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A radio station dedicated to the teachings of the beautiful Ahlul-Bait (Household of the Holy Prophet) and dedicated to spreading the message of the pure Islam, broadcasting from Sydney, Australia. The station started as a small project with big dreams.... and after hiring one hour a week on a community radio station, al7amdolilah, with the grace of Allah and the hard work and dedication of some brothers and sisters this station slowly started to grow in reputation and listener base. One year later, we were able to get 2 hours a week... though we knew for the teachings of ahlulbait this was no enough.... so plans were made to start a 24hour radio station, dedicating itself to ahlulbait (a.s). Hours of hard work and dedication, as well as the generosity of mo'emens the dream was realized at the start of mu7aram 1431, December 24 2008. From that day we have seen the station grow stronger and stronger with the grace of Allah. While our listener base is concentrated in sydney, we also have listeners overseas in countries like, New Zealand, USA, UK, Denmark, Canada, Sweden, Iraq, Iran, Saudi Arabia, UAE, Syria, Jordan amongst others.