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Episode 8: Kelly Armor

music_is_inspiration Episode 8: Kelly Armor Preserving, Teaching, and Performing Folk Music from around the World Kelly Armor is from Erie, Pennsylvania and has devoted much of her life to preserving, teaching, and performing folk music from around the world. Having studied in Kenya and Tanzania during her college years, Kelly lived in rural villages and immersed herself in the countries’ culture and music. Since those days, Kelly has returned to Africa to capture over 40 hours of field...

Duration: 00:25:31

Episode 7: Frank Singer

music_is_inspiration Episode 7: Frank Singer Keeping Jazz ‘Alive and Well’ in Smalltown America It’s Friday night in Erie, PA and Frank Singer and Joe Dorris are entertaining guests at the Anchor In as part of their weekly jazz set that runs throughout the fall and spring season. The duo plays to a packed house filled with jazz lovers, both young and old, all eager to enjoy another night of quality music. Initially, one might not think of Erie and Erie County, an area with a population of...

Duration: 00:32:14

Episode 6: Sam Hyman

music_is_inspiration Episode 6: Sam Hyman Singer-songwriter, Guitarist, Drummer, and 'Almost James Taylor' It’s Wednesday evening at Alto Cucina in Erie, PA and Sam Hyman is entertaining the restaurant's dinner guests with a variety of originals and cover tunes. Hyman is a well known singer, songwriter, guitarist, and drummer around Northwestern Pennsylvania and New York. However, his influence doesn’t stop there. One of Sam’s original tunes was included as an episode's theme in the famous...

Duration: 00:15:50

Episode 1: Manatho Shumba Masani

music_is_inspiration Episode 1: Manatho Shumba Masani Transporting Sounds of Zimbabwe to Eastern Market, Washington, DC Manatho Shumba Masani is a passionate musician and performer of the mbira, an instrument indigenous to Zimbabwe and resembling a hand-held piano or marimba. After his introduction to the instrument many years ago, Manatho has devoted his career to learning this beautiful and spiritual instrument while traveling to Zimbabwe for extensive periods to learn from traditional...