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Ep. 52: One Year of Head/Voice and Six Spicy Nuggets ("Hot Ones" homage w/ Kayla & Evan)

This week, we take a cue from "Hot Ones" and eat hot sauces on things and reflect on a whole year of episodes! Fair warning - it's very silly. Also there's a surprise appearance by one of our past guests. ~SHOW NOTES~ Intro/Outro Song: "H/V Theme " by Evan Linsey & Kayla Pichichero -- Things we talked about -- "Hot Ones" w/ Sean Evans: https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLAzrgbu8gEMIIK3r4Se1dOZWSZzUSadfZ “Accidentally A Cappella” Playlist:...


Ep. 51: 'Raise Your Voice' No. 3 feat. Sofía Campoamor, Bryan Guffey, Emma Seslowsky, & Elliott Weil

We're happy to be back with the 3rd episode in our 'Raise Your Voice' series, this time discussing gender in a cappella with 3 amazing guests and our co-conspirator Bryan Guffey! Sofía Campoamor is making history, as she is slated to be the first female Whiffenpoof at Yale. Emma Seslowsky is an accomplished singer-songwriter and podcast producer, formerly music director of the Boston University Treblemakers. And lastly, Elliott is another trailblazer as the first trans member of Ithaca...


Ep. 50: Ryan Hannon (The Nor'easters) Returns!

For our 50th episode, we decided to do something special! We brought back our first-ever head/voice guest, Ryan Hannon, and did a "year in review." We walked through his experience in ICCA finals with The Nor'Easters, did a special choreo and solo breakdown of "Cheyenne," talked about the Aca Open finals at Carnegie hall in September, discussed The Nor'Easters' latest album COLLECTIVE Vol I., their upcoming tour, and what's next for Ryan! ~SHOW NOTES~ Intro/Outro Song: "Easier II" by Erin...


Ep. 49: Lynique Webster (Faux Paz, June)

Lynique Webster (formerly of UMD Faux Paz, now in June) joins us to walk us through her musical (and otherwise) life! Lynique is a true storyteller and talked to us about being true to yourself and inspiring others to do the same. ~SHOW NOTES~ Intro/Outro Song: "Easier II" by Erin Bentlage https://soundcloud.com/erinbentlage/easier-ii 01:21 Born and raised 02:07 When did you learn you were musically inclined? 03:35 Early musical activities 06:04 Leading her church group 07:14 Going into...


Ep. 48: 'The Future of A Cappella' - Recorded live(!) at LAAF 2018

This past weekend we were at the Los Angeles A Cappella Festival and recorded a live (!) panel on 'The Future of A Cappella,' featuring Rob Dietz (Legacy, The Funx), Mike Jankowski (A Cappella Productions), Meron Mogos (CASA, VXN), Danny Olefsky (Zedarius, fmr. TVC), Lilli Wilder (Vocalight), and Christina Wilson (Honey Whiskey Trio, HIVE). ~SHOW NOTES~ Intro/Outro Song: "Easier II" by Erin Bentlage https://soundcloud.com/erinbentlage/easier-ii Leave us a review and enter to win your own...


Ep. 47: Niya Norwood (Real Entertainment Industries)

This week, we're honored to be joined by the amazing Niya Norwood (Real Entertainment Industries). She's an amazing vocalist and vocal director from Berklee who writes, directs, and does background vocals for YEBBA(?!). Oh, and she runs her own company. ~SHOW NOTES~ Intro/Outro Song: "Easier II" by Erin Bentlage https://soundcloud.com/erinbentlage/easier-ii 00:02 Intro 01:55 Family 05:36 Getting into Ellington 07:35 Working w/ legends (Stevie Wonder, Smokey Robinson) 10:34 Going to...


Ep. 46: Johnny DelToro (The Vocal Company)

This week, we’re joined by multi-talented arranger/producer/clinician Johnny DelToro (The Vocal Company). We hear the script of the movie of his life unfold and talk about how he got into music, emotional connection, and tips for arrangers! ~SHOW NOTES~ Intro/Outro Song: "Easier II" by Erin Bentlage https://soundcloud.com/erinbentlage/easier-ii ~Be Friends with Johnny~ Work with Johnny: https://thevocalcompany.com/team/johnny-deltoro/ YouTube:...


Ep. 45: Keith Terry (Crosspulse, International Body Music Festival)

Keith Terry, a professional body musician, rhythm dancer, and educator joins us this week to share his unique perspective on music making - from Ethiopian armpit music to rhythm dancing to how body and vocal music converge (and everything in between). ~SHOW NOTES~ Intro/Outro Song: "Easier II" by Erin Bentlage https://soundcloud.com/erinbentlage/easier-ii ~References~ Jazz Tap Ensemble: http://www.jazztapensemble.org/ Charles "Honi" Coles: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Charles_Coles...


Ep. 44: Mel Daneke (Musae, Viridian Productions)

Force of nature Mel Daneke (Musae, Viridian Productions) joins us this week to talk production, her time with Musae, and the mystical 'electrocappella!' (Also we're going to LAAF [http://la-af.com/] and doing a panel that we're gonna record and release and we're excited.) ~SHOW NOTES~ Intro/Outro Song: "Easier II" by Erin Bentlage https://soundcloud.com/erinbentlage/easier-ii ~References~ Layne Stein of VoicePlay: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=I_XgSAz7bZQ "The Party Upstairs" by...


Ep. 43: Chris Celiz (The Beatbox House)

This week, we're lucky to have sound creator and beatboxer, Chris Celiz (2015 American 2v2 champion) on the podcast! We talked about The Beatbox House, a collective based in Brooklyn that he founded, intention and emotion in beatboxing, and Chris' roots and plans for the future. ~SHOW NOTES~ 00:02 Intro 01:24 Roots 02:03 Making music growing up 03:06 Different instruments 04:32 When beatbox came in the picture 06:57 Influences 08:17 Finding a voice 11:26 Emotionality in beatboxing 12:48...


Ep. 42: 'Raise Your Voice' No. 2 feat. Nina Kasuya & Lisa Forkish (On Consent, #MeToo)

This episode is the second in our Raise Your Voice series with WACA in which we discuss consent education and #MeToo activism with Nina Kasuya and Lisa Forkish. ~Show Notes~ Consent: It's Simple as Tea https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=oQbei5JGiT8 #MeToo Article - Elle Magazine http://www.elle.com/culture/career-politics/a14437760/the-metoo-backlash-how-to-stop-it/ Ways to Support Sexual Assault Survivors:...


Ep. 41: Christopher Given Harrison (ARORA)

Christopher Given Harrison joins us this week for a special episode, to talk the history of ARORA (fka Sonos) and break down their song "Morning Light" in a tribute to one of our favorite podcasts, "Song Exploder." ~SHOW NOTES~ Work with Chris: https://sites.google.com/site/christophonemusic/ ~Song Exploder~ http://songexploder.net/ ~ARORA~ Website: https://www.aroratheband.com/ Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/aroramusic/ Instagram: @aroratheband YouTube:...


Ep. 40: Bri Holland (fmr. Lady Jaye, Voices in Your Head, Men in Drag)

Bri Holland (fmr. Lady Jaye, Voices in Your Head, Men in Drag) - During this ep. we talked about Bri's entrance into the a cappella scene, from her time in Men in Drag and Voices in Your Head, to her post-college group Lady Jaye, to her current work with WACA and her pursuit as an a cappella producer. Intro/Outro Song: "Easier II" by Erin Bentlage https://soundcloud.com/erinbentlage/easier-ii ~SHOW NOTES~ ~Work with Bri~ Website: http://www.briholland.com/about.html Arrangements:...


Ep. 39: Christopher Diaz (Freedom's Boombox, The Exchange)

Christopher Diaz (Every Good A Cappella Thing) makes his return to podcast-land this week and joins us to talk about his unique journey, connection through music, and what he hopes to see next! Intro/Outro Song: "Easier II" by Erin Bentlage https://soundcloud.com/erinbentlage/easier-ii ~SHOW NOTES~ New H/V Things: https://www.headvoicepodcast.com/ https://www.headvoicepodcast.com/merch https://tinyurl.com/headvoiceYT Christopher's Website: http://www.heychristopher.com/ Freedom's Boombox:...


Ep. 38: 'Raise Your Voice' No. 1 feat. Lisa Forkish & Bryan Guffey

This week - something new! We're partnering up with WACA (Women's A Cappella Association) to create a monthly series called 'Raise Your Voice,' where we'll be having conversations to explore different topics and issues within the vocal community. On this episode, founder/executive director Lisa Forkish & Diversity Inclusion Coordinator Bryan Guffey give us a crash course on WACA and everything they're about, and we talk about what to expect from the upcoming episodes! ASKBOX...


Ep. 37: India Carney (A Cappella Academy, fmr. UCLA Scattertones)

This week, we’re joined by the talented India Carney! You might have seen her on season 8 of The Voice, with her college group the Scattertones, teaching at A Cappella Academy or The Betsys or a festival near you, or just singing songs on the internet. The point is: she’s good. And we were lucky enough to talk to her about finding a voice, soloing in a cappella, and making unique art. Be internet friends with us: https://www.facebook.com/headvoicepodcast/...


Ep. 36: Meron Mogos (LAAF, VXN)

This week, we have Meron Mogos, the executive producer of LAAF and one of the founders of VXN. We talked about her experience with different groups in many different stages of life and about the upcoming Los Angeles A Cappella Festival! head/voice: https://www.facebook.com/headvoicepodcast/ http://www.instagram.com/headvoicepodcast/ https://twitter.com/headvoicepod https://itunes.apple.com/us/podcast/head-voice/id1212179068 Intro/Outro Song: "Easier II" by Erin Bentlage...


Ep. 35: Lizzie Frankenthal & Eion Blanchard (Gestalt)

This week, we had a chance to chat with Lizzie Frankenthal and Eion Blanchard, the co-founders of (much buzzed about) Gestalt A Cappella about how they started the group, their philosophies on running it, and what makes Gestalt ... Gestalt (hint: #dvdp). Intro/Outro Song: "Easier II" by Erin Bentlage https://soundcloud.com/erinbentlage/easier-ii ~SHOW NOTES~ "Beyond the Archetype" https://itunes.apple.com/us/album/beyond-the-archetype/id1293401385...


Ep. 34: Our stories and listener questions!

It's about time you know who these mystery people are who run podcast you listen to. We're actually not disembodied voices who just appear once a week, it turns out there's bodies and human(ish) faces attached too! We answer some listener questions, talk about how the podcast got started, and what we want to see next in a cappella. Intro/Outro Song: "Easier II" by Erin Bentlage https://soundcloud.com/erinbentlage/easier-ii ~SHOW NOTES~ "Accidentally A Cappella" playlist:...


Ep. 33: Erin Hackel (Lark, MIX, Spectrum Singing)

This week we've got a super educational and engaging episode with Dr. Erin Hackel, the director of Lark and MIX at University of Colorado Denver. We talked about her entry point to a cappella, collaborative arranging, and a myriad of topics on vocal health. Intro/Outro Song: "Easier II" by Erin Bentlage https://soundcloud.com/erinbentlage/easier-ii ~SHOW NOTES~ WACA's Special Feature on Erin (includes vocal myths, health) https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=d__tGEBOvcQ...


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