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Episode 062 “Apple brings the White Rings, people are Kung Furious”

Busy episode this week with Windows update news, security warnings on cell phones, Apple continues it’s string of black eyes and Insel tries to game the Steam system and loses! Plus Karate Kid is coming back while Kung Fury gets the feature treatment! All this and a few “secret” ingredients this week so give it a taste while it’s hot! The digitalSoup is on! —-more—- New “High Performance Mode” to be introduced in next Windows 10 Update In a move to help users of high end pc’s get every...


Episode 061 “Leaks, Hacks and Venom attacks!”

This week the guys launch into space talk, audio formats, Nintendo hacks and movies! Jason and Adam face off on a small scale during the geek off. Get ready for a steamy bowl! —-more—- Space X Falcon Heavy Launches Tesla Roadster into Space With a successful launch, many people are getting excited about the Space X program. Usually Dave, however, has a couple of interesting takes about the Spaceman cruising in his orbital Tesla Roadster. (MTV/Crime) Best Buy Not Longer Selling Audio...


Souper Reviews “Chronicle”

Three high school friends gain superpowers after making an incredible discovery underground. Soon they find their lives spinning out of control and their bond tested as they embrace their darker sides. —-more—- Chronicle 2012 PG-13 1h 24m Starring: Dane DeHaan (The Amazing Spider-Man 2, A Cure for Wellness, Valerian) Alex Russell (Only the Brave, S.W.A.T. (TV)) Michael B. Jordan (Fantastic Four, Creed, Black Panther) Director: Josh Trank (Fantastic Four, The Kill Point (TV))...


Episode 060 “Zombie’s Can’t Charge Matrix PowerWatches!”

We’ve got a lot of TV & Movie news this week, from Ant-Man and the Wasp getting a new trailer, basic cable dropping bombs and Breaking Bad and The Walking Dead theories again. Plus, the Matrix returns…as a sweet PowerWatch and so much more! Grab your spoons because the Soup is served. —-more—- Smartphone Mario Nintendo is bringing Mario Kart to smartphones and calling it Mario Kart Tour. Set to be released anywhere between April of 2018 and March of 2019, let the waiting begin. The...


Episode 059 “Photoshop Fails: Reese Witherthirdlegspoon and Oprah Withree”

It’s a wild week with great stories about AmazonGo getting shoplifted from, rapper 50 Cent’s happy bitcoin accident, a sweet new Sci-Fi movie from Robbie and Stephen Amell called Code-8 and of course the big Vanity Fair Photoshop fail that gave Reese Witherspoon a third leg and Oprah Winfrey a 3rd hand! Not to mention Drew Carey getting tackled on stage, the XFL says don’t call it a comeback and much more! There is so much laughter in the soup this week you may bust a...


Episode 058 Does Nintendo Need a Labo-tomy?”

The soup mix this week includes Amazon’s new checkout-free stores, the Nintendo Labo cardboard kit extravaganza, Tomb’s are getting raided, and much more! Settle in because the digitalSoup is on! —-more—- Dundee Trailer Amazon Go : Full Steam Ahead Amazon opened the doors on its first unmanned store with great success which now drives fear looking ahead. Apple to allow users to turn off Intentional Battery Slowdown Based on a report with The Verge, Apple CEO Tim Cook says that in...


Episode 057 “SKOL! The C.E.S. Extravaganza”

It’s an awesome week as the Minnesota Vikings pull out the Miracle in Minneapolis, Apple Health App Data used in rape case, a little TV and Movie news for flavor and then it’s on to the main course, C.E.S. 2018 discussion! —-more—- Who won the game for the Vikings … Stefon Diggs or Marcus Williams? What a crazy awesome ending to that game! Why did Williams not do a wrap around tackle, keep Diggs in bounds and win the game? Listen to the Vikings Radio Network Announcer Paul Allen call the...


Souper Reviews “Bright”

Set in a world where fantasy creatures live side by side with humans. A human cop is forced to work with an Orc to find a weapon everyone is prepared to kill for. —-more—- Bright 2017 TV-MA 1h 57m Starring: Will Smith - Daryl Ward Joel Edgerton - Nick Jakoby (The Gift, Zero Dark Thirty) Noomi Rapace - Leilah (Prometheus, Alien: Covenant) Edgar Ram [...]


Episode 056 “Meltdown over Spectre While Roku Rocks On”

A ton of tech news this week as there are new security threats to nearly every device, Intel teaming up with AMD, Roku is set to take on wireless home audio and that’s just the beginning! Trouble at IGN and Spotify, is Apple looking to buy Netflix and some great X-Files and TV talk before we finish with a souper fascinating and terrifying new book about Anesthesia. We hope you brought your appetites because it’s a big helping of Soup this week! —-more—- Massive Intel Based Security Issue...


Episode 055 “Star Wars Controversy Rages while Nintendo Drops the Christmas Ball”

This week, the guys re-examine the AT&T AirGig project and talk about techy Christmas gifts, followed up by more cryptojacking news. Also, the World Health Organization declared a new gaming related disorder, and the guys debate Star Wars and Star Trek before declaring the winners of the Windscribe EDC Giveaway. Get ready for some great star-crossed talk as we dive into this week’s episode! —-more—- AT&T Testing Powerline Internet-The follow-up! Back on Episode 053 “A Fox in the Magic...


Episode 054 “Apple Slowing Phones, And Gear That Totally Owns!”

It’s the final episode of 2017 from digitalSoup! From AmazonTube possibly battling YouTube, some great lists about the worst passwords of 2017 AND the coolest gadgets of 2017 and of course the uproar over Apple slowing down phones on it’s users. Plus, this week we have a fantastic Weekly Garnish for you over at, one of the most beautiful photography and outdoor adventure gear websites you’ll find! We wish all of our Souper Friends a very Merry Christmas and Happy New Year,...


Episode 053 “A Fox in the Magic Kingdom”

So Cryptojacking is a thing now, and while it’s a dirty move it isn’t dirty in THAT way. AT&T is testing some new high speed internet options while Google and Amazon start to work through their issues. Of course we had to talk about Disney purchasing most of Fox and the somewhat unsurprising news that the Ataribox has been delayed. Then, we end with some fun discussion about The Rock’s possible Presidential run in 2020 and a great trailer for a movie called Annihilation! —-more—- Weekly...


Episode 052 “The digitalSoup Geeky Gift Guide”

With an extra special holiday edition, we break down news stories from Google fighting with Amazon, Apple’s most downloaded apps, a great list of games for time crunched gamers AND a souper special Gonna Geek Edition Quiz Show! That’s all BEFORE we run down our digitalSoup Geeky Gift Guide! You won’t want to miss these geeky gift ideas for your favorite geek in your life! —-more—- Weekly Riddle: Tabitha likes cookies but not cake. She likes mutton but not lamb, and she likes okra but...


Episode 051 “Infinity War, Nintendo Cereal and Electric Material”

In an episode filled with innuendo and hilarity, the guys have fun discussing a new organic material that generates its own electricity, Nintendo continues to win the current gaming system wars with a console that is JUUUUST good enough and then they come up with an amiibo based cereal that you can both eat and use to unlock bonuses in game. The episode wraps with some great movie news including the Hellboy Reboot with David Harbour and of course the new Avengers : Infinity War trailer drops...


Episode 050 “Net Neutrality and an AWESOME Windscribe Give Away”

To celebrate the big Five-Oh we brought back our great friend Mac from ShutterTime with Sid and Mac to join us for some amazing discussion on everything from Apple battling the FBI, Hawaii thinks Battlefront II is a Star Wars Casino, Net Neutrality is a huge fear facing the US right now and of course, a tremendous give away from Windscribe involving the idea of every day carry! Easy to enter and two big winners! Don’t forget to find creative uses for #TurkeyTireTackle on Twitter this week,...


Episode 049 “Backflipping Ninja Robot Soldiers”

It’s a holiday sized helping of digitalSoup this week as the guys cover everything from the OnePlus 5T phone, the largest digital camera in the world and backflipping robots all before getting into a great discussion about smartwatches for kids and the pros and cons of owning versus subscribing your software. Of course no Soup is complete without a dash of movie and gaming talk, a little Justice League and Animal Crossing fit the bill this week, and a mesmerizing weekly garnish will, as...


Episode 048 “Battlefront Microtransactions and the Black Screen of Death(star)”

The kitchen is stocked this week with irritating news from EA Star Wars Battlefront 2, XBox One X crashing on release and the iPhone X hates the cold. Also, YouTube gets tough, is your flash drive secure and Amazon secures a Lord of the Rings deal of the day! This week the digitalSoup is beefy like The Rock and goes best with a nice hot #AppleCiderDongle! —-more—- Weekly Riddle: I go in hard. I come out soft. You blow me hard. What am I? **Be sure to send in your riddle answers to...


Episode 047 “#SweatyWater - Rylo Ken Sells a Honda Accord”

Welcome back to the kitchen where the guys cover some major ground, starting with the new Razer phone, a new video camera option and a whole bunch of gaming news. Plus a great list for all of you Stranger Things fans and a great app for mobile photo and video editing. The pantry is fully stocked and the Soup is ready, we hope you’re hungry! —-more—- Weekly Riddle: A man wants to enter an exclusive club, but he doesn’t know the password. Another man walks to the door and the doorman says...


Episode 046 “Dark Tales From The World Wide Web”

In this week’s special Halloween episode, Adam weaves a tapestry of odd, creepy, bizarre, scary, or funny tales from the world wide web. —-more—- Weekly Riddle: What answer can you never honestly answer yes to? **Be sure to send in your riddle answers to and don’t be shy, send in that audio so we can hear more of our amazing Souper Friends! Alexa on Sonos! Usually Dave, back in Episode [...]


Episode 045 “I’m brown, hairy and in the woods I’m scary. What am I?”

In what may be one of the most wide ranging shows in terms of topics the guys whip up some fun with stories about the new Adobe Updates to the Photoshop & Lightroom CC programs, Jason has a catastrophic failure with some data, scientists in Australia make a potentially massive discovery and what show would be complete without some great movie and tv discussion about Thor: Ragnarok, The Punisher, and Stranger Things Season 2! Plus, Adam brings some sweet outdoors tech that really may be an...


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