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Episode 19 - “California’s Not Going Anywhere”!

Welcome to this weeks Episode 19- “California’s Not Going Anywhere”! This Episode is a cool story about the American riders who have been to Europe for a year or more as well as those who have not yet made the hop across the water to chase their dreams and why. Many people continuously ask me why there are not more Americans in Europe and what’s going on with American Speedway. Here you will get the story straight from the sources: Greg - Not Really the Past ) Ricky - The Present Max and...


Episode 18 - Its all a mindset

Its all a Mindset! Welcome to Episode 18- Speedway of Nations. With the recent announcement of the new Speedway of Nations, we wanted to have a chat about the new format and what Greg thinks it will do for the sport and American Speedway. It’s great to see a new happening with Speedway and this adds light to the future of World Team racing. We also discussed the current prognosis of Greg’s shoulder injury and his anticipated return to the track. The Season is fast approaching so what’s in...


Episode 17- Kelly Inman- The True Friend & a Freak of Nature! :))

Thanks Titans of Dirt and be sure to follow and like there FB and Social Media In this episode we meet Greg’s long time friend Kelly Inman. They’ve been friends since Greg was about 10 years old and have shared so many good times, memories and experiences. From riding wheelies up and down the street to running business or flying around the world chasing the dreams, they have maintained a great friendship. Kelly’s story is a fascinating one filled with fun, work, racing bikes and cars plus...


In Depth with Chris Holder!

Welcome to Episode 16 “In Depth with Chris Holder”. We caught up with Chris in his travels and dug deep into his childhood, family, sports and how he became the 2012 World Speedway Champion. There was a lot of fun included in this episode but also a look at the ups n downs of racing and life in general. Chris tells his story in a unique manner explaining to us what it’s really like living this lifestyle. 2017 was a year to put behind for both Chris and Greg but now they have been...


EPISODE 15- Gabriel Waliszko

Welcome to Reel45 and Episode 15 with Gabriel Waliszko from the Polish TV network NC+ and Canal+ Sport. We had an in depth chat with Gabriel about his life growing up in Krosno, Poland watching Speedway, playing sports and later studying journalism. This all led him to eventually become a TV commentator and personality well known throughout Poland and to the worldwide speedway viewers. Greg has developed a friendship with Gabriel over the years and we felt that people needed to know what...


The Real Sissy!

Welcome to Episode 14 “The Real Sissy”! A cool family story that outlines the life of Carrie “Sis” Hancock and what it was like to be the youngest of the siblings and also the only sister to the Hancock Boys. She grew up like any young girl but you wouldnt find just Barbie Dolls and dresses in her closet. Sissy was with her brothers every step of the way riding dirt bikes, bicycles, skateboards, washing bikes and leathers. She was also probably helping them to do their homework from time...


Episode 13- Brotha Dave. I’ve never beat him!

Welcome to the Reel45 Podcast and Episode 13 with Brotha Dave. We sat down with Greg’s brother David Hancock Schneider and turned back the clock to see what it was like to chase your big bro around the house, the block and the track. This episode is a deep and informative story about Dave which includes some of his life’s darkest moments right up to where he is today as a happily married man with 3 amazing boys. We were close to tears at times during the recording but its wonderful to say...


Episode 12 - Monster Joe a.k.a. Joe Parsons

Episode 12: Meet Joe Parsons. This is the ever interesting story behind Monster Joe which outlines his life from his birthplace to present day life. A regular kid who grew up surfing, skating and living the California lifestyle which is a dream to many. The road which started with a paper route led him to his current position as Director of Special Markets for the energy drink giant “Monster Energy”! Hear his views on life, school, work ethic and networking. We are stoked to have him on...


Episode 11 - Pappa, you’re my best Dad!

Today’s episode is special because Greg had a surprise sit down with his son Karl who he often refers to as “King Karl”. Karl who is a kid that is so full of life and action, picked up the mic and just started talking. It was a moment that could not be planned better. Listen to Karl tell his story about life today. ) Happy New Year and thanks for listening to REEL45. Be sure to follow us, like us and give us a review on either Podbean, Itunes or Acast. You can also follow us on...


Episode 10 - Social media! Did you comment on that?

We spend our lives on the go but we always seem to have time to catch up on our social media. It’s one thing to be pushing your social media and it’s another thing to be following it so either way it’s a pretty Important part of our business and lifestyle today. In this episode, we talk about different types of our social media and how we use it as a tool for marketing, advertising and even communication. There’s so much that we still don’t know about it yet we’re intrigued and motivated...


Episode 9 - Setbacks

Life is an adventure, a test and sometimes plagued with setbacks. Today we talk to Greg about setback in racing and life in general. We’re all different in the way we deal with it so listen to Greg’s version of finding the way to move on! Be sure to follow us, like us and give us a review on either Podbean, Itunes or Acast. You can also follow us on Instagram at @reel45podcast or on Facebook at


Episode 8 - California Catchup! “Not Ketchup”….. :)

Join us for a little catch up with Greg back in California. We grab a glass of ice water ) and talk about life during the winter and what it takes to get revitalized in the approach to a new year, new season and the World Championship. Greg elaborates on life in California during the winter months and we have some fun discussing the differences between his life there and life in Sweden where he holds his base during the racing months. Follow, like and rate us on Podbean, iTunes and...


Episode 7 - In bed with Per Jonsson

From a very young age, all he wanted to do was ride his motorcycle. His family has a history of motorcycle enthusiasts including his uncle, the legendary Torleif Hansen who was the top riders in the Motocross Grand Prix World Championships during the 1970s. Torleif was also 2nd in the 250 World Championship in 1978 as a factory Kawasaki rider. Per as a rising star in the motocross world later changed his direction and moved his path to Speedway Racing where he quickly began to excel. He...


Episode 6- Jonas Davidsson: Born to Ride!

Greg catches up with long time friend and teammates many times over Jonas Davidsson. They discuss their friendship, teamwork and how it all got started. They have had numerous league titles together in Sweden as well as a title in the Polish Ekstraliga with Falubaz Zielona Gora. Being Swedish and coming from a small town just outside Motala, he had the choice of many sports. Listen in and here just how Jonas took to the speedway bike without his father’s consent and began building a...


Episode 5- PK, what’s going behind the glasses?

Welcome to Reel 45 Podcast and Episode 5 with Peter Karlsson. This is an epic insight behind the glasses of PK. Stefan and I begin the episode with a 40th Birthday surprise for Stefan himself. We took a bus to Stockholm, enjoyed a really manly spa day ) followed by a cool chat about the day and the approach to my interview with PK. Stefan was away in the UK so I made the interview with PK alone but I had a surprise guest who joined us unexpectedly and that was his brother Mikael Max. I...


Episode 4 - Mom, how was Greg made?

Greg’s Mom is on the line with us and we are talking about their family relationship. Life in the 60’s as a high shcool Mom, what Greg was like as a kid, when he first sat on a Speedway bike and why Greg is always late, except to the finish line. We get the real story in an up close and personal chat with Carroll Hancock. This is an hour and a half episode and it is well worth it. Just sit back and push play…… Follow us on Instagram and Twitter @reel45podcast or visit our website at...


Episode 3 - Scottish Vibes or What´s under the kilt?

While Stefan sits in our reel45 studio in rainy cold Sweden, Greg makes a trip to a sunny glamorous Glasgow and catches up with his Scottish friends and the Glasgow Tigers for their end of season dinner gala. We discuss Greg’s connection to the Glasgow Tigers and their views on British Speedway as it is today. Greg also elaborates on his connection to Glaswegian Gordon Pairman and their title success with Poole Speedway back in 2013 which eventually led to their more recent Glasgow...


Episode 2 - Contract confessions and a cool new intro

In this episode, we discuss Greg’s recent contract confessions with his withdrawal from the Polish Ekstraliga as well as signing a new Swedish Elite League contract. It also includes our first phone call to Greg’s manager Josh Gudgeon @joshgudgeon and get his reaction to everything. Oh and we are not sponsered by, we just thaught it was worth sharing it with you guys Follow us on Instagram and Twitter @reel45podcast


Episode 1 - Welcome to reel45, the first cup

Rewinding the story behind 4 times Speedway World Champion, Greg Hancock. In episode 1 you get a taste of why a podcast and a brief intro into the real Greg Hancock. Its an open, honest discussion about his career, family and life.