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A Review Show that covers the most subversive television out right now Mr.Robot. Following Elliot take on Ecorp and Save The World.






fsocietyirc.podcast-S2EP12-Python PT 2-Major Characters

S2EP12- Python PT 2- Major Characters **Dom Darlene and the FBI** Moments after the shooting at Lucic. Dom has blood on her not hers does not want to be examine wants to kick things into high gear. There is a doctor, Santiago, and after officer shooting person. Dom is ranting yelling at her Boss about the Dark Army: should not have release the sketch He got people killed, Dark Army was on it. Santigo kicks everyone out not really apperiacte being accused for getting civilians killed Social...

Duration: 00:58:29

S2 Ep 11- Python PT I-Minor Characters

S2EP11- Python PT I- Minor Characters **Joanne Wellick** tells Mr.Sutherland the information he got from Elliot was the best gift ever. That information was the revelation that Scott Knowles has been sending the gifts making the phone calls to Joanne not Tyrell. Joanne confronts Scott at his home. Scott is a shamble of man bottles everywhere and mess Scott confess tells about the day his wife died () finds out she was pregnant, gets promoted best day of his life. Joanne like Fuck your wife...

Duration: 00:27:32

S2EP13- Season Three- Predictions and Theories

Season Three Predictions and Thoughts News http://www.denofgeek.com/us/tv/mr-robot/257835/mr-robot-season-3-release-date-and-cast-news http://www.billboard.com/articles/columns/hip-hop/7718141/mr-robot-creator-sam-esmail-joey-badass-acting **How To Find** Keybase-https://keybase.io/hirojashibe Twitter @HiroJasShibeSON- https://twitter.com/HiroJasShibeSON @HiroJaShibe-https://twitter.com/HiroJaShibe Twitter : @fsocietyirc- https://twitter.com/fsocietyirc Facebook Groups : FsocietyIRC: A...

Duration: 00:23:02