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The first podcast by C++ developers for C++ developers!

The first podcast by C++ developers for C++ developers!
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The first podcast by C++ developers for C++ developers!






Data Oriented Design with Balázs Török

Rob and Jason are joined by Balázs Török to talk about his work in the Video Game Industry and his thoughts on Data Oriented Design. Balázs Török is a Senior Tech Programmer at Techland. He has more than 10 years of experience in the games industry. Balázs learned the ropes at Hungarian companies by making smaller titles and then moved to Poland to work on The Witcher series. He was the Lead Engine programmer on The Witcher 3 and now he is working at Techland on another promising...


Meltdown and Spectre with Matt Godbolt

Rob and Jason are joined by Matt Godbolt to talk about the Meltdown and Spectre vulnerabilities and how they affect C++ Programmers. Matt is a developer at trading firm DRW. Before that he's worked at Google, run a C++ tools company, and spent over a decade in the games industry making PC and console games. He is fascinated by performance and created Compiler Explorer, to help understand how C++ code ends up looking to the processor. When not performance tuning C++ code he enjoys...


Boost Application Development with Antony Polukhin

Rob and Jason are joined by Antony Palukhin to talk about some of the Boost libraries he's contributed to including Any, Conversion, DLL, LexicalCast, Stacktrace, TypeTraits and Variant; as well as his Boost Application Development book. Antony Polukhin was born in Russia. Since university days he started contributing to Boost and became a maintainer of the Boost.LexicalCast library. Today, he works for Yandex, helps Russian speaking people with C++ standardization proposals, consults...


C++ Object Model with Nicole Mazzuca

Rob and Jason are joined by Nicole Mazzuca to talk about the C++ Object Model, and some of the differences between Rust and C++. Nicole is someone who's thought a bit too much about object models and error handling. She started in C, moved to Rust, and then fell into C++ a year ago. She also loves coffee, and latte art. News Meson 0.44.0 is outC++Now 2018 Call for submissionsMSVC code optimizer improvements in Visual Studio 2017 version 15.5 and 15.3Broken warnings theory Nicole...


Reverse Debugging with Greg Law

Rob and Jason are joined by Dr. Greg Law from Undo to talk about the magic of reverse debugging and how it is becoming more widely known in the programming community. Greg is the co-founder and CEO of Undo. He is a coder at heart, but likes to bridge the gap between the business and software worlds. (Sadly, these days most of Greg's coding is done on aeroplanes.) Greg has 20 years’ experience in the software industry and has held development and management roles at companies including...


C++ Tour, Compilers and FASTBuild with Arvid Gerstmann

Rob and Jason are joined by Arvid Gerstmann from Appico to talk about bringing his new C++ Tour project, building your own C Compiler, using FASTBuild and more. Arvid Gerstmann is a passionate programmer and computer enthusiast, with a focus on writing high-performance C++. His area of expertise include, but is not limited to, writing compilers, implementing the included standard libraries, and creating game engines and games. He is currently the CTO of Appico. If he is not programming,...


Clang Power Tools with Victor Ciura

Rob and Jason are joined by Victor Ciura from Caphyon to talk about bringing clang tidy magic to Visual Studio C++ Developers with Clang Power Tools Victor Ciura is a Senior Software Engineer at CAPHYON and Technical Lead on the Advanced Installer team. For over a decade, he designed and implemented several core components and libraries of Advanced Installer such as: IIS, Repackager, OS virtualization and others. He’s a regular guest at Computer Science Department of his Alma Mater,...


Oculus Research with Dave Moore

Rob and Jason are joined by Dave Moore from Oculus Research to talk about the Oculus C++ SDK and Augmented Reality. Dave Moore started programming after getting fired from his college work study job. This worried his parents, but it seems to have worked out in the end. After spending 17 years in and around the computer games industry, most recently at RAD Game Tools, he's now a software engineer at Oculus Research, working to advance the computer vision technology underlying virtual and...


VS Code with Rong Lu

Rob and Jason are joined by Rong Lu to talk about C++ support with the Visual Studio Code Editor and some of the recent improvements made to it. Rong Lu is a Program Manager in the Visual C++ team at Microsoft. She has been on the Visual Studio team since she graduated with her master degree in computer science 10 years ago. She currently works on Visual Studio tools for games, C++ mobile, and the C++ experience in Visual Studio Code. Before joining the C++ team, she spent 4 years...


Pacific++ Road Show

Rob and Jason discuss recent news and the first ever Pacific++ conference in New Zealand. News Next Pacific++ LocationDoes C++ need a universal package managerPetra: C++17 runtime to compile-time mappingsBjarne Stroustrup Interview at CppCon 2017C++17 is Here: Interview with Herb SutterCppCon 2017 TalksCppCon 2017 Lightning Talks Links @robwirving@lefticus Sponsor JetBrains


Build Systems and Modules with Isabella Muerte

Rob and Jason are joined by Isabella Muerte to talk about her recent talk at CppCon 2017 where she discussed some of her concerns with the Modules TS. Isabella Muerte is a C++ Bruja and Build System Trash Goblin. She taught herself to program by writing a build system and immediately regretting the decision. Her first computer ran Windows Millennium Edition and her parents forbade her from upgrading to anything else for 5 years. She is still bitter about this. In her spare time, she is...


Grace Hopper Conference with Gina Stephens

Rob and Jason are joined by Gina Stephens to talk about the C++ Foundations presence at the Grace Hopper Conference, the St Louis C++ Meetup and a proposal for a new access specifier. Gina Stephens is a software engineer with over 20 years' experience, 13 of those years leading development teams. Most of her experience has been with C++, in addition to Java, .NET and various scripting language. The breadth of her development experience includes DOD, FDA, DOI, Hospitality, and...


Abseil with Titus Winters

Rob and Jason are joined by Titus Winters from Google to talk about the Open Sourcing of Google's Abseil library. Titus Winters has spent the past 6 years working on Google's core C++ libraries. He's particularly interested in issues of large scale software engineer and codebase maintenance: how do we keep a codebase of over 100M lines of code consistent and flexible for the next decade? Along the way he has helped Google teams pioneer techniques to perform automated code transformations...


PLF List with Matt Bentley

Rob and Jason are joined by Matt Bentley to talk about his work on plf::list and discuss some updates from the SG14 Working Group. Matt Bentley was born in 1978 and never recovered from the experience. He started programming in 1986, completing a BSc Computer Science 1999, before spending three years working for a legal publishing firm, getting chronic fatigue syndrone, quitting, building a music studio, recovering, getting interested in programming again, building a game engine, and...


Java with Patricia Aas

Rob and Jason are joined by Patricia Aas to talk about Java and some of the similarities and differences between the Managed language and C++, she also talks about her work on the Vivaldi Browser. Patricia has been a C++ programmer for 12 years. Currently she is working on the Vivaldi Browser. Previously she has worked on the Opera Browser, on embedded telepresence systems at Cisco and even did a two year stint as a Java consultant. She is passionate about learning and teaching, as well...


C# and IL2CPP with Josh Peterson

Rob and Jason are joined by Josh Peterson to talk about C# and some of the similarities and differences between the Managed language and C++, he also talks about his work at Unity 3D on IL2CPP. Josh is a programmer working at Unity Technologies, where he focuses on integration and development of scripting runtimes for the Unity 3D game engine. He enjoys learning about CPU architectures and assembly language, including the recent development of an MOS 6510 emulator in C#. In his free time,...


FluentC++ with Jonathan Boccara

Rob and Jason are joined by Jonathan Boccara to talk about the FluentC++ blog and the benefit of doing daily C++ talks at your office. Jonathan Boccara is a passionate C++ developer working for Murex on a large codebase of financial software. His interests revolve around making code expressive. He regularly blogs on Fluent C++, where he explores how to use the C++ language to write expressive code, make existing code clearer, and also about how to keep your spirits up when facing unclear...


DebugView++ with Jan Wilmans

Rob and Jason are joined by Jan Wilmans to talk about the DebugView++ debug and logging tool and some of his other open source projects. Jan is a Software Engineer at Promexx, contracted by ThermoFisher Scientific to work on integration of motion controller in Transmission Electron Microscopes. He has been programming for 25 years, started with basic, z80 assembly and later C++. He is now a C++ enthusiast, an open source developer and likes to keep up to date on new c++ developments. In...


Volta and Cuda C++ with Olivier Giroux

Rob and Jason are joined by Olivier Giroux from NVidia to talk about programming for the Volta GPU. Olivier Giroux has worked on eight GPU and four SM architecture generations released by NVIDIA. Lately, he works to clarify the forms and semantics of valid GPU programs, present and future. He was the programming model lead for the new NVIDIA Volta architecture. He is a member of WG21, the ISO C++ committee, and is a passionate contributor to C++'s forward progress guarantees and memory...


Meeting C++ and cpp_review with Jens Weller

Rob and Jason are joined by Jens Weller to talk about the upcoming Meeting C++ conference, the /r/cpp_review community and more. Jens Weller is the organizer and founder of Meeting C++. Doing C++ since 1998, he is an active member of the C++ Community. From being a moderator at and organizer of his own C++ User Group since 2011 in Düsseldorf, his roots are in the C++ Community. Today his main work is running the Meeting C++ Platform (conference, website, social media and...


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