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▪️ Based in Manchester, Ayrtan is a DJ, Producer and co-owner of Traffic MCR records. Originally from Cwmbran in the south of Wales, he moved to Manchester in 2013 and was immediately overwhelmed by the wealth of music on offer in the city. It was this bustling scene and his love of the techno made it that prompted him to collect records, work on running a label, DJ and, ultimately, get his hands on a copy of Ableton and start producing. ▪️ His strikingly minimal and refined mixing style is reflected in his meticulous, brooding and dark production which aims to inspire introspection in any who listen. His release come out at the start of March on Traffic MCR as part of a VA compilation alongside other key member of the Traffic MCR family. ▪️ This mix is a sonic referral to a pertinent conversation in electronic music today: listening to music born of a club culture, at home. This set was not performed to a packed, peak time crowd of dancers. This set was performed to a bedroom wall in my Fallowfield flat and hopefully, the track selection is an alludes to this inherent incongruity in dance music today. Celebrate accessibility. Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/deejaayayrtan/ Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/djayrtan/ Latest release: https://trafficmcr.bandcamp.com/album/trf007-2?fbclid=IwAR0YZ9oVWQUgl-jPw-IPafb0Q0H4QcajE6tZxna1izD1qjxel1gMsxaMDAU





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