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Meet the meQuanics - E39 - IBM #ThinkQ Field report Guillaume Verdon (U. Waterloo)

In this episode we speak to Guillaume Verdon of the University of Waterloo and the Perimeter institute to discuss his research into quantum machine learning and get a field report from the recent ThinkQ conference hosted by IBM in New York state. We discuss quantum algorithms and the current research effort to find interesting and or practical applications for quantum computing that are small enough to not require resource intensive error correction protocols Follow us on twitter...

Duration: 00:47:46

Meet the meQuanics - E38 - Dr. Nana Liu (NUS and Singapore University of Technology and Design)

I am pleased to be joined today by Dr. Nana Liu from the National University of Singapore and Singapore University of Technology and Design to have a chat about this weeks Heidelberg Laureate Forum and her work in quantum technology development. Dr. Liu has been live tweeting and blogging about her discussions and experiences at the forum, where young researchers meet some of the best minds in science. Follow us on twitter and subscribe to us on iTunes...

Duration: 00:47:26

Meet the meQuanics - E37 - Philipp Banhardt (Blueyard Capital) & Alan Ho (Google)

We are delighted to be joined today by Philipp Banhardt from Blueyard Capital and Alan Ho from Google in a live podcast from Google's offices in Munich to recap the recent quantum leap meeting organized by Blueyard and Google which brought together academics, industry representatives, quantum startups and venture capital people to discuss the current status and future challenges in creating a new industry sector based on quantum technology Follow us on Twitter...

Duration: 00:29:23

Meet the meQuanics - E36 - Dr. Chris Granade (University of Sydney)

We are pleased to have Dr. Chris Granade from the University of Sydney and the ARC centre of Excellence in Engineered Quantum Systems joining us today to chat about his work in quantum control and statistical modelling as well as his work practising and promoting both open science research and reproducible research. Please check out the links below for more of Chris's work. Chris Granade on Twitter His website and blog Follow...

Duration: 00:56:44

Meet the meQuanics - E35 - Prof. Joseph Fitzsimonds (Singapore University of Technology and Design)

We are delighted to be joined today by Joseph Fitzsimonds from Singapore University of Technology and Design and from the Centre for Quantum Technology at the National University of Singapore. Joseph has been a leader in the field of cryptography and quantum computing and developed the protocols for secure "Blind" quantum computing. Please check out the links below to his lab and work. Follow us on twitter Subscribe on iTunes...

Duration: 01:08:41

Meet the meQuanics - E34 - Dr. Chris Ferrie (University of Technology, Sydney)

After a bit of a break because of my move from Japan back to Australia, we are lucky enough to be joined by Chris Ferrie from the centre for quantum software and information at the University of Technology, Sydney. Not only is Chris involved in cutting edge research in quantum technology, but he is a notable author of childrens books focused on physics! Check out the links below Follow us on Twitter Subscribe to us on Soundcloud...

Duration: 00:53:13

Meet the meQuanics - E31 - Dr. Earl Campbell (U. Sheffield)

In this episode of meet the meQuanics we are pleased to have Dr. Earl Campbell from the university of Sheffield. His work is deeply related to how an error-corrected quantum computer will be build, programmed, benchmarked and optimised and we are happy to have Dr. Campbell on to talk about his interesting research. Follow us on soundcloud and iTunes and keep up to date...

Duration: 00:49:58

Meet the meQuanics - E30 - Prof. Jungsang Kim (Duke University)

In this episode of meet the meQuanics, we are joined by Prof. Jungsang Kim from Duke University in the US. Prof. Kim is also the co-founder of ionQ, a new start up developing ion trap quantum computing technology. Prof. Kim will have a chat about his work, his tech and the future of private sector investment in quantum technology. subscribe to us on soundcloud and iTunes...

Duration: 00:51:57

Meet the meQuanics - E29 - Field Report #QIP2017 - Zachary Eldredge (U. Maryland)

today we try something new on meet the meQuanics. This week, in Seattle is the 20th edition of the Quantum Information Processing (QIP) conference series, one of the major quantum technology conferences worldwide. Live tweeting a conference has become more and more common and to try something new we have enlisted one of those live tweeters to come on the podcast to give us a bit of a look at the kind of things being discussed. We are very pleased that Zachary Eldredge from the University...

Duration: 00:27:37

Meet the meQuanics - E27 - Prof. Sabrina Maniscalco (U. Turku)

For our next episode, I am please to be joined by Sabrina Maniscalco from the University of Turku in Finland. Aside from her work in quantum physics and quantum technology, Sabrina has been one of the pioneers in games related to quantum computing and quantum physics. We will have a chat about citizen science for quantum technology and her efforts in co-ordinating the worldwide quantum game jam. Please subscribe to us on Soundcloud and iTunes...

Duration: 00:54:48

Meet the meQuanics - E26 - Assoc Prof. Jacob Biamonte (U. Malta)

We are please to be joined on this episode by Prof. Jacob Biamonte of the University of Malta. Jacob heads the Quamplexity group at the university of Malta and has regularly published on a vast array of topics in quantum mechanics, quantum computing and complex systems. He is also actively engaged in social media interaction with the broader scientific community. Please subscribe to us on Soundcloud and iTunes...

Duration: 00:46:57

Meet The meQuanics - E22 - Andrew Fursman (CEO, 1Qbit)

We are pleased to be joined today by Andrew Fursman, CEO and co-founder of the quantum software company 1Qbit. Andrew was kind enough to spend nearly an hour talking about the history of 1Qbit, what they are attempting to do in the private sector space for quantum technology and how quantum is slowly moving into the commercial space as a revolutionary new form of information processing technology. Follow us on Twitter Subscribe to us on soundcloud...

Duration: 00:52:59

Meet the meQuanics - E21 - Prof. Daniel Oi (Strathclyde Uni)

We are glad to have Daniel Oi from the university of Strathclyde in Glasgow, Scotland for our next episode of meet the meQuanics. Daniel will have a chat about his work in quantum system characterisation and his recent work with researchers in Singapore in launching the first quantum technology into space. subscribe to us on our various platforms

Duration: 00:49:58

Meet the meQuanics - E19 - Dr. Tom Wong (UT Austin)

We are happy to announce our next episode will be with Dr. Tom Wong of the UT Algorithms and Computational Theory Group at the University of Texas at Austin. Tom has been working at the forefront of quantum information theory and he will chat to us about his exciting research and the newly formed effort at UT-Austin in Quantum Computing, Algorithms and Complexity theory Follow on Twitter @mequanics Subscribe to us on soundcloud and itunes...

Meet The meQuanics - E16 - A/Prof. Tom Stace (U. Queensland)

Our next episode will be with A/Prof. Tom Stace of the University of Queensland and the Australian Research Councils Center of Excellence for Engineered Quantum Systems (EQuS). Tom will talk about how how quantum technologies extend beyond quantum computing, and can have a real impact on the next generation of technology. Subscribe to us on soundcloud and iTunes Follow meQuanics on...

Meet The meQuanics - E10 - Prof. Seth Lloyd (MIT)

In this weeks episode we were lucky enough to sit down with Prof. Seth Lloyd from MIT who was in Japan touring and talking at several universities. Prof. Lloyd has been one of the pioneers in quantum technology and has been actively involved in this field since the early 1990's. He talks with us today about how he got into quantum information, where he sees the current state of the field and where it is going. Please subscribe to meet the meQuanics on soundcould...

Meet the meQuanics - E08 - Prof. Jacob Sherson (Aarhus University)

We are pleased to announce the next episode of meet the meQuanics will be held at 21:30 (GMT+2) with Prof. Jacob Sherson from Aarhus University in Denmark. Jacob will talk to us about his quantum game, called "quantum moves" and the development of scientific gaming in Denmark. Please join us live and subscribe to us on soundcloud and iTunes

Meet the meQuanics - E05 - Prof. Jared Cole (RMIT University)

We are pleased to announce our next livestream of "meet the meQuanics". Our guest this week will be associate professor Jared Cole of RMIT University in Melbourne. We will discuss his work on superconducting quantum technology and how it relates to our understanding of active quantum devices. Please tune in or subscribe on soundcloud and/or iTunes Homepage for Prof. Cole:

Meet the meQuanics - E01 - Prof. Jeremy O'Brien (Bristol University)

as part of the meQuanics kickstarter campaign it is our pleasure to host a discussion with the experts building actual quantum computers. Our first is with the director of the center for quantum photonics at the University of Bristol (@cqpbristol) , Prof. Jeremy O'Brien. Please support our kickstarter, CQP website: Quantum in the cloud: