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ET022 - Bonus Episode, Trules Guests on Podcasts We Listen To


Duration: 01:13:38

ET021 - Bonus Episode, Trules Guests on the "Travel Tales Podcast"


Duration: 01:04:37

ET020 – Bonus Episode – Trules on the “Travel Stories Podcast”

In between Seasons 1 & 2, the podcast offers a BONUS EPISODE of Trules' guest interview on the "Travel Stories Podcast", with host, Hayden Lee.

Duration: 00:51:39

ET019 - End of Season, 1 with a "Tear"

Here it is... one of kind.... a travel story not about... me! Finally, at the End of Season 1! It's about a 15 year old Chicano boy named Alejandro Chavez, my "mentee", and the bus trip he took across the US-Tijuana border in 1995. Alex, as he like to be called, told me this story, and I've tried to capture it here. I think it's a love story about the distance between cultures and countries, in our modern age of... President Trump and all the challeges of immigration. I also think it's a...

Duration: 00:19:55

ET018 - Behind the Scenes with Debra Ehrhardt from Jamaica


Duration: 00:54:32

ET017 - The Mighty Mekong

This episode finds Trules chugging up the Mighty Mekong River, on a flat-top, tin-roof, diesel-puffing dinosaur, from northern Thailand to southern Laos, metaphorically and musically searching for mad Mr. Kurtz, from Joseph Conrad's "Heart of Darkness", and of course, more recently adapted by Francis Ford Coppola into his film, "Apocalypse Now", where Kurtz is notoriously played by mad Marlon Brando.

Duration: 00:17:04

ET016 - Behind the Scenes with Morlan Higgins


Duration: 00:52:14

015 - Amsterdam, the "Perfect City"

Amsterdam, Christmas 2013 This is also one of my favorite episodes. And.... I know, I know... 1 - I haven't yet released any podcast stories about traveling in Europe. and 2- Every traveler has been to Amsterdam. But c'mon, how can I not have a travel story about Amsterdam? With its old world cobblestoned streets, romantic canals, mind-expanding coffee shops, garish red light district, friendly open air markets, Indonesian food, historic churches, and its one and only, Anne Frank...

Duration: 00:14:52

ET014 - Behind the Scenes with Liz Femi


Duration: 00:47:38

ET013 - The Gentrification of Mi Barrio, Echo Park


Duration: 00:25:51

ET012 - Behind The Scenes with Israeli Diplomat, Raphael Morav


Duration: 00:40:43

ET011 - The Iron Horse and the Bucket Brigade


Duration: 00:13:34

ET010 Behind the Scenes with Chris Christensen, the Amateur Traveler


Duration: 00:50:25

007 Why Travel?

Beijing, China, 2007 It's a year before the Beijing Olympics and there are crowds and pollution everywhere. I've been invited to teach the LDTX Bejing Modern Dance Company, the Joffrey Ballet of China. I'm 60 years old and I haven't danced in over 30 years. What am I going to do? "Figure it out," says that jackal trickster, Travel. "Improvise! Isn't that your specialty?" "Thanks, a lot, Travel. I will"! And so I do... as along the way, I ask myself... and my listeners, "Why travel?" Why...

Duration: 00:17:17

006 - Behind the Scenes with Hayden Lee

Welcome to another “Behind the Scenes” episode of “e-travels with e. trules”, the twice a month feature of the podcast, where I speak to friends, colleagues, fellow podcasters, artists, and travelers around the world…. in between my monthly, scripted and scored travlogues. And where I have my guests take the inimitable "Trules Travel Quiz". My guest this episode is Hayden Lee, the self-professed son of a hippie and a biker, and the host of the popular, Travel Stories Podcast. Born in...

Duration: 00:36:01

Love and the Devil's Nose - Ep. 5

I married for the first time at age 55. Also in 2003. I married an Indonesian girl from Sumatra who I met in Bali, who was 31 years younger than I was and who spoke almost no English. Go figure, huh? But in the summer of 2003, a few months after we tied the knot in LA, we took our first extended trip together, to Machu Picchu in Peru, and up the Avenidas de los Volcanos, along the mountainous spine of Peru and Ecuador. For 2 months, we traveled by all-night buses with los indiginos, the...

Duration: 00:19:39

004 - Behind the Scenes with the Production Team

Welcome to the 2nd “Behind the Scenes” episode of “e-travels with e. trules”, a twice a month feature of the podcast, where I will be speaking to friends, colleagues, fellow podcasters, and travelers around the world…. in between my monthly scripted shows. My guests this time are my 2 trusty and talented production colleagues, Alysha Bermudez, our imaginative and immersive sound designer, and Amanda Yamate, our composer who creates music tapestries from all over the world. Both are...

Duration: 00:25:27

003 E-Ticket to Thekkady

June, 2006. Trules has arrived in Mumbai on the day that 5 bombs have exploded in 5 different train stations in the financial hub, but still beggared, megalopolis of the sub-continent. He heads southeast, up into the mountainous tea plantations of Munnar, high in the Western Ghats of the province of green, green Kerala. Full show notes:

Duration: 00:15:50

002 Behind the Scenes with Harry Duran

Welcome to the first "Behind the Scenes" episode of "e-travels with e. trules", a twice a month feature of the podcast, where I will be speaking to friends, colleagues, fellow podcasters and travelers around the world.... in between my monthly scripted shows. The first guest is my producer, Harry Duran, host of "Podcast Junkies". Harry has been my podcast guru and guide through this new art form for me, and after meeting him by "accident and incident" at the LA Podcast Festival this Fall,...

Duration: 00:24:50

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