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Episode 051 “Infinity War, Nintendo Cereal and Electric Material”

In an episode filled with innuendo and hilarity, the guys have fun discussing a new organic material that generates its own electricity, Nintendo continues to win the current gaming system wars with a console that is JUUUUST good enough and then they come up with an amiibo based cereal that you can both eat and use to unlock bonuses in game. The episode wraps with some great movie news including the Hellboy Reboot with David Harbour and of course the new Avengers : Infinity War trailer drops...

Duration: 01:06:36

Episode 050 “Net Neutrality and an AWESOME Windscribe Give Away”

To celebrate the big Five-Oh we brought back our great friend Mac from ShutterTime with Sid and Mac to join us for some amazing discussion on everything from Apple battling the FBI, Hawaii thinks Battlefront II is a Star Wars Casino, Net Neutrality is a huge fear facing the US right now and of course, a tremendous give away from Windscribe involving the idea of every day carry! Easy to enter and two big winners! Don’t forget to find creative uses for #TurkeyTireTackle on Twitter this week,...

Duration: 01:43:47

Episode 049 “Backflipping Ninja Robot Soldiers”

It’s a holiday sized helping of digitalSoup this week as the guys cover everything from the OnePlus 5T phone, the largest digital camera in the world and backflipping robots all before getting into a great discussion about smartwatches for kids and the pros and cons of owning versus subscribing your software. Of course no Soup is complete without a dash of movie and gaming talk, a little Justice League and Animal Crossing fit the bill this week, and a mesmerizing weekly garnish will, as...

Duration: 01:27:40

Episode 048 “Battlefront Microtransactions and the Black Screen of Death(star)”

The kitchen is stocked this week with irritating news from EA Star Wars Battlefront 2, XBox One X crashing on release and the iPhone X hates the cold. Also, YouTube gets tough, is your flash drive secure and Amazon secures a Lord of the Rings deal of the day! This week the digitalSoup is beefy like The Rock and goes best with a nice hot #AppleCiderDongle! —-more—- Weekly Riddle: I go in hard. I come out soft. You blow me hard. What am I? **Be sure to send in your riddle answers to...

Duration: 01:10:34

Episode 047 “#SweatyWater - Rylo Ken Sells a Honda Accord”

Welcome back to the kitchen where the guys cover some major ground, starting with the new Razer phone, a new video camera option and a whole bunch of gaming news. Plus a great list for all of you Stranger Things fans and a great app for mobile photo and video editing. The pantry is fully stocked and the Soup is ready, we hope you’re hungry! —-more—- Weekly Riddle: A man wants to enter an exclusive club, but he doesn’t know the password. Another man walks to the door and the doorman says...

Duration: 01:16:38

Episode 046 “Dark Tales From The World Wide Web”

In this week’s special Halloween episode, Adam weaves a tapestry of odd, creepy, bizarre, scary, or funny tales from the world wide web. —-more—- Weekly Riddle: What answer can you never honestly answer yes to? **Be sure to send in your riddle answers to and don’t be shy, send in that audio so we can hear more of our amazing Souper Friends! Alexa on Sonos! Usually Dave, back in Episode [...]

Duration: 01:17:53

Episode 045 “I’m brown, hairy and in the woods I’m scary. What am I?”

In what may be one of the most wide ranging shows in terms of topics the guys whip up some fun with stories about the new Adobe Updates to the Photoshop & Lightroom CC programs, Jason has a catastrophic failure with some data, scientists in Australia make a potentially massive discovery and what show would be complete without some great movie and tv discussion about Thor: Ragnarok, The Punisher, and Stranger Things Season 2! Plus, Adam brings some sweet outdoors tech that really may be an...

Duration: 01:15:38

Episode 044 “As if! The 1985 special!”

In a very special bonus episode your favorite geeks travel back in time to give you a taste of what digitalSoup would have been like had they been doing a show back in the eighties! It’s an awesome decade when the WWF was king, CD’s were new tech and the biggest movies were starring Stallone and Michael J Fox. Buckle up because we’re taking the kitchen back to 1985 in this time traveling bonus episode to make a vintage batch of digitalSoup! —-more—-TECHNOLOGY NEWS With things continuing...

Duration: 01:04:21

Episode 043 “Going Long with Special Guest Mac Sokulski”

We welcome in a very special guest and longtime friend of the show, Mac Sokulski from the Shutter Time with Sid and Mac photography podcast! This episode gets a little longer than usual as we cover a huge range of topics, from Microsoft killing off some of its product lines and Instagram now working on your desktop, to the petition to see Superman’s Mustache! Of course we have a whole bunch of new movie trailers that have hit plus we even give you a great resource for all sorts of...

Duration: 01:41:42

Episode 042 “It’s a Twansformah”

Could there be life on Mars? Is the iPhone 8 set to take Samsung’s battery issue title? It’s a fast moving week covering a lot of ground including some pretty bold claims from Adobe Photoshop Elements 2018, some expensive boneheaded moves with domain names and news from the Google Pixel 2 event. Don’t worry, no digitalSoup episode would be complete without some great laughs and discussion around movies, this week it’s Harrison Ford in the news. We even take a walk down memory lane and look...

Duration: 01:27:22

Episode 041 “Going Against The Grain With Special Guest Cody Priebe”

Joining us this week to geek out is a very special guest from the Against the Grain podcast, Mr. Cody Priebe! We talk about the iPhone 8 Plus and its photo capabilities, classic gaming with the Commodore 64, CCleaner not so clean and getting worse and of course some fun movie talk including Nightwing, X-Men: Dark Phoenix and of course the Terminator news! —-more—- Weekly Riddle: George, Helen, and Steve are drinking coffee. Bert, Karen, and Dave are drinking soda. Is Elizabeth drinking...

Duration: 01:23:53

Episode 040 “Si, Cleaner, you’ve been hacked.”

The guys ring in their 40th episode by looking back at some of the tech innovations and geek happenings from 40 years ago, umm Star Wars anybody?! They also touch base on news from Amazon and Google both having new smart home devices on the horizon, will Nintendo get in bed with Netflix and of course some fun movie news to finish up the turning 40 celebration! —-more—- Weekly Riddle: Lovely and Round, I shine with pale light, Grown in the pale darkness, A ladies delight. **Be sure to...

Duration: 01:27:11

Episode 039 “Sextortion, Online Security and South Park”

Adam brings some great topics on Kaspersky getting booted to the curb and some new password guidelines followed up by a fantastic listener call about being a victim of sextortion. It’s a heavy call but we follow it up with a lot of fun chatting about the new iPhone news, NES classic re-release and South Park messes with Alexa. Plus don’t forget to check out the Hurricane Harvey Victims - Podcast Pack to help raise money and score a bonus exclusive episode of digitalSoup you won’t hear...

Duration: 01:30:39

Episode 038 “Equifax or Equihacks…AMIRIGHT?!”

Has Equifax hung it’s customers out to dry with the recent hack? Nintendo urges customers not to overpay for Mini SNES Classic, do you believe them? iPhones shooting covers for TIME magazine, say what now? Will Facebook make a move to become the next Netflix? The guys talk about all of this and a whole bunch more so pull up a chair join in this week’s digitalSoup conversation! —-more—- Weekly Riddle: Five hundred begins it, five hundred ends it, Five in the middle is seen; First of all...

Duration: 01:31:54

Episode 037 “Frankensteined”

It’s an episode filled with tangents and wide ranging topics, from CrashPlan and Backblaze backup news to more games taking advantage of mobile AR tech, including The Walking Dead and Star Wars. Plus Usually Dave spills the beans on the No Peek 365 Photography Challenge he is taking part in and what the heck is all this talk? —-more—- Weekly Riddle: This old one runs forever, but never moves at all. He has not lungs or throat, but still a mighty roaring call. What is...

Duration: 01:20:51

Episode 036 “Origin Stories and Rooster Pirates”

The movie industry is in a constant state of reboots and remakes, but what are the Origin stories you actually want to see? How secure do you feel online? Have you ever tried some RetroPie? In this episode the guys tackle some news about Funko getting hacked on Twitter, some great info about how VPN’s work and then the main topic, the guys DIVE INTO their Top Five movie character Origin stories that they actually want to see! Weekly Riddle: An old man wanted to leave all of his money...

Duration: 01:41:15

Episode 035 “Marveling at Fertility”

Have we hit peak Marvel saturation? Is it worth watermarking your photos? Would you trust an app as your only source of contraception? The digitalSoup crew tackle all of that and so much more, including the new Essential Phone, some sad Deadpool 2 news and a new release of the original Starcraft that’s been remastered for your gaming pleasure! Stay hungry Souper Friends because the digitalSoup is on! —-more—- Weekly Riddle: Until I am measured I am not known, Yet how you miss me When I...

Duration: 01:28:06

Episode 034 “The Ultimate Camera Phone, Home Security, and a Slice of Pi”

Buckle up for another information packed episode of digitalSoup as this week the guys tackle the RED Hydrogen One phone and some news from Samsung before diving into a listener question about Home Security Systems. Jason has decided to build a RetroPie box, we discuss The Munsters TV series getting a reboot, more great listener questions and even a way that you can mix your gaming and photography by editing photos in Adobe Lightroom using your Playstation or XBox...

Duration: 01:45:58

Episode 033 “Skip the Cutscene special guest and our top 5 video games we want to see as movies!”

This week on digitalSoup we have a very special guest, James from the excellent gaming podcast, Skip the Cutscene! We look at Samsung’s giant new TV, Madden football brings a story-mode to it’s latest offering, a special surprise quiz show from Jason before the guys run down a list of their top 5 video games they’d love to see made into movies! —-more—- Weekly Riddle: Usually Dave strikes out hard in the riddle department! Answer at the end of the episode! Samsung’s massive new 88...

Duration: 01:40:50

Episode 032 “Getting Chipped, John Wick’d, i3 Licked, and Other Podcasts Ticked”

It’s a laughter and rant filled week as Usually Dave makes people angry, the guys have some Apple issues while Jason tries out the iOS 11 beta. They tackle the John Wick series, AMD slaps down the i3 and a company called Three Square Market from Wisconsin is asking their employees to volunteer to be microchipped…that sounds like the start of a good sci-fi movie. Since it’s summer, dive right into this episode, the water is fine! —-more—- Weekly Riddle: Tom and his younger sister were...

Duration: 01:20:18

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