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#iAcast UnboxCast 14: Google Home Mini

On this episode of the iA UnboxCast, Aleeha, Jade, Jason, Matt and Michael unbox and set up the Google Home Mini Smart Speaker. This competitor to the Amazon Echo Dot was on sale for $20 for Black Friday, but still remains on sale for $30 currently. We review the layout of the Google Home app, which is required to set up the device.

Duration: 01:19:05

#iACast 64 – Wireless Charging and Net Neutrality

On this episode of the iA Cast, Michael, Aleeha and Anne discuss how to use wireless charging throughout your home or office. We also discuss the latest news in net neutrality Wireless Inductive Charging from Wikipedia Net neutrality - Wikipedia

Duration: 00:32:41

#iACast DemoCast 14: Installing Windows on a Mac Accessibly with Bootcamp

On this episode of the iA DemoCast, Jason and Matt demonstrate the installation and setup of Windows on a Mac with Bootcamp. As they talk about in this podcast, the process can be completed accessibly without sighted assistance, unlike older versions of Windows.

Duration: 00:57:17

#iACast 63: Podcasting Techniques

On this episode of the iA Cast, Michael, Aleeha and Matt discuss the Dos and Don'ts of podcasting and what tools each person use. Here is what was talked about. Microphones Aleeha uses the Samson Go Mic Michael uses the Blue Yeti Pro Matt uses the AT2005USB from Audio-Technica Jason uses the PGA58 Cardioid Dynamic Vocal Microphone | Shure Americas connected to a BEHRINGER XENYX 302USB Editing Audio If using macOS, one can use Audacity, GarageBand and Amadeus Pro to edit recordings You can...

Duration: 00:49:06

iA UnboxCast 13: BrailleNote Touch

On this episode of the iA UnboxCast, Aleeha Dudley unboxes and sets up the BrailleNote Touch with Michael Doise and Jade Sharp.

Duration: 00:48:19

#iACast 62: Fall 2017 Phone Comparisons

On this episode of the iACast, Aleeha, Michael, and Matt discuss the following topics: Who was right in the issue of Blindfold Games versus Apple? Marty's Blindfold Games | Audio games for the visually impaired ... Breaking: Germany's BAUM Retec AG Files for Bankruptcy Protection as it Restructures, BAUM USA Still Open Google tells developers that accessibility APIs are for accessibility use only We compare the new iPhones to the latest android phones that came out this fall.

Duration: 01:00:55

The PawdCast 3: Choosing A School

In this episode, Aleeha, Matt, and Dan discuss various items to consider when choosing the best guide dog school for your needs. Thanks go out to Andre Louis for our intro and outro

Duration: 00:51:23

iA DemoCast 13: iAccessibility for iOS

On this episode of he iA DemoCast, Jason Earls demonstrates the iAccessibility app for iOS by going through each element of the app. iAccessibility on the App Store

Duration: 00:18:19

iA UnboxCast 12: iPhone X

On this episode of the iA UnboxCast, Scott Van Gorp, Michael, Jason, and Philip unbox the iPhone X and go through the setup process. iPhone X | Apple‎

Duration: 00:59:33

#iACast 61: All These Devices!

On this episode of the iA Cast, Aleeha, Michael, and Jason discuss all of the latest devices announced for this holiday season and what everyone would like to get their hands on. Apple iPhone 8 - Apple‎ iPhone X - Apple‎ HomePod - Apple‎ Apple TV - 4K‎ Amazon All-New Amazon Echo Plus - Easily Set Up your Smart Home‎ Echo Show - Amazon Official Site -‎ Echo Spot at Amazon® - Shop Home & Garden -‎ Amazon is bringing Audible support to its cheapest Kindle - The Verge...

Duration: 00:37:44

iA Democast 12: Twitterriffic 5 for Mac

On this episode of the iA DemoCast, Matt Dierckens demonstrates Twitterriffic 5 for Mac, which brings accessible Twitter features to macOS. Twitterrific 5 for Twitter on the App Store - iTunes - Apple

Duration: 00:30:56

#iACast UnboxCas 11: VP Columbia Braille Embosser

On this episode of the iAUnboxCast, Aleeha unboxes the VP Columbia Braille embosser from ViewPlus with commentary from Jason and Michael. At the time of this posting, the embosser is still selling for $1495 on the ViewPlus website. This is a 100 character per second, interpoint, tactile graphics embosser. Aleeha goes through the initial setup of the device, including giving a demonstration of the sound of the embossing and the text-to-speech voice.

Duration: 00:34:43

iA CodeCast 2: Language Syntax

On this episode of the iA CodeCast Michael, Dan and Aleeha discuss the differences in language syntax between different programming languages. Dan has issued challenge number 2 where a person must write a program with two different conditionals. One being an if, and else if condition, and the other being the same condition with a select or switch case conditional. You can submit challenges to our mailing list at and you can join by emailing...

Duration: 00:37:46

iA UnboxCast 10: Amazon Element 50 inch TV

On this episode of the iA UnboxCast Michael, along with Aleeha, and Jason unbox the 50 inch Amazon Element 50 inch TV with Fire TV built in. This is an accessible TV with FireOS built in. All‑New Element 50‑Inch 4K Ultra HD Smart LED TV ‑ Fire TV Edition$549.99Amazon.comFree shipping

Duration: 01:05:05

#iACast 60: Problem Solving

On this episode of the iA Cast, Michael and Aleeha discuss the importance of problem solving and some techniques for adopting the problem solving mindset. New Question and Answer segment announced for the iA Cast. seen any questions to our Twitter @iaccessibility1, our facebook page or through email at Your questions will be answered on the next recorded episode. Michael announced that there will be a new book written called Finding Success Through Problem...

Duration: 00:36:39

#iACast 59: Augmented and Virtual Reality

On this episode of the iA Cast, Jason, Michael, and Aleeha discuss the latest in augmented reality and virtual reality as it relates to mainstream technology and in the areas of accessibility. Mainstream Devices VIVE™ | Discover Virtual Reality Beyond Imagination Oculus Rift | Oculus Samsung Gear VR - Powered by Oculus -‎ Google Cardboard – Google VR Daydream - Google VR Google Lens: Everything you need to know | Android Central Accessibility Devices - OrCam MyEye -...

Duration: 00:57:06

#iACast 58: Linux as an Alternative to Windows

In this episode, Jason and Jeremy discuss using Linux as an alternative to Windows and macOS. Topics include: Ubuntu and Debian, two distributions of Linux, The Orca and Speakup screenreaders, BRLTTY, a braille display daemon for Orca and other console screenreaders, The Debian Accessibility Wiki which has great information about the accessibility options available for Debian. You can also apply the information to other distributions as well. DistroWatch where you can find and download...

Duration: 00:36:11

#iACast 57 – Advocating for Accessibility

On this episode of the iACast, Aleeha, Jason, Meaghan and Dan discuss a wide variety of topics relating to advocating for accessibility. Topics range from getting accommodations in school and in the workplace to contacting developers about access issues in apps or websites. We also mentioned that every state in the U.S. has a disability rights organization that can help advocate in situations where your actions aren't enough. The contact information for each state's organization, called a...

Duration: 00:59:02

iA CodeCast 1: Hello World!

Hello World! This is the first episode of an all new show from iAccessibility where we discuss all things code. On this episode we discuss the basics of coding and how to get started. Text Editors Bluefish Editor : Home Bare Bones Software | TextWrangler CotEditor -Text Editor for macOS Notepad++ Home Visual Studio Code - Code Editing. Redefined Integrated Developer Environments Visual Studio IDE, Code Editor, VSTS, & Mobile Center Xcode - Apple Developer Eclipse desktop & web IDEs...

Duration: 00:55:21

The PawdCast 2: Puppy Raising

On this episode of The Pawdcast, Aleeha, Matt, and Jason speak with Dan and Corinne about the process of raising a puppy for a guide dog school.

Duration: 00:36:52

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