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Episode 30 - Listener Questions

The ladies take questions from their listeners. This episode is so good that there wasn't time for much else, but we did manage to sneak in a couple TJ's tips at the end. :-)

Duration: 01:20:08

Episode 29 - Apologies

The ladies deliver shout-outs to iTunes reviewers and loyal listeners, have a long chat about the art of the apology, wonder if reality TV bad for your mental health, discuss Minimalism as a lifestyle, ponder Real Housewives New York and the breaking news about Tom and Luann, and conclude with a double header on beauty tips.

Duration: 01:37:54

Episode 28 - Summer Blues

Sometimes summer can have down moments, and the ladies discuss summer blues during a special morning coffee episode. Also discussed: summer purges (clean out all that junk!), exercise as a way to improve your mood, gift giving (and what to do when you don't like the gift you got), and our new favorite movie The Big Sick. And of course we have beauty tips and Trader Joe's suggestions.

Duration: 01:30:57

Episode 27 - The Side Hustle

Morning motivations, how do you get up in the morning anyways? Jewelry organization, laundry tips, the little things we do to make ourselves feel healthier, kids overnight camps, side hustles, and shoutouts to podcasts we like!

Duration: 01:19:11

Episode 26 - Resting Bitch Face

We'reeeee baaacck! Date night ideas, neverending periods are discussed, resting bitch face, the rise and fall of Phaedra Parks, what the hell is going on with Ramona Singer? and Trader Joe's tips.

Duration: 01:13:10

Episode 25 - Mother's Day

Mother's Day is celebrated at Housewifery and the ladies discuss how to create a Mother's Day that works for you. Also discussed are birth stories, the awkwardness of being at a clothing optional spa right after a c-section, the do's and don'ts of mother/daughter relationships, and an examination of the controversial show 13 Reasons Why. Trader Joe's tips this week are for a store not named Trader Joe's, and some good beauty tips are revealed as well.

Duration: 01:27:46

Episode 24 - Waxing

Housewifery goes international! Organizing your kid's artwork and schoolwork, skin care and what you should spend your money on. Some serious oversharing about waxing. In TV entertainment The Beverly Hills Housewives reunion, and the Girls finale are both discussed. And somehow they get in some Trader Joe's tips, and ways to update your beauty looks.

Duration: 01:24:10

Episode 23 - Basic Bitch

Email and text etiquette is discussed, shoes (and shoe orthotics) are explored, TV shows This Is Us, Vanderpump Rules, and Tom and Katie's wedding weekend are given a thorough recap, Naomi offers some beauty tips, Rachel shares a delicious brunch idea, and the ladies get down and dirty defining the meaning of the phrase "basic bitch".

Duration: 01:31:02

Episode 22 - Bat Mitzvah and Creeper Lagoon

The ladies discuss Rachel's daughter Marley's Bat Mitzvah and the recent Creeper Lagoon reunion concert. Also discussed: Urinary Tract Infucktions, Vanderpump Rules, and other bits of catching up.

Duration: 01:12:00

Episode 21 - Grief

Misery loves company and how to do a dinner party around that theme, how to beat the Winter/Trump blues, a discussion of the upcoming Creeper Lagoon reunion, the new TV show This Is Us, and Atlanta Housewives, TJ picks, and a personal story from Naomi. Music by Amanda Ross Mann.

Duration: 01:26:31

Episode 20 - Tonight Was Fun

Some pretty great soup ideas, tips on cleaning garages, New Years Resolutions yay or nay?, listener questions, Vanderpump rules, and how Madmen was basically a show about Naomi's parents.

Duration: 01:13:57

Episode 19 - Wonderful Love

The ladies talk about an important and controversial topic: shoes on or off in the house? Also discussed: cleaning tips, Trader Joe's tips, retail therapy, all your listener questions are answered, the Housewifery personal encounter with Andy Cohen, and a good chat about the best reality show on television: Vanderpump Rules. Finally a special musical treat at the end: a song by Producer/husband Sharky Laguana's band Creeper Lagoon, to celebrate their reunion show in San Francisco at Bottom...

Duration: 01:37:52

Episode 18 - Gratitude

The ladies discuss how vulnerable they felt after the last episode, and in honor of Thanksgiving discuss gratitude (specifically "what's going right" instead of "what's going wrong") with special guest Maia Taub, a licensed psychotherapist.

Duration: 01:00:11

Episode 17 - The Election

Rachel and Naomi talk about the election, how to process the results, and what we can do going forward. Other topics discussed include abortion, Trader Joe's, and a long series of shoutouts to the people who have been reaching out to us. Thank you for all the support, we love you guys!

Duration: 01:07:28

Episode 16 - Boundaries and Ettiquette

On this episode Naomi and Rachel discuss boundaries with friends, how people should not comment on other's weight and looks, guest list ettiquette for bar and bat mitzvahs, the TV show Catastrophe and the newest season of Transparent.

Duration: 01:11:08

Episode 15 - Facebook and Mental Health

Sometimes it seems like Facebook is just adding to the stress of modern life. The ladies discuss all the different ways that Facebook seems to negatively impact mental health.

Duration: 01:22:09

Episode 14 - Old Flames

The ladies recorded this on Labor Day, and then we wondered if it was any good so we decided to wait to release it until we could listen to it, and then we listened to it and it was fine what where we thinking, so here it is. There is a discussion of old flames that is pretty interesting!

Duration: 01:10:30

Episode 13 - Back To School

The Housewifery ladies discuss keeping yourself organized, going to the gynecologist, back to school issues, beauty tips, a long discussion about reality TV housewives and during this episode Naomi goes crazy with the oversharing mortally embarrassing everyone.

Duration: 01:10:11

Episode 12 - Interior Design with Todd Adams

The girls get some really smart and fantastic tips from white hot designer Todd Adams on how to make small rooms look big, what the most important room to go to town on is, and amazing secret shopping tips for finding the best and coolest items on a budget.

Duration: 00:55:32

Episode 11 - Camping

Rachel and Naomi discuss a recent camping trip that Naomi took. Also talk about what happened when Teresa got our prison.

Duration: 01:02:53

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