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10th Level Of Hell

three words..Disney....Lucifer...Hasslehoff. one of these does not belong. or does it? only one way to find out as we talk to Lucifer show runner Joe Henderson about Zootopia, Television hit Lucifer and my undying crush on Rachel Harris. Do not be left out in the cold..or heat..just don't be left out. Join the great movie challenge!!!!

Duration: 01:18:48

Revolution Number Nine

The great movie challenge is back with the great director Keith Arem!! Remember when you said you wanted to hear me gush like a school girl reading tiger beat? do you remember tiger beat? want to know about aliens? want to know about movies? want to know about tiger beat? SOME of these questions will be answered(spoiler: not tiger beat) on the great movie challenge!!

Duration: 00:59:53

Behind The Eight Ball

Remember when the great movie challenge was a podcast? well it still is!! and we are back Doc savage Man of Bronze with a special guest from Marvel Comics! want to know secrets behind all of marvels upcoming projects? So do I !!!! see how much we have in common. LISTEN TODAY!!

Duration: 01:03:07

The Seven Episode Itch

What would the great movie challenge be without a clip show? well a normal podcast I guess. but that doesn't matter because we take a stroll down memory lane and enjoy the seed that started the movie challenge. The revolution is here!!!

Duration: 00:55:42

Everything You Wanted To Know About Six

What ever happened to kinky kelly and the stud? or captain america? or the john laraquettre show? SOME of these questions will be answered on todays great movie podcast with the legendary actor,producer,direct and writer Zak Knutson! be part of the challenge today and impress your friends, family and local church! the great movie challenge rides again!!

Duration: 01:02:39

Heist Is A Four Letter Word

What was the great movie challenge podcast missing? sex, sex and sex. thats right kids , the always classy, heart stopping sexy, adult film star,web cammer and of course movie lover Sindee Dix is here to dissect the movie "the heist" and answer a few questions along the way. Consider this podcast just one more fetish sindee will take care of

Duration: 01:13:04

Two's Company Threes A Maggie Redux

Remember when you said " hey that last podcast about maggie was great but it seemed a little quiet". well now there is no need to burn a calorie by turning your volume up. twos company threes a maggie has been redone, edited and polished up to a new podcast shine. enjoy!!

Duration: 00:58:38

In Two Intern

so you can spend your time wondering about life or you can listen to the latest great movie challenge as Wayne and author,historian,comedian and man about town Guy Hutchinson dissect "the intern" and still manage to talk about wrestlers,70s TV shows and funny poop jokes for kids. it has everything!!

Duration: 01:05:04

The Hateful One

The historic first podcast of the great movie challenge. Listen as wayne and special guest Josie Devora struggle to stay on track as they delve into the movie the Hateful Eight. Things go from bad to worse as they discuss everything from cartoons to disgusting sex moves. Its fun for the whole family!

Duration: 01:03:14