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[adult swim] central Presents Colon [adult swim] Swimcast Intended For The Internet-logo

[adult swim] central Presents Colon [adult swim] Swimcast Intended For The Internet

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Longest running Adult Swim podcast

Longest running Adult Swim podcast
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Longest running Adult Swim podcast






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Episode #165: Hoarders (aka: The Italian Goodbye)

John intros a new(ish) podcast, recorded back in July 2017 with promises of maybe more episodes forthcoming. The episode itself isn't bad... actually chock-full of Adult Swim content and infinite amounts of listener emails. (Cast: John J., Trish, Scott and Jason)

Duration: 01:18:26

Episode #164: Rick and Morty and Slap Bracelets

Another new episode in the span of a month! Justifiably, so we can discuss the mind-blowing announcement about the return of Rick and Morty. Also discussed are Apollo Gauntlet, People of Earth, GLOW, and many more cool shows you're probably not watching yet. (Cast: John J., Trish, and Jason)

Duration: 01:15:00

Episode #163: Swimcast 10th Anniversary

The crew celebrate 10 years of this nonsense, with special guest Todd Redner (animator: ATHF, Squidbillies, Archer, and more) and a call-in from even more special guest Coleen (The Future Mrs. John J.) (Cast: John J., Trish, Jason, and Scott)

Duration: 02:09:45

Episode #162: New and (Slightly) Improved

An episode removed from our pledge to retool the show, the crew return to bring you a slightly more improved version of a podcast that was formerly derived from Adult Swim, but has branched out into general animated/live-action comedy. We discuss the well-awaited Art of Venture Bros. book, delve into Adult Swim merch past and present, and also chat about Superior Donuts, Powerless, SeeSo Shows, and more!(Cast: John J., Trish, Jason, and Scott)

Duration: 01:23:10

Episode #161: Town Hall

In this very hastily pieced together episode, John holds court with the usuals (as well as some old voices from the past) to discuss the future of the Swimcast.(Cast: John J., Trish, Jason, Scott, and Jonathan)

Duration: 01:02:29

Episode #160: Remembering C. Martin Croker

The crew pay their respects to the late C. Martin Croker of Space Ghost and Aqua Teen fame. Stories are told of experiences meeting Clay, as well as our fondest memories of Space Ghost C2C and ATHF episodes. Later, despite not having watched much of Swim the past few months, the crew give an abundance of info regarding New York Comic Con and more. Email is read. (Cast: John J., Trish, Jason, and Jason's friend Matt)

Duration: 01:33:38

Episode #159: Fun with Flags

Well over a month after a potential, goodbye... the Swimcast returns! The crew catch up on the past nine months of Swim-related content they've missed discussing. E-mail bribery persists. (Cast: John J., Trish, Jason, and Jason's friend Matt)

Duration: 01:11:59

Episode #158: Never Say Goodbye

We'll see you when we see you... Until then, here's a treat from our recent Dragon Con panel, featuring Too Many Cooks. (Cast: John J., Special Guests: William Tokarsky, Space Dandy, and the fans of Dragon Con)

Duration: 01:22:20

Episode #157: Jack and Bribery

The crew return to converse about all things Swim. John explains how Jack and Triumph is made. The pot of emails is sweetened when John makes an offer to the fans. (Cast: John J. Trish, and Jason)

Duration: 01:08:40

Episode #156: Happy Swim Year

A brand new year for Adult Swim! After some apologies for downtime, John, Trish, and Jason touch down on a monumental 2014 for the network. Some topics covered include Mike Tyson Mysteries, Rick and Morty, and (of course) Too Many Cooks. (Cast: John J. Trish, and Jason)

Duration: 00:56:15

Episode #154: Swimcast Pizza Party from Dragon Con

As a post-Thanksgiving treat, we finally give you our September outings from Dragon Con. First, our Friday night pizza party where we give out prizes, answer questions, and have a pizzariffic time. (Cast: John J., and Marc. Special Guests: Jose Argumedo formerly of Toonami Faithful Podcast, and the audience of Dragon Con)

Duration: 00:57:25

Episode #155: Swimcast: The Game Show at Dragon Con

Second of two panels at Dragon Con. This time we host a gameshow with special guests and more prizes. Madness, of course ensues. (Cast: John J. Special Guests: Todd Redner, Sketch MacQuinor, Cory Barnes, and the audience of Dragon Con)

Duration: 01:32:30

Episode #153: Upfront Recap

Back again after a few short weeks. The crew discuss the recent announcements at Swim's yearly Upfront Presentation. What to expect as well as thoughts on what will hit big. (Cast: John J., Trish, and Jason)

Duration: 01:07:02

Episode #152: Broken Promises

Yet another gap in time. We're back, with guest Jose Argumedo of Toonami Faithful. We talk about Swim and Toonami... and promise a return episode. PROMISE! (Cast: John J. and Trish. Special Guest: Jose Argumedo from John J., Trish, and Jason)

Duration: 00:52:04

Episode #151: Don't Call It A Comeback

After a near 5 month absence, we're back! John J. and Trish are joined by Toonami Faithful's Daniel to chat about what we've missed in the Swimiverse these past few months. We then turn our attention to the newbies to the podcast as well as the network proper in a little Swimology 101 course. (Cast: John J. and Trish)

Duration: 00:42:38

Episode #150: China, IL Interview

The big 1-5-0 is finally here! Brad Neely and Daniel Weidenfeld stop by to chat about the new season of China, IL. We also talk a tiny bit about New York Comic-Con as well as FOX's ADHD block... then Trish suddenly gets ADHD and forgets who she talked to 10 minutes earlier. (Cast: John J. and Trish. Special Guests: Brad Neely and Daniel Weidenfeld)

Duration: 00:45:24

Episode #149: Swimcast Dos: Live From Dragon Con 2013

The second of two panels from Dragon Con (titled Dos... meaning Two), where John is joined once again by Marc of Venture Blog, as well as returning Dragon Con guest, Matt Foster from Williams Street. ALSO, a special call-in from Trish after plans for Superjail-type guests fell through. We give out more prizes, in even more elaborate ways... but, no pizza. (Cast: John J., Trish, and Marc. Special Guest: Matt Foster)

Duration: 01:30:45

Episode #148: Swimcast Dragon Con Year 6 Bash

A brand new Swimcast, from Atlanta's Dragon Con 2013! John is joined by Venture Blog's Marc to chat with fans about different goings on at Swim. We also give away some pretty swanky prizes. There was also pizza. (Cast: John J. and Marc)

Duration: 01:18:33

Episode #147: Venture Squad

Trish and John are joined by Venture experts, Chandra and Katie to recap the 1-hour long Season 5 premier for Venture Bros. A third of the way, we realize why we rarely recap episodes anymore and decide to jump around in a focus group-type of way that ends up working thousands of times better. (Cast: John J. and Trish. Special Guests: Chandra Free and Katie Delz)

Duration: 01:13:27

Episode #146: Dave Willis and Casper Kelly Interview

New Swimcast for the first time in quite awhile. First, the crew chat with the returning Dave Willis and Casper Kelly about their new show "Your Pretty Face is Going to Hell." Later, we discuss the current Swim-related events, including Bob's Burgers, Robot Unicorn Attack 2, comics, toys, and much more. (Cast: John J. Trish, and Jason. Special Guests: Dave Willis and Casper Kelly)

Duration: 00:55:05

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