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iDSC036 – Distracted Driving – Impacts ALL Ages – Focus on the Drive & Stay Alive

Distracted driving is now a greater killer on the roads than DUI. And the problem doesn’t reside exclusively with smartphone devices and teenagers – there’s far more to it than that. Hear the details as Officer Simeon Yarbrough of the California Highway Patrol joins us for another life-saving informative podcast. For resources Officer Yarbrough discusses within the podcast go to: ***Transcript*** Recording date – February 15, 2018 Officer Yarbrough: Back in the day,...


iDSC035 – Presidential Mobility – Air Force One | Reagan Library – Simi Valley, CA

There’s something about Air Force One that fascinates and draws attention. Even a retired version of the plane at the Reagan Presidential Library in Simi Valley attracts nearly half-a-million visitors a year. Download this episode and enjoy a private tour we received while honoring President’s Day. ***Transcript*** Recording date – February 12, 2018 John Lehne: It technically flew seven different presidents. President Reagan put the most mileage on it. I don't know what the exact number of...


iDSC034 – Headlines & Coming Up – Week of 2.19.18

LAX and the City of LA are moving toward spending $4.5B on a “people mover”. Waymo, Google’s autonomous driving division, gets a green-light from the state of Arizona. A Silicon Valley icon is moving to LA and Starman’s biggest fan is making some money off his interstellar journey. Plus we get a behind the scenes tour of Air Force One (@ the Reagan Library) and we cover Distracted Driving with Officer Yarbrough of the California Highway Patrol.


iDSC033 – 2018 Honda Clarity Plug-in Hybrid Review – Rock Honda

No range anxiety here! The 2018 Honda Clarity Plug-in Hybrid is the vehicle for you if you’re looking for all the benefits of an electric vehicle with none of the stress about making it to your destination. Get the details with iDriveSoCal’s newest contributor, Bernadette Sanicola! ***Transcript*** Recording date – February 13, 2018 Bernadette Sanicola: Top three things, I would say that it's the space in the car. The interior space can literally fit, if you were moving, this person could...


iDSC032 – 2018 Honda Civic Si Sedan Review – Rock Honda

This car is a blast to drive! Its sporty styling not only looks the part but the 2018 Honda Civic Si Sedan’s performance delivers. We picked one up from Rock Honda in the Los Angeles suburb of Fontana for a half-day test drive. Hear the details - including one of the Civic Si’s features that we think should be on every car on the road – in this episode of iDriveSoCal. ***Transcript*** Recording date – February 13, 2018 Tom Smith: Welcome to iDriveSoCal the podcast all about mobility from the...


Los Angeles has the worst traffic congestion in the world – for the 6th straight year! The news is coming from INRIX’s annual Global Traffic Scorecard. And Orange County is making the report with Dana Point delivering the worst weekend beach-bound traffic congestion in the United States. And SpaceX successfully launches its first interstellar road trip while sister company The Boring Company sells out of flamethrowers but might not be able to deliver them in California.


iDSC030 – Child Safety Seat Guidelines & Laws – Protect What You Love Most

When it comes to your children on the road there is no such thing as being overly cautious. California Highway Patrol Officer, Simeon Yarbrough, shares not only what the laws and guidelines are to keep your family safe but what he does as a father himself to protect his own family while driving. We really want this information to stick and want you to be safe on the roads with your family! So here's the information Officer Yarbrough refers to in the podcast: CHP website: CHP South...


iDSC029 – Road Trip for Stomach Cancer – Paying Forward Life’s Blessings

All cancer sucks. Stomach cancer delivers some especially deadly statistics, but if you know anyone that has been diagnosed with this unwanted news there is Hope for Stomach Cancer. Listen to the road trip we took to help fight the disease in this episode of iDriveSoCal. ***Transcript*** Recording date – February 6, 2018 Welcome to iDriveSoCal, the podcast all about mobility from the automotive capital of the United States – Southern California. I’m Tom Smith and in this episode we’re trying...


iDSC028 – Headlines & Coming Up – Week of 2.5.18

Tesla’s solar division, born of its Solar City purchase, is about to start selling products at Home Depot. SpaceX Falcon Heavy readies for lift-off and Russia is opening the International Space Station as a tourist attraction. And coming up this week, Tom’s road trip to San Francisco for Stomach Cancer. Plus Officer Yarbrough of the California Highway Patrol joins us to detail the life and death importance of child safety seats.


iDSC027 – Petersen Automotive Museum

As the Executive Director of the Petersen Automotive Museum, Terry Karges has seen the recent evolution of the museum and now the shifting landscape of the automotive industry and the basics of mobility itself. In this episode we cover where the museum is now, what it will look like in the near future and how technology might dramatically change things not too long from now. ***Transcript*** Recording date – January 11, 2018 Terry Karges: It's a automotive museum designed to allow us to...


iDSC026 – 2017 Hyundai Sonata Hybrid Review – Glendale Hyundai

We picked up a 2017 Hyundai Sonata Hybrid from our friends at Glendale Hyundai and the Professor, Clinton Quan, delivers his expert analysis. Hear all the details of his review in this episode of the iDriveSoCal podcast. ***Transcript*** Recording date – January 23, 2018 Clinton Quan: We are reviewing the 2017 Hyundai Sonata Hybrid Limited which is the top of the line hybrid for the Sonata. It has a really, really comfortable ride. It's quiet and that's probably one of my favorite things...


iDSC025 – Headlines & Coming Up – Week of 1.29.18

As predicted, accidents involving autonomously driven vehicles seem to be increasing – we note two of them from the Golden State this past week. And the lawyer sues a luxury resort and valet company who gave his $300k Ferrari to a young man hoping to impress a young lady he’d just met that night. And coming up this week, we review the Sonata Hybrid Limited from our friends at Glendale Hyundai and talk about the past, present and future of the automotive industry and driving itself with the...


iDSC024 – Van Pool/Car Share Start-Up Gives You All Electric Options – Green Commuter

This SoCal start-up is driving at electrifying more commuters while easing traffic congestion overall. Hear how their all electric car sharing and van pooling plans are shaping up here in Los Angeles and how Chattanooga, Tennessee is connected. ***Transcript*** Recording date – January 10, 2018 Bart Sidles: We have a fleet of all-electric vehicles that we rent out for vanpool and car share, and we're focused on achieving our mission of reducing the cost of commuting, improving the traffic...


iDSC023 – SoCal EV Start-Up Wants to Turn Your Lifestyle Green

Hollywood producer/director, David Eagle, became so passionate about electric vehicles and solar power that he's packaged the two technologies together and is offering them in a unique concierge service. With the help of the Los Angeles Cleantech Incubator he and his team want to deliver an electric-solar lifestyle solution customized just for you. ***Transcript*** Recording date – January 10, 2018 David Eagle: We are the world's first electric vehicle plug-in hybrid and hybrid licensed...


iDSC022 – Headlines & Coming Up – Week of 1.22.18

Trucks and SUVs are the biggest headlines coming out of The Detroit Auto Show. The Trump Administration is expected to propose loosening fuel economy standards for automakers. And the agenda of a career politician in California seems to be crystal clear – hear the game Diane Feinstein is playing with massive companies that call her state home. ***Transcript*** Recording date – January 22, 2018 Tom Smith: Welcome to iDriveSoCal the podcast all about mobility from the automotive capital of...


iDSC021 – 2018 Hyundai Elantra Sport from Glendale Hyundai

We took the Hyundai Elantra Sport for a test drive on a rare rainy day in Southern California and the vehicle did not disappoint. Hear the Professor’s analysis of Glendale Hyundai’s Elantra in this episode of iDriveSoCal! ***Transcript*** Recording date – January 11, 2018 Clinton Quan: I got to drive the 2018 Hyundai Elantra Sport. And the Sport is one of six trims in the Elantra family. The Sport features the 1.6-liter inline turbo 4 producing 201 horsepower and 195 pound feet of torque....


iDSC020 – Juicer Electric Motorbikes – SoCal Custom eBike Start-Up

Artistry, self-expression, environmentally friendly and economical – all those elements and more are poured into every Juicer Electric Bike. And founder/CEO, David Twomey, says he’s open to prospective partners to help take his creations to the next level of production. ***Transcript*** Recording date – January 10, 2018 David Twomey: They're something of a prestige item. People love to show them off. You get a lot of comments, and they're really channeling some of the design influences...


iDSC019 – Headlines & Coming Up – Week of 1.15.18

CES 2018 showcased the continued close collaborations between major automakers and technology giants. General Motors wants to begin making cars with no steering wheel, accelerator or brake pedals. And a car chase ends in a passionate embrace under the romantic spotlight provided by the police helicopter. And coming up on iDriveSoCal this week – a Los Angeles electric bike maker proves you don’t have to be well funded and have a huge team to make your start-up dreams a reality. The Founder...


iDSC018 Buying vs. Leasing – Factors You Need to Weigh

Since the economic collapse in 2008 the percentage of new cars being leased versus purchased has greatly increased. But as Jae Park, General Manager and Owner, of Glendale Hyundai explains; you need to weigh your options carefully. And having been an accountant before getting into the automotive business; Jae illustrates some often overlooked factors to consider – including liability exposure. ***Transcript*** Recording date – December 20, 2017 Jae Park: Back in 2009 in Southern...


iDSC017 – Why Leasing Makes $ense – Rock Honda

Years ago leasing a car could be an uncertain proposition. Fast forward to 2018 and leasing versus buying has become far more common. In this episode of iDriveSoCal David Latif, Executive Manager of Rock Honda in the Los Angeles suburb of Fontana, shares some compelling reasons and builds a strong case for leasing versus buying your next new car. ***Transcript*** Recording date – December 9, 2017 David Latif: Buying a car is not an investment. So if it's not a good investment, why would...


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