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Fern Britton, Coming Home Gorgeous Gossip with Josephine Pembroke

Fern and Josephine get comfy on the sofa and chat away about her latest novel Coming Home, how Fern seduced Phil her husband and opens up about her character traits.


ICY & HOT weekends in Europe, Gorgeous Escapes with Sarah Tucker

What do you fancy? Trekking in the snowy mountains or a dining in a hip barber shop/cafe in buzzing Lisbon. Take your pick, Sarah Tucker has done the research for you. For all the information in this interview go to []([]( #weekendbreak #travel #radiogorgeous


Dynasty by Christina Oxenberg with Josephine Pembroke on Radio Gorgeous

Your Mother is a princess and your uncle should be the Serbian king. You are a born in New York and raised in the UK. You think having your own palace and being surrounded by antiques is normal. Meet Christina Oxenberg she tells us the true story about her extraordinary family history of murder, assassinations and displaced aristocrats. And as I left her today, she was going for tea with her cousins at Kensington Palace. #royals #Serbia #RadioGorgeous


Setsuko Ono, Artist, with Donna Freed

Artist Setsuko ONO with Donna Freed Setsuko Ono, younger sister of Yoko Ono, grew up and was educated in Japan, Europe and the USA. Following in her father's footsteps, she worked for the World Bank while also studying art formally. She started exhibiting once she retired in 2003 and her first exhibition was at the Havana Biennal.


Self-Care for the Real World: Nadia Narain & Katia Narain Phillips with Donna Freed

Gorgeous Wellbeing: Self-Care for the Real World by Nadia Narain & Katia Narain Phillips with Donna Freed After years of fads and the shoulds and shouldn'ts of self-improvement/punishment, sisters Nadia (yoga teacher to the stars) and Katia (raw food restauranteur) yearned for a kinder approach to life; one that included self-love and self-care. They believe that taking care of ourselves as we would a child, a lover or a best friend makes us better at doing just that. It's easy: just...


Stop playing The Good Girl (and start being yourself instead). WELLBEING on Radio Gorgeous with In The Moment magazine

Are you always second-guessing your actions and worrying that you didn’t behave in a certain way, fretting about upsetting or offending and running everything you do through a filter of whether you are being ‘good’ and ‘pleasing’? Relationships expert Natalie Lue & Josephine discuss why it’s time to stop playing The Good Girl and start being yourself instead. To read more about the issues we’ve talked about today, go to the February edition of IN THE MOMENT MAGAZINE On sale now in...


Drink Less in 7 Days by Georgia Foster with Josephine Pembroke

Time to be honest with yourself, you do know if you are drinking too much. It could be due to pressures or simply boredom. World renowned hypnotist explains how and why her 7 day programmes works. She also coves anxiety and other emotional problems. #Hypnotherapy #AlcoholAware #welbeing #radiogorgeous


Basia was trapped in an abusive relationship, Mother Anguish - A Memoir by Basia Briggs with Josephine Pembroke

How does one survive abuse, alcoholism and a wild mother? Listen to this tantalising life story of courage and grit. Mother Anguish, A Memoir is published by Quartet. #HighSociety #Royals #Abuse #RadioGorgeous


Heal Yourself with Crystals with Sara Doone & Josephine Pembroke

Psychic crystal expert and healer Sara Doone explains to Josephine, what are crystals, their inner magic and how to use them. She also talks about how we are all psychic and how she developed her skills. Contact Sara #crystals #healer #radiogorgeous


Jackie Lynch, VA VA VOOM, The 10-Day Energy Diet

Jackie Lynch, Nutritionist: Va Va Voom, The 10-Day Energy Diet with Donna Freed


The Seven Jewels of Life by Belinda Jane Robinson with Josephine Pembroke

How do I empower myself after a trauma, was the question Belinda asked herself. She delved into her attic and found her treasure box of jewels and has created her own inspiring philosophy to live by. #wisdom #empowerment #women #radiogorgeous


Headshots, time to be in front of camera! With Teresa Walton, Photographer

Everyone needs a headshot now from LinkedIn to your passport. Found out how to present your best side and stop that drooping eyebrow with the skillful, west London based photographer Teresa Walton. Photograph of Josephine Pembroke and Donna Freed taken by Teresa. Contact: Insta: @teresawaltonphotos #Headshots #Photographer #RadioGorgeous


Tune into your core values to help you choose the right people, experiences and opportunities for you with In The Moment magazine WELLBEING on Radio Gorgeous

Rediscover your core values (and how to stay true to them) with relationships expert Natalie Lue & Josephine. We each have our criteria for the perfect partner but what we think we want from our relationships can often sabotage what we actually need. Natalie and Josephine discuss how to tune into your core values to help you become more of who you really are and choose the right people, experiences and opportunities for you. To read more about the issues we’ve talked about today, go to the...


Mexican ‘pulled’ turkey with rice The Gorgeous Kitchen with Josephine & Donna - A Sainsbury's Magazine Recipe

Mexican ‘pulled’ turkey with rice in The Gorgeous Kitchen with Josephine & Donna - A Sainsbury's Magazine Recipe Don't you want something zingy after all that rich food at Xmas? Use that left over turkey for a quick 20 minute utltra tasty super easy recipe that will liven up those jaded taste buds. This is a Sainsbury’s recipe in association with Sainsbury’s Magazine. For more information, go to, and you will find these recipes in December 2017 edition of...


Ellyn Daniels, Emotional Terrorism with Donna Freed

Gorgeous Entertainment: Ellyn Daniels' Emotional Terrorism with Donna Freed In her one-woman show, Ellyn Daniels charts her life of Paris runways; ballet dancing; world travel; parties at Hollywood mansions and the dark underbelly of this seemingly glamorous life: bulimia; blacking out; and sitting on the precipice of suicide. Drayton Arms Pub & Theatre December 5 - 9


The Art of Ageing Gracefully Retreat with Kalindi Jordan, Dr Amalia Annaradnam brought to you by Sophie Benge

Can you breathe your way through the menopause? Get in touch with your sensual self. Learn practical one to one advice from menopause doctor Dr Amalia Annaradnam, should I take HRT? Or bio-identical hormones? Have 3 days of bliss at Bovey Castle in Devon at the end of January. Find out more about the retreat: Kalindi Jordan: Dr Annaradnam: Extraordinary women on Radio Gorgeous...


Barbara Taylor Bradford, Secrets of Cavendon GORGEOUS LIVES with Josephine Pembroke

Josephine meets one of the most successful authors in the world Barbara Taylor Bradford at the Dorchester hotel, Barbara's home in London. Barbara wrote A Woman of Substance in her late 30’s, it ranks as one of the top-ten bestselling novels of all-time. To date, she has written 36 novels — all bestsellers on both sides of the Atlantic. Barbara was born in Yorkshire, Leeds and has lived a fairytale life herself. She left school at started her career as a typist at the Yorkshire Post, she...


How to Orgasm with Sam Evans & Josephine Pembroke

Have you ever struggled to reach orgasm? Anatomy, fantasies and practical advice to make it all bigger, better and stronger. #orgasms #women #radiogorgeous


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