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I talk to the service industry community mostly. We go over the worst part of their day/job. I talk about food,drinks, sex and money. We talk about patrons and the personal relationships that come along with it. a few do's and don't's. End of show we always end with a poop story






Ep.35 Comedians- Mikey B & Kristina Romero

Dallas Comics Mikey B and Kristina Romero sit down and talk shop about some odd jobs we have had. Pursuing comedy and getting paid for it is not always that easy, enjoy the free Podcast... wink!

Duration: 00:45:18

Ep.35 Change Your Definition -Roger DeLeon

Day in and day out we often do the same thing. What if I told you there is a format to change the way you act or could even correct the root cause of your personal anguish. Roger shares with what he has learned and tells us what it means to "Change Your Definition" check out his page at and check out my website at

Duration: 01:38:33

Ep.34 Private Investigator -Cass

How much is you life worth? Is the court even willing to pay your PI for looking into your case? Its the cops word over yours until a PI gets involved to bail you out of hot water! help out your ole pal by donating to the show, email with an idea for a show, or come on the show yourself at

Duration: 01:49:12

Ep.33 Licensed Massage Therapist LMT-Natalie Bellers

The Human Body is wild! I always find it enthralling when I learn new facts about the bags of meat, skeletal, and brain that we call our bodies. Natalie tells us that muscle memory involves a lot more than just repetition, and she was transported back to a time that she forgot about when she was a child. Book an an appointment with Natalie at or email her at Ideas for the show, to be a guest, or to support MSP go to...

Duration: 01:03:51

Ep.32 Shitty Ninja Attack-DJ Miguel Angel

Have you ever ben attacked? Have you ever been attacked by a ninja? Have your ever been attacked by a shitty ninja with a katana sward from Amazon? I sit down with DJ Miguel Angel at his house while he tells us about the knife fight/katana sword fight with an allegedly cracked out ninja bar owner check out DJ Miguel Angel at check out me at support the show in anyway and I will send you a MSP Koozie and or sticker

Duration: 00:59:18

Ep.31 Run for your Life Nico!!!

This is the a true story! Nico is focused on staying in shape the best shape of his life, but when drug-addicted predecessors step in it turns his world completely upside-down. When you abuse your power as a lawyer to get back at your crack hoe ex, you pay the price...or you literally get away with murder and continue doing you! check out to be a guest on the show, support MSP, live shows, videos. email your ideas for the show at Write a...

Duration: 01:55:36

Ep.30 Graphic Design -Ariel

Who do you think made that fancy pantsy card you just got in the mail for your stupid friends wedding that you have to go to in the summer when its hot as balls out and you have to wear a suit like a jack ass just so you can drink free booze? Ill tell you who made that card on this episode of MSP with Ariel the Graphic Designer

Duration: 00:54:53

EP.29 Cupcake and scriptures with my Grandma and Beverly

A little character work (Matt Hanson's Grandma Beverly) my Grandmother take over my shity podcast to host Cupcake and scripture

Duration: 00:48:56

Ep.28 Chef- Jim Gilbert

Whats cooking on this episode ? Let Chef Jim tell you how he deals with people and other chef/cooks whats the difference you ask?...Tune in and see how you can still cook professionally and enjoy cooking for yourself leisurely. Also, is food sex? What ingredients are you cooking with that I would consider cheating? Are you too lazy to peel fresh garlic, then you don't deserve to eat it! I hope you enjoy this episode as much as I did.

Duration: 01:06:26

Ep.27 Tarot Card Reading -Carly Fischer

Tarot is analytic not Predictive! Carly Fischer talks about her book "The Lost Tarot", gives me a reading and answers all my questions about life! hahaha! I had a blast having her on and look forward to talking more about the spice girls with her!

Duration: 01:06:46

Ep.26 Festival/Event Photography- Tash Montlake

Festival/Event Photographer Tash Montlake tells us about projects and events she has worked and all the shit you shouldn't say to the person with a camera in their hands. This is one South African photographer that took the time to write out what she hears the most and what she dislikes about working these events so that we can talk about it right here on my shity podcast !

Duration: 01:12:50

Ep.25 Tattoo Removal Hair Removal Hydration Clinic-Michelle Eades

Remove your shitty tattoo, Remove your unwanted body hair, Remove your hangover, Michelle Eades can make almost all of your fuck ups disappear but not all of them. we talk about her job/jobs and you can hear me get my shitty tattoo removed at the end of the episode

Duration: 01:06:05

Ep.24 Tattoo Artist -Wheatley Palmer

What is it like to put a picture on someones body forever, a living breathing aging work of art? what if you fuck up this said piece of art? I set down with Wheatley and talk ink with her and what its like to do this for a living also I end the show with a poop story of my own and Wheatley tells a diarrhea date story ... I also got drunk at the end oops

Duration: 01:48:21

Ep.23 Hairdresser April Kayganich

What is going through my hairdressers head when I go in for a haircut ... well not me I have no hair on my head but April Kayganich tells us what a day in the life of a hairdresser is like and we end the show with a poop story per usual follow April on Instagram @_thehalfrican

Duration: 00:59:26

Ep.22 My Mom- Mothers Day Episode

Ever thought about having kids? I hope they turn out better than I did. I love my mother so much! she was a badass all my life and crushed it on this Mothers Day episode. listen to her tell awful stories of bringing up myself and 2 sisters. Shout out to all the moms out there! I love you very much Mom!!

Duration: 01:16:41

Ep.21 Rideshare drivers -Myk Oconnor

picking up strangers in your car is not what what were taught as a youth, but lots of people make a living out of it! I talk with the host of "Can I Get A Ride" -Myk Oconnor about what it is like working for a ride share company

Duration: 01:16:52

Ep.20 Sushi 101- Chef Jeremy Diaz

Eating and ordering sushi correctly ? I don't know ...are you using soy sauce, wasabi, ordering all your sushi at once or to go, nigiri in one bite or two, cleaning your plate? beware of too much escolar bigger is not better (in sushi) avoid the spicy tuna roll/cali roll. cheap sushi is an oxymoron. don't be high maintenance be respectful! order of fish to be consumed: fatty or lightest in color to silver to red to orange chef Jeremy and I talk sushi

Duration: 01:29:06

Aerial Photography -Travis Chimera

Aerial Photography for real-estate, abortion, DMT, meaning of life, and much more! Travis wrote a poop song in spirit of the show

Duration: 01:05:22

Ep. Gaming -President of GL33k -Matt Piersall

Grandmas boy the movie is not an accurate depiction of how you make a video game. Matt Piersall breathes life into so many video games with his original sounds and his own voice sometimes.

Duration: 01:08:45

Ep.17 Nurse Jessica Grisel

Flight Nurse, ICU, ER, is there anything this girl can't do?! we talk about the crew she works with, no of sleep, high pressure life and death situations, naked people, staff sleeping with one another, and poop stories

Duration: 01:10:35

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