00:58:44

Sunday night news

In this episode we will discuss how there is a push for cannabalism using these new movies like raw and the bad batch as well as the new netflix show the santa clarita diet to brainwash people into accepting this demonic atrocity. Also this week witches around the world casted spells on Trump on saturday, so us christians must pray for his protection. Also higher radiation levels are being detected worldwide. And last but not least we are going to talk about how most of the american church...

Duration: 01:11:10

Trump is doing what he promised although met with resistance

Trump has been working hard during his first four weeks as president trying to accomplish what he promised to do for those who voted for him, unfortunately all those within the government that don't like him are fighting him tooth and nail. Also national security advisor General Michael Flynn was just fired for supposedly having secret talks with Russia, although that is part of his job, I believe he was fired because he is too much of a danger to the deep state. Also Iran is doing another...

Duration: 01:02:16

Sunday night news with Dakota & Rick

In this episode we will cover the most important news topics of the past week and get into the word for some great bible teaching. This week we have seen more resistance against President Trump and his travel ban against immigrants from seven radical islamic countries as the ninth circuit court blocked his executive order. Also there has been more mass animal die-offs around the world this week like there has been for the past several years fulfilling the prophecy in the book of Hosea....

Duration: 01:03:50

As the days of Noah so shall the coming of the son of man be

This episode is about Matthew 24:37 which says that the end times will be just like the days of Noah. Everyone besides Noah's family had no idea that the world was about to be judged by God because they were marrying and giving in marriage and just distracted by everday life just like people today who have no idea that we are in the end times and destruction is coming. This is all that most people think that the verse is talking about, but there is much more to it than that. There was a...

Duration: 01:11:39

The Populist movement is taking over but globalists are still in the shadows

There are many great things happening around the world not just because of Donald Trump being president and reversing the globalist agenda, but also with Brexit happening recently and more countries poised to exit the European Union soon. With Greert Wilders being the most likely to win the election in the Netherlands and Le Pen the people's favorite to win the coming election in France, we could easily see both countries exit the EU which would cause it to collapse leading to the death of...

Duration: 01:04:19

Donald Trump has done more in one week for America than any other president

In this episode we will be talking about the things that Trump has done in a little over a week since taking office. In only his second day as commander in chief he carried out 31 airstrikes against Isis in Iraq, with Defense secretary General James mad dog Mattis leading the attack. The strike wiped out multiple units of Isis terrorists and destroyed two underground bomb making factories and the military captured the leader of the Islamic state. He has also passed a temporary four month...

Duration: 01:03:19

Hebrews 11 By Faith

This episode is about Hebrews 11, often called the hall of faith because it list tons of examples of how the faith of believers in the old testament worked in their lives to the glory of God to accomplish his will. I will explain a little bit about each one of these people and also how it requires faith in our lives today in order to live victorius lives and to accomplish the Lord's will in our own lives and how we can produce more faith and trust in him.

Duration: 00:36:20

More mischief and mayhem around the world

In this episode we will talk about the Fort Lauderdale, Florida airport shooting in which the shooter said that the government was controlling his mind and made him do it. Also Obama has made a move to federalize the election to try and stop Trump. There has also been a terror attack in Israel using a truck to run people over and there was a nato jet that flew straight into a russian passenger plane and dodged it at the last moment. This seems to be another provocation of russia by the US...

Duration: 00:35:27

It is only 19 days until Obama is out and Trump is in, can we make it?

With only 19 days until Obama is no longer president of the United States he is trying everything he can to do harm to this country and even try to start war with Russia. Thankfully Russia has not took the bait knowing that it is not worth it at all because relations with the US will be good with Trump. Also the Mainstream media has tried to push a hoax that Russia hacked a powerplant here in the US and of course they are still saying that the only reason Trump won the election was from...

Duration: 01:03:23

Hebrews 1 & 2 Don't neglect so great a salvation

Hebrews is a powerful book in the new testament that was written by apostle Paul to the hebrews, it talks much about the links between the old covenant and the new and gives a deeper meaning to much of the old testament. It also talks a lot about Jesus being our great high priest and about how he resisted temptation and how he can help us overcome our temptations. Also Hebrews talks a lot about sin, righteousness and judgement and how to live in the fear of God. So join me for an awesome...

Duration: 00:35:47

The establishment is still trying to stop Trump

It is still 33 days away from the presidential inauguration on Janaury 20th and the mainstream media is still trying to push the false narrative that Trump won the election because of a supposed Russian hack which lead to wikileaks which exposed the evil deeds of Hillary and the democrats. This is an absolutely absurd lie which they have no evidence to support whatsoever but yet they keep on pushing this to discredit Trump. Also the government and media are trying to put an end to...

Duration: 01:21:38

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