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286 : Gabe Strom – Develop a time freedom ecommerce business

Gabe is very clear that he values his time. He guards it carefully. Shouldn't we all after all? When do you turn it off? What is time with your kids worth? ( will never get it back) Gabe wants to help walk you through the Amazon selling models starting at RA and getting to PL as fast as you can. Mentioned: Rich Dad Poor Dad Emyth Traction Seller Secrets Gabe's FB Contact Sponsors Gaye’s Million Dollar Arbitrage List Solutions4ecommerce Scope from Sellerlabs GoDaddy Grasshopper...


285 : Mike Rezendes – Reezy Resells Resets Book Business Model and expanding your Amazon Merch account

When it comes to busy no one beats Reezy! He is everywhere at all times giving everything he has and leaves nothing on the table. I really enjoyed the discussion regarding changes necessary in the book business that can be blessings in disguise. He sees the opportunity where others see doom. Remember those are the guys that made it big in the stock market or real estate crashes in the past. They bought, they were optimistic. So curl up and do nothing or look the changes head on and adapt,...


284 : Greg Jeffries – Drive customers to your store with a strong SEO plan

Can you compete with Amazon and have your own buybox? Can you take the significant changes made with Amazon and Ebay and start today on your own path? Learn some skills that are truly transferable across all marketplaces and web sites. Mentioned: SEO Affiliate Domination Sponsors Gaye’s Million Dollar Arbitrage List Solutions4ecommerce Scope from Sellerlabs GoDaddy Grasshopper Transcript: (note- this is a new tool I am trying out so it is not perfect- it does seem to be getting better)...


283 : Steve and Steph Merch – Resale Killers reinventing ecommerce on their absolute term- enjoy your life

What a great couple who knows their relationship is first, then their business comes later. Can you downsize your life to create a family legacy? The key is to try many new things, many new experiences and above all Enjoy your life! Mentioned: Steve and Steph Resale Killers on Youtube Sponsors Gaye’s Million Dollar Arbitrage List Solutions4ecommerce Scope from Sellerlabs GoDaddy Grasshopper Transcript: (note- this is a new tool I am trying out so it is not perfect- it does seem to be...


282 : James McArthur – Teepublic offers options with hoodies, mugs, cell phone cases to Amazon Merch Sellers

So you have had your creativity throttled and you need to find another way to let it flow? There are a lot of options for Print on Demand but with James and Teepublic they are offering you dedicated account manager to help onboard you and your designs. The account manager also can help you drive sales with Social Media. Mentioned: Join Teepublic James Email contact Sponsors Gaye’s Million Dollar Arbitrage List Solutions4ecommerce Scope from Sellerlabs GoDaddy Grasshopper Transcript: (note-...


281 : Trent Dyrsmid – Process matters and buys you time in Selling Wholesale on Amazon

Trent is clearly "The Process" guy. His systems have propelled his business 4X and likely 2.5X that again this year. Get ready to get back on track, get ready to get laser focused and grow grow grow. Wholesale takes consistency but cant you say that abut everything you want to be successful at? Mentioned: Trent's Linkedin profile contact Sponsors Gaye’s Million Dollar Arbitrage List Solutions4ecommerce Scope from Sellerlabs GoDaddy Grasshopper Transcript: (note- this is a...


280 : John Yarberry – Can you own your own marketplace and control your future with an local Online Auction Site

What a great leap John took a few years ago. What makes someone see the forest through the trees? What allows what John would call a "regular guy" to be able to create a real marketplace in what most would see as a crowded marketplace? Great discussion from a humble guy, the Cincinatti Picker. Mentioned: Cincinatti Picker Youtube Channel John Yarberry's Contact Sponsors Gaye’s Million Dollar Arbitrage List Solutions4ecommerce Scope from Sellerlabs GoDaddy Grasshopper...


279 : Mike Olsen – Find an Education in eCommerce and add value to your employer

Mike is very inspiring. His story will emphasize that you can overcome adversity with the right attitude. Success is hard, but a life well lived is even harder. On the other side of both Mike will tell you the well lived life is the much better path. What better way to learn the real in's and out's of Ecommerce than working for someone else. Take risks, learn faster and remember to go back and apply what you learn in your employers business. That's a true quid-pro-quo! That's how Mike...


278 : Peter Kozysa – Craigslist Hunter – Scale your systems to grow your eCommerce business

Peter aka "Craigslist Hunter" has figured a lot out. He has found a way to have it all: strong family commitments, strong friendships, strong employee relationships and great customer experiences. How, you might wonder? He has processes, he is consistent, he is intentional. That's really it. Hard work consistently applied over time equals success! Mentioned: Peter's first interview # 63 Peter's Facebook contact Peter's You Tube Channel Sponsors Gaye’s Million Dollar Arbitrage List...


277 : Todd Lammi – Building a strong wholesale business takes focus and consistency – btw.. He is up to 140+ vendors and 5,000+ sku’s all being sold on Amazon

Yes, you read it correctly... 5,000 + sku's from 140 + vendors and guess what...he manages it all himself. Oh, and he has a full time job. Let that sink in for a moment. All by himself. Who doesn't have time now? :) Todd's strategy is pretty straight forward: head down and do the work. Reach out to 10 wholesalers a day for a few months and you have a real wholesale business. Mentioned: Todd's first interview #41 Todd's Facebook contact Sponsors Gaye’s Million Dollar Arbitrage List...


276 : Raun Lauterbach – Using Facebook as a laboratory to do controlled experiments for Selling on Amazon, Ebay and other ecommerce platforms

So that's a lot of title words. But while it is a mouthful, it is accurate. Raun has figured out a way to identify market opportunities, do product research and get feedback all from micro-interest Facebook groups. Imagine finding out what horse lovers think of a new shampoo? Or what chicken raisers need to address the shortcomings of current watering systems? You get it now. Let the real market determine what you need to bring or improve to get your business to higher levels. Mentioned:...


275 : Paul Miller – The power of product licensing to grow your Amazon Business

Paul is going to introduce you to the fast expanding world of licensing and what it can do for your private label product(s). Imagine taking your products to a much bigger market, riding the coat tails of some of the largest companies out there. It allows you to expand onto other channels, and let's larger brands help protect your brand. Paul share generously with you (and me) his secrets to growing beyond Amazon. Mentioned: Next Level Licensing (Not an affiliate link) Paul's Linked In...


274 : James Thomson – Continuing education for ecommerce sellers at the Prosper Show

James is back and man is he on a mission. His mission is to continue with the education YOU (WE, ME) need in this fast-pace, ever-changing continuously-evolving world we have chosen. Think CPE's for those in the Teaching, engineering, accounting, legal and other professions. Oh and Michael Gerber of eMyth fame will be there! Mentioned: James first interview #147 The Prosper Show ticket information James' contact Sponsors Gaye’s Million Dollar Arbitrage List Solutions4ecommerce Scope from...


273 : Kelly Fedio – Keep investing into knowledge and level up your Amazon Selling Business

What a great story. Walk away from an incredibly promising certain future to level up your family commitments. This lady has it straight! Look out into your future, do you see what you are doing right now being the thing you want to do in the future? (Oh and are you happy in that image in the future?) That's a clue then of where you need to steer your commitments. Mentioned: Amazing Freedom- Andy, Liran and Nathans growing portfolio of Amazon related business offerings Kelly's Linked-In...


272 : Nathan Resnick – Use Sourcify to Vet Alibaba Manufacturers for your Amazon private label products

Get ready to listen to what Nathan has accomplished and then listen again to what his age is. Yes he is one of those guys: an Outlier, an adventurer. Great story of stepping out and how that can lead you to a business with amazing growth and an even better future. Would you be willing to head to where the entrepreneurs are to launch a business? Not sure I would but that's why Sourcify is doing so well. Mentioned: Sourcify Nathan's personal website Nathan's Twitter contact Sponsors Gaye’s...


271 : Jennifer Simmers – You can’t prepare for everything but a strong ecommerce business coupled with a lot of Love can get you through a lot! A real LOT!

Jen is such a great person. A real tough-as-nails business person but a soul as kind as they come. Jen has been through some tough times but has the optimism and enthusiasm of a 5 year old on candy. (She might disagree and say it is just a strong front) My wife and I have been fortunate to spend time with Jen (and a few other friends) a few times at a local gift show and have been able to watch Jen's transformation from a shy and quiet seller to a person with a zest for life. She knows...


270 : Anna Hill – Close out your ecommerce selling businesses books right and it will allow you to start out the new year ready for growth

Anna speaks our language, she is a seller. She is also a CPA and really has figured out the right balance to good bookkeeping and the freedom you get from a self employed lifestyle. There is a line and finding the one that works for you is really the key to keeping up with the work. We both believe the prepared seller has the best chance of taking advantage of market and channel changes. Mentioned: Anna's previous interviews: # 98 & #157 Accounting we will go .com Anna's contact Sponsors...


269 : Dickson Leung – Consider joining a Selling on Amazon Canada Group to help you grow

Dickson has been called a Digital Nomad. One who moves often and makes a living off the Internet, service provided over the Internet or network. I love that he knows his real why, and man is it big! Mentioned: Canadian Amazon FBA Prime Seller Community with Dang & Dickson Dickson's Facebook contact Great North Ecom : February 24th & 25th 2018 Use code Momentum to save another $50.00! Sponsors: Gaye’s Million Dollar Arbitrage List Solutions4ecommerce Scope from Sellerlabs GoDaddy...


268 : Barry “Treebeard” Mark – Part two of a deep dive into a reinvented successful Ecommerce business

Yes our conversation continues. We like to talk! :) In this segment Barry gets into the nitty gritty, not so pleasant details of a business decline and its resurrection from the ashes. He shares a lot of details and absolute pearls of experienced wisdom that hopefully will help you stay on the straight and focused path of success. He also talks about evolving again even though it might be working. Be ready to have change as a big part of your model. Mentioned: Barry’s Facebook contact...


267 : Barry “Treebeard” Mark – Part one of a two part deep dive of an evolving Ecommerce seller

Okay I do like to talk, I admit it. Good news is that so does Barry and we spend some real time (long time!) breaking down the evolution of Barry's business and what went right and what went not so right. Barry let's it all out there and his candid honesty will help you understand everyone makes mistakes, everyone has their challenges and life still goes on. This is part 1 of 2 with some real perspective from someone who had built up a large ecommerce business and lost it all. Then...


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